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Post-Session: 53

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 53.

Story - New Crystal: Stalwart's Experiments

Game Date: 11/23/2007

Who: Stalwart, Eon (Lazarus), Amethyst (II), Dr. S. Alon Sloan

Realizing that his limited scientific skills would be useless in investigating the alien ship, Stalwart ponders investigating the odd crystal whose energy signature is unlike any previously recorded by the Wardens.

He reasons that it would be unacceptably risky for any of the Wardens who generate an energy aura such as Eon, Amethyst and Prime, or have tech-destabilizing magical abilities specifically Indigo and Taurex, to be around the crystal or participate in its scientific analyst. This would make Contego or himself the best choice to do the initial analysis. However, Contego having no protective paranormal abilities would be vulnerable if the crystal's energies have a harmful effect like inducing mutation, causing cancer or radiation poisoning.

Stalwart decides to do the preliminary testing himself to ensure that Contego won't be harmed by proximity to the crystal.

Knowing that the crystal sample has been secured in the lab level's high security sample storage vault by request of Dr. S. Alon Sloan, Stalwart contacts him and seeks his release to have the sample made available for initial inspection. Stalwart provides Dr. Sloan with an overview of his forensic science training as well as information of his paranormal abilities that make him immune to radiation poisoning, cancer, and capable of regenerating any injury. Stalwart then provides details of the methodology that he will use in his testing as well as outside test monitoring by the security and medical staffs and heightened security procedures in the lab area during testing.

S. Alon notifies Security Chief Petrova, Stalwart and the other Wardens of Stalwart's testing plans. S. Alon also notes that he has reviewed the plans and finds no flaws in the methodology of the testing but recommends not exposing the crystal to any outside energy sources other than light levels to which the crystal has already been exposed.

A meeting is called by S. Alon to review the proposed testing. Security Chief Irina Petrova, Stalwart and Eon attend S. Alon's meeting. The doctor opens the meeting and gives Eon the floor.

Eon points out what he believes is the flaw in Stalwart's logic saying that just because he has paranormal abilities that it does not make him immune to any changes exposure to the crystal might induce. Eon points out that at the time he too had various immunities and a paranormal healing factor but was still affected by the Xenexis crystals.

Eon says that he believes that the Xenexis could interpret the crystal and its energies far faster than most of the team's lab equipment. Eon says he is willing to take the risk of exposing himself to the new crystal to get their input on it.

Finally, he suggests that Stalwart allow the trained scientists like Dr. Miller-Ambrose, Dr. Sloan or Dr. Kensington take charge of testing procedures as they have vast amounts of experience dealing with crystals.

Stalwart patiently presents he thoughts on the matter to Eon

"This sample is the only source of a new form of energy. As such, it should not be contaminated by exposure to other forms of energy since it may alter it or cause dangerous interactions. Also since the dangers of this energy are unknown it is prudent for initial tests to be done by someone immune to radiation poisoning, cancer, and capable of regenerating any injury."

Stalwart continues by noting, "Eon, this is not a Xenexis crystal. It's a unique and entirely new form of energy."

"With that in mind, let's quickly review what happened with the Xenexis crystals. The first time you touched the energy field generated by the Xenexis crystals around Stone, the resulting explosion destroyed a medical lab. The first time a normal human, the aforementioned Stone, was exposed to a Xenexis crystal, he was driven mad and has since became a criminal paranormal. The first time Amethyst and Delta-Vee contacted the Xenexis crystals with their personal energy fields, it created violent crystalline doppelgangers of them. Those two beings are not also wanted paranormal criminals. I have reviewed the available records on all those incidents and my plan is the best chance to avoid any such recurrence with this investigation."

Stalwart then adds, "Also, I shouldn't need to remind you, that if you purposely expose yourself to this crystal you would not only be endangering an irreplaceable scientific artifact and your own life, but risking the only known survivors of an entire alien race."

"Frankly, Eon, you should never be exposed to this crystal, even after years of study. What if the energy causes your symbiotes to become sterile? Your action would doom the entire species to extinction."

Stalwart then concludes, "I certainly agree that once my initial tests show that the crystal is safe for a normal human to experiment upon, that Contego, as a master of high-energy physics, should take over the investigation, with the advice and assistance of Sloan and the others."

"However, I believe you are underestimating how many unidentified potentially dangerous objects and substances are encountered by the police of this city on a regular basis. We have established protocols for using forensic science and analysis to deal with everything from mutagenic gels to radioactive goos."

There is more discussion but in the end, Stalwart and Eon cannot come to an agreement as they both doggedly stick to their initial assessments of the proposed experiments.

Eon forwards the meeting transcripts to Amethyst with recommendation Stalwart's access to experimenting with the crystal be limited, strictly due to lack of experience in this area. Eon attaches a note to the transcripts that bluntly states, "He is a cop turned superhero that doesn't make him a scientist."

Amethyst reviews the transcripts and consents to the experiments on the crystal as long as the process is overseen by Dr. Sloan and all of the monitoring and enhanced security procedures in Stalwart's proposal are followed.

Before starting the experiments, Stalwart reviews the reports on where the crystal was discovered. He checks for any out of the ordinary events, strange histories or odd stories from the area. Melinda is able to locate a literary reference to several local folk tales about Oni that lived in the area of Japan where the crystal was found. There are no modern accounts of odd or strange happenings in the area.

Stalwart prepares for the initial examination of the crystal by ensuring that the base security and medical staffs have a live video feed of the lab, so if there is an 'unexpected' result, aid can be rushed to the lab. He also ensures that the security staff will keep traffic near the lab to a minimum while the experiments are underway.

Security Chief Petrova releases the containment box with the crystal sample from the lab level's high security sample storage vault and Stalwart takes it to the high-security lab.

He starts by visually inspecting the crystal with his paranormal visual abilities as well as using a spectrometer to try and determine the chemical composition of the crystal. The crystal is a deep blue with a thick prismatic columnar shape and a triangular cross-section. The initial light refraction and absorption readings most closely match indicolite, a type of elbaite which is a lithium-tourmaline.

He places the crystal on a highly sensitive rubber-topped scale to measure vibrations and any changes in weight. He attaches two electrodes to the crystal to measure any change in its electrical charge. He sets up a high-speed broad-spectrum camera to record any changes in light or heat.

Once the monitoring equipment is setup, Stalwart varies the levels of light and frequencies of sound that the crystal is exposed to in the lab with the instruments recording any changes in the crystal.

Lastly, he sets up two cages with a chimp and a mouse and leaves them in the lab in close proximity to the crystal overnight.

Neither of the subject animals exhibits any negative effects from being exposed to the crystal for twelve hours.

When all of the test results are reviewed, it if found that the crystal has had any significant reactions to light or sound exposure and there are no indications of any harmful emissions.

It does register a type of energy aura that as was previously noted during Dr. Sloan's initial examination of the crystal that does not correspond to the Xenexis crystals or Prime's cosmic crystals.

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