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They Came from Outer Space - Stories

Post-Session: 53

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 53.

Story - Japanese Adventures

Game Date: 11/24/2007

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Eon looks for a local shop with Kimonos or perhaps a jade sculpture for Rebecca. He finds a little shop with a selection of jade carvings and sees a beautiful yin-yang symbol carved into a two-inch jade pendant. It is perfect so he pays for the item then casually inquires about the crystal female seen in the news. The shopkeeper is polite but only knows what he saw on the television news.

Eon walks about the city making inquiries about the crystal woman. Most of the answers he gets are the same as the ones from the Orion team and the shopkeeper, the combat with the aliens is the first sighting of the crystal woman.

With no leads on the crystal woman or her whereabouts, Eon decides to put 'Plan B' into effect and heads for a local television station. His plan is to tape an interview for broadcast on the news expressing his desire to find and speak with the crystal woman.

Just before he reaches the television station, Eon senses the pull of a strange compulsion.

"Others are near," rings the chorus of Xenexis 'voices' in his head.

Eon feels compelled to head down a side street away from the television station.

"They call to us," comes the chorus of Xenexis 'voices' in his head.

He sends a message to the Wardens base via satellite about his status and what is happening.

"What do you sense Xenexis? What others do you feel? I will help you if you let me."

With that, he relaxes giving into the compulsion allowing the Xenexis to direct his path to whatever they seek. Perhaps it is the answers that they both seek.

After walking for a while, he finds himself in Kabukicho, the red-light district of Tokyo. He looks up to find the most improbable of sights, a European style castle. The small sign next to the door announces the place as Gaijin Palace. It looks to be a 'love hotel.'

Eon feels compelled to enter and after stepping through the door, he is greeted by a young woman dressed in Persian style garb. She speaks to him in an ancient Farsi dialect and asks him to follow her as her mistress is waiting.

As they move through the lobby of the establishment, Eon realizes that the other patrons seem to take no notice of him or his strangely garbed escort. It is as if the two of them were invisible.

His guide leads Eon up several flights of stairs and through a door thatís labeled as a maintenance closet but opens on to a room that seems to span the entire floor. The room is decorated with many different fabrics and objects from Middle Eastern and Asian civilizations going all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia.

Eon has the feeling that he is about to meet another of his associates from the past and his speculation is borne out when he sees the crystal woman step out from behind a shoji screen. The memory of knowing her is there but the name is not.

She smiles and says, "Your appearance is different and the 'little ones' inside you distort your aura but I would know you anywhere, Tirigan." Calling Eon by a name his has not used in over four millennia.

She pauses then continues, "I can see the recognition in your eyes but your memory is probably in tatters, it is our lot in life. You last knew me as Tadukhepa, but now I just go by Khepa and I need your help."

Eon tries to calm the Xenexis and asks them to rest.

"Tirigan?" says Eon. "That will take some time to remember. As you may suspect, I have some questions but first, what do you need help with?"

"I take it you are also harboring some 'little ones' as it is seems, we share a common appearance."

"How long have you been a host? What, when, and how did this happen?"

"Mine is actually kind of funny come to think about it..." as his mind wanders off remembering that day in the lab when his life was forever changed.

Khepa watches as Eon's eyes gloss over as his mind wanders. She has seen it before in the others who had 'died' many times over, the distorted distractions of millennia of memories. It was why she had withdrawn and avoided the 'deaths' to save her sanity.

Then things changed, now she knows that the time of purpose is near. She cannot avoid the draw of gathering with the others of her kind to face their destiny, whatever it should be.

She has returned to the world, but the little alien entities are not what she had expected or wanted.

"Tirigan, no... Judah is what you go by now," says Khepa breaking Eon from his reverie. "The 'little ones' are the problem."

"I need you to take them from me, for they will not be quiet and let me have some peace."

Khepa goes on to explain how she had gone exploring a cave system when she had sensed a strange energy coming from it. In the caves, she had found some black crystals and when she touched them, she was changed.

When she awoke after a few days, there were many 'voices' in her head. She had tried to calm them and determine what had happened but they would not be quiet.

Over a few weeks, she had learned about the abilities that they had given her but little else as the 'voices' were constantly running through her mind and rarely agreed on anything.

Until the day that she had saw the alien ship landing. The voices all agreed on one thing, "Attack the invaders."

Eon listens as her story unfolds. When she finishes, he simply stares at her.

"Well are you sure about this?" asks Eon. "I mean some of the abilities are really nice."

"Yes, I am sure," responds Khepa. "The abilities they give me interfere with my own as well as causing me to not be able to concentrate due to their incessant babbling."

"If you like, I can try and help you," says Eon. "But honestly, I have only ever been able to pull additional Xenexis from crystals. I was trying to gather them into a single host in hopes of returning them home, which is now impossible."

Eon sees a look of intense concentration on Khepa's face and then she is no longer crystal.

"A crystal?" asks Khepa. "Like this?" she says turning around and pulling up her long shirt to reveal a crystal about the size of her fist in the small of her back.

"Yes," says Eon. "Let me speak with my companions and see what is possible."

Eon goes over to the decorative rug and sits down cross-legged. He begins meditating and focuses his consciousness inward.

"Hello friends, I am glad you are safe. I need your help," he thinks focusing on the Xenexis. "I have found the ones you seek, your brothers and sisters."

"The host," he thinks while visualizing Khepa "wants to have them join with you. Can you talk to them? Can you lead them to me so they will leave her body? Do you understand?"

Eon waits for the Xenexis' response.

The Xenexis are silent. Eon is about to attempt to communicate with them again, when the 'voice' of the ancient one breaks the silence.

"I will try..."

Eon feels the transformation process start. Soon he is human with a large crystal on his sternum and a very small one on the tip of his index finger.

"Touch her crystal," he hears the ancient one say in his mind.

Judah rises and crosses the room to Khepa. He can see that she still has a look of intense concentration on her face and is sweating with exertion.

"It is hard for me to keep human form," she says smiling.

Judah touches her crystal and feels a sharp pain shoot up his arm before he is thrown to the floor as his Xenexis home crystal quickly migrates from his chest to the small of his back.

Looking up, he sees that Khepa has passed out and returned to crystal form.

Eon walks over to Khepa.

"Are you okay Khepa?" says Eon. "Can you hear me?"

Seeing little reaction, he goes to the door to summon medical attention. Then thinking about the situation, he realizes that the medical facilities here would not be up to dealing with something of this nature.

"Wardens, this is Eon," he says while making sure that the comm unit's satellite relay is active. "I am en route to base."

With that, Eon picks up the fallen form of his friend and reaches inward.

"Please friends I need to get home, now."

Eon then reaches out as far as he can as he teleports towards the Wardens base.

"Please have the medical teams standing by," Eon speaks into his comm unit. "I have one patient, female whose physiology is similar to my own. Please contact Dr. Miller-Ambrose and appropriate medical staff to be on site for my arrival."

Eon begins pushing his abilities to the limit to reach home as quickly as possible.

Thirty-eight jumps and five minutes later, he is standing in the infirmary at the Wardens base.

Record Last Changed Date: 8/25/2011

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