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They Came from Outer Space - Stories

Post-Session: 53

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 53.

Story - Taurex's Crush

Game Date: 11/25/2007  -  11/27/2007

Who: Indigo, Eon (Lazarus), Amethyst (II), Taurex

One day while Taurex is practicing his workings with Indigo, he starts to have a strange feeling inside of him. He thinks it is something he ate and ignores it.

Day after day, during their nightly walks together and the trips to different events to study human interaction and behavior, the feeling grows stronger and stronger.

He thinks to himself that it is impossible to have this feeling.

Taurex does his best to ignore the very strong and powerful emotion coming up every time he is around Indigo.

A few weeks go by with Taurex trying to ignore the feelings and then one day Indigo has to stand behind him, grab his hand and show him a maneuver with his staff. Taurex cannot concentrate on what she is showing him. All he can do is smell her perfume, listen to her melodic voice and feel the warmth of her hand on his.

He feels like there are fingerlings swimming around in his stomach.

In his heart, he feels that the moment is more that just training. He feels that it is a romantic gesture from Indigo.

In the days that follow, he can no longer focus on his spells and has trouble sleeping. His workings start failing and all he could do is daydream about and obsess on his feelings for Indigo.

Indigo asks him what is happening to his workings because he had been doing very well.

Taurex mutters and stammers before saying that he is having trouble sleeping.

She dismisses him early and tells him to get some sleep. She is very upset with him and this upsets Taurex.

There is no possible way that he could feel this way about a human, of all beings.

He knows that his fellow Yricians here and his caste mates back on Homeworld would never approve of such a thing and he starts to feel empty inside.

How could he ever approach Indigo about his feelings and would she accept him?


The next day, Taurex goes to see Karex at the Embassy to discuss his problem.

When he tells his Scout/Ambassador caste mate about his feelings for Indigo, Karex looks at him as if he were a spider alien.

"I told you that Yricians should not mess with magic," says the gold-scaled Ambassador. "Now look what has happened to you. You are in... I don't believe it. I just don't believe it."

Karex stands shaking his head for several minutes muttering to himself.

Finally, he looks Taurex directly in the eyes and says, "You will not be able to go with us when we leave here. This... magic... has... changed... you..."

Karex grows silent again, then finally says, "You will have to stay here... yep... stay... that... is all there is... to say... about it."

Karex begins shaking his head and muttering again as he leaves the room.


Taurex stands there in silence as Karex walks out of the room.

He thinks to himself, now what do I do. I lose everything just because I asked for help from a fellow Yrician. They are never going to accept my magic. They consider me an outcast due to my abilities.

Taurex is very upset and feels torn. He has never felt this bad in his whole life. All he wants is to be happy again but then he considers if he can never go home, maybe he can have Indigo.

Taurex heads back to the Wardens base walking slowly and taking his time trying to make sense out of his dilemma.

The next couple of days as part of his cultural education, he teaches Indigo about Yrician ways and his culture. He hopes that she will see how wonderful a species he is and be interested in him as more then an apprentice.

Indigo does not respond in the way he had hoped. His workings get worse because he keeps focusing on how to win Indigo over and not his magic.

Indigo approaches him and asks what is wrong with him.

"Your lack of concentration is really bad," she says chastising him.

Taurex just replies, "I have some personal problems that I need to work out."

Indigo being understanding asks him, "Is there anything I can do to help?"

He says, "Thank you, but no. It is something I have to take care of on my own."

Indigo orders him to take a week off and get his act together. She feels that the time off will help him work it out.

"You are becoming a wonderful worker of magic and I would hate to lose you," says his master. "I think you will make a magnificent mage someday soon."

She kisses him on his cheek as a gesture of friendship. It is the manner her people greet and say goodbye to close friends.

Taurex's heart melts when she kisses his cheek with her soft lips. He thinks he has found paradise. He stands there with a weird smile on his face staring at her as he touches his cheek.

Indigo gets his attention and sends him on his way.

Taurex goes to bed dreaming of Indigo and that kiss. He wakes the next morning with a brilliant idea; he would go talk to Eon. He has been around forever and could help Taurex with his problem. After all, Eon knows about women and has been everywhere.

In the morning, Taurex gets dressed and rushes out of the door as he cannot wait to get advice from Eon.

Taurex knocks on Eon's door a little after 9:00 AM.


Judah paints with a speed only possible to a paranormal, the brush gliding in a flurry of movement as precise and rhythmic as a symphony conductor. In the background, Beethoven plays providing an invisible dance partner for Judah.

He stands back and looking at the work recreates the moment from his memory. A sudden knocking at the door breaks his recollection.

"Music off," says Judah to Susan. "Hello?"

He walks to the door and keys the open switch. He looks for a second, seeing no one at his eye level. Hearing a shuffling sound, he glances down to see the golden scales of the Yrician apprentice mage.

"Taurex, are you lost? You know the way to the mystic wing? What is wrong?"

The Yrician shuffles his feet nervously about and finally musters the courage to respond.

"Mister Eon, umm I... was wondering... if you... you could help me with a... a... problem."

Judah ushers Taurex into his studio

"Yes Tarex, well come in and sit down," replies Judah. "What could I possibly do for you?"

Taurex looks up at Judah for few moments and then speaks, "Mister Eon, I need to know about women... human women... and my name is Taurex."

"Ah Taurex, sorry about that, so women?" responds Judah. "Human women, well there is a lot to know, what are you looking for specifically?"

"How do you act when you like a woman?" asks the Yrician.

Judah blinks for a second. A human and a Yrician? That was different and he wasn't even sure if it was physically possible but who was he to judge?

"Well Taurex, does this woman know how you feel?" says Judah answering Taurex's question with a question.

"I don't think she knows," stammers Taurex. "We work together."

"Taurex, are we talking about a certain staff carrying female?" queries Judah.

Taurex shivers his scales, the equivalent of blushing for Yricians.

"Maybe, but she can't know, she would never forgive me, she is my Master," blurts out Taurex.

"Okay Taurex, I will help you but you are going to have to show her how you feel," responds Judah.

"First, you need to ask her out for coffee. Then..." and with that, Judah begins to counsel Taurex on his courting of Marsa.

When Judah has finished gives his advice to the Yrician, Taurex thanks him and rushes out of Judah's studio.


Taurex goes back to the mystic wing to ask Indigo to have this thing called coffee. Whatever that is Taurex thinks to himself.

Taurex knocks on Indigo's door.

Indigo answers the door and sees that it is Taurex.

"I thought I sent you home for the week?" she asks her apprentice.

"Yes," says Taurex. "But I want to ask you something."

Indigo sighs and says, "Well come in and tell me all about it."

He sits nervously on her couch.

Indigo asks, "Do you need a drink or something?"

Taurex just stared blankly and shook his head.

"What can I get you?" queried Indigo. "I only have herbal tea."

"So you like tea," asks Taurex, "How about coffee?"

Indigo pauses for a moment and thinks.

"Oh yeah, that bitter black drink," she replies. "I don't like that very much. I prefer tea it clears my mind for my workings. Why do you ask Taurex?"

Taurex looks lost for a moment wondering what does he ask her now.

"Master can we go somewhere else and get some tea and talk?"

Indigo looks puzzled.

"But I have tea right here," she responds. "There are things that I need to attend to away from the base. You just stay here, take some time off and rest please."

Taurex, looking confused, excuses himself and runs out of the room.

He runs all the way back to Eon's and knocks on the door again.


Judah answers the hurried knocking at the door.

The door opens to reveal his small Yrician friend who is obviously quite upset.

"She said no..." was all the dejected Yrician says.

Judah takes him by the shoulders and looks him in the eye.

"What are you talking about Taurex?" he asks. "Who said no? Indigo?"

"Yes, no, I mean, she said no Eon, what will I do?" stammers Taurex.

Judah shakes his head in frustration.

"Okay, it is time to get this sorted out properly," says Judah motioning to the gold-scaled Yrician. "Come on Taurex."

Judah morphs into Eon and grabs his coat and hat donning them in stride.

"What are you doing, Mister Eon?" queries Taurex.

"We are going to the source and setting this straight," replies Eon.


Taurex struggles to keep up as Eon walks briskly down the hallway. He resists the urge to teleport as it has almost become second nature when he travels now. Eon strides up the door and turns to Taurex prior to knocking on it.

"Do exactly as I say Taurex," he commands. "Okay?"

Taurex simply nods his understanding as the nervousness of the moment has him all but paralyzed.

Eon knocked on the door.

"Hello? Who is it?" replied a female from the behind the door.

Eon looks at Taurex and whispers, "I will be right near by, listen to my words and do as I say. Answer her."

With that, he dissolves into Taurex's shadow. Judah watches as Taurex freezes the moment he disappears.

Judah reminds him gently, "Taurex, answer her."

Taurex looks down at the empty space of his shadow then turns to the door.

"Ummm, Indigo, it is Taurex, can I come in?"

The door slides open to reveal Indigo obviously practicing a working.

"Hello Taurex, you are supposed to be relaxing, what is wrong?"

Taurex stands there unsure of what to do, a faint voice behind his ear whispers, "Ask to go inside"

"My I go inside please?" responds Taurex. "I need to speak with you."

Indigo steps back into the room biding Taurex to enter.

Taurex pauses for a second looking around.

"Walk Taurex," comes the whisperer from his shadow.

Taurex walks into the room with obvious apprehension stopping a few feet short of Indigo who is looking more confused with each passing second.

Judah began speaking in a whisper to Taurex's ear

"Marsa, I have been working with you the last few months and have learned so much."

Taurex repeats the words.

"Something has happened and I don't know what to do next. I find myself distracted, nervous, unable to eat or sleep. However, I know the cause now. It is thoughts of you."

Taurex mimics the words almost precisely.

Eon pauses to let the message sink in.

"Marsa, my desire is to take you to dinner, not as master and student, but as woman and man."

As soon as the words leave Eon's mouth, he recognizes his mistake but Taurex repeats them without pause.

"I mean as a Yrician and a woman. I have feelings for you Master Indigo and if you would accept my offer for a date, it would make me very happy."

Judah pauses for a second as Taurex once again repeats the words.

Indigo's face finally reveals her understanding of Taurex's offer. She looks about the room unsure what to say.

Judah reassures Taurex, "Just be patient, give her a moment to think about it."

Indigo just stares at Taurex for a moment.

"Oh I knew there had to be a reason for your workings suffering," she says. "I am glad you finally opened up to me."

"I don't know if members of the Wardens are allowed to date each other or other beings for that matter," continues Indigo. "I will need to ask Amethyst the rules on this situation. I won't mention your name; I will just ask what the rules are."

"If she asks who, I won't lie to her and will tell her," states Indigo. "Because, I would like to get her opinion on interspecies dating since are both still new to this world."

"If she says it is okay, then I will go out with you and see what happens," concludes the lady mage. "Please wait here, while I go into the other room to ask her."

Taurex waits on the couch both nervous and excited at the same time as he watches Indigo walk into the other room. He has his gold scaly fingers crossed for luck, as he had learned studying the customs of humans.

Indigo contacts Amethyst and asks the policy on Wardens dating each other.

"Yes, you can date other Wardens," replies Amethyst. "It is up to you and your feelings. I dated a pilot that was part of the Wardens' headquarters staff but my feelings were different from his and he left because of it."

"Do you have feelings for this person?" asks the team leader. "Personally, I would go out and see where the feeling leads."

"Just remember, it is your choice about dating another member of the Wardens."

"Thank you for all your wisdom on this subject," replies Indigo. "I don't know if I have any feelings for him. I enjoy his company. He is a different race so I never really thought about it. I will go out with him and see. Thank you again and I will talk to you later, we should do that shopping thing again."

Indigo goes back into to the room with Taurex. He watches her every move with hope in his heart.

Finally, not wanting to wait anymore, he asks, "What did she say?"

"She said there were not any rules against it and it was up to me," responds Indigo.

Smiling, Taurex says, "Now we can go out together... Yes?"

Indigo responds, "Yes, we can go out."

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