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They Came from Outer Space - Stories

Post-Session: 53

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 53.

Story - Aftermath, Thanksgiving 2007

Game Date: 11/22/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Contego, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Stalwart, Satomi Matsuda, Neji Matsuda, Wythe Rowen, Rebecca Miller-Ambrose, Ari Kirsch

Marsa does not know the meaning of the holiday, so she goes to the library to study it.

When she finds out that the holiday is mostly about family, she asks Wythe if she can spend it with him. She feels that he is the person who can explain this holiday to her. She tells him he is the closest person as to a family to her.

Wythe says that he would be delighted to spend the holiday with Marsa.


Since she has become Satomi and Neji's guardian, Karalyn decides to cook the traditional turkey dinner and spend time the kids.

Wythe contacts Amethyst and asks her if he and Marsa can join her and the kids for Thanksgiving. He says that it will give Marsa a sense of the family that the holiday celebrates.

Amethyst replies to Wythe, that he and Marsa are welcome to come to her place for Thanksgiving.

Wythe asks Marsa to meet him at the Wardens' Garage on FSS Pier 12. He asks her to dress casually, so she wears a nice Earth dress and jacket that Karalyn had helped her pick out when they had gone on a shopping trip.

She has one of the security staff take her to the mainland in one of the no sail boats. Wythe is waiting for her in a large black horseless coach that she has heard him call a town car. She gets in and Wythe and the driver steers on to the roads.

Marsa asks where are they going and Wythe says it is a surprise.

They arrive at a large family manor with many windows and take an up/down room to the top level. They go to a door and knock. The door is answered by Neji, the young boy that Karalyn is watching. Wythe smiles and says this is Karalyn's place and since Thanksgiving is about family, he felt it would be nice the give the children a family for the holiday.

Marsa gives Wythe a big hug and thanks him for this experience.

As she goes in, she looks around the house in amazement for she had never seen a house so big. Even the Mystic Wing at the Wardens was small in comparison. All the houses were very tiny where she had lived before.

When she greets Amethyst with a kiss on each cheek, she thanks her for the invitation to her beautiful home.

After lunch, Karalyn takes Satomi and Neji to visit their grandmother in the hospital.


Stalwart will be spending Thanksgiving visiting the city's hospitals to give comfort to those injured in the alien attack. He will provide honest simple answers to any questions the patients have about what happened, and then reassure them the Wardens have everything in hand.

He picks San Francisco General as his last stop. When he is done visiting patients, he meets up with his father. They go home to a quiet family dinner.


Judah asks Rebecca about inviting Mortisha and Saldar to join them for Thanksgiving. She says it is fine because they are like Judah's family.

The Miller family comes to San Francisco for the holiday, as it is Rebecca's turn to host.


Contego decides to spend the day in his lab at home.

Connor gets a call on his home phone. He is not going to answer but he sees that it is Ari.

When he picks up, she says "Just as I thought, you are sitting at home all by yourself. I had planned for this eventuality, so come pick me up at the airport."

He hurriedly gets dressed and when he opens the door, he is surprised to see Ari standing there.

She smiles and jumps into his arms.

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