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They Came from Outer Space - Stories

Post-Session: 53

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 53.

Story - Karex's Announcement

Game Date: 12/5/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Contego, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Stalwart, Taurex, Karex, Gregix, Wrixton, Prelax, Wareta, Narex

Karex invites the Wardens to the Yrician Embassy for what he says is an important announcement that will change the course of history on Earth.

Stalwart, Indigo, Taurex, Eon and Contego all reply that they will attend the meeting.

Amethyst replies that she will attend via communicator.


When the Wardens arrive, they are led to the press conference room by Meka. There they find Karex along with Gregix, Wrixton, Prelax, Wareta and Narex dressed in what the group has come to know as Yrician space coveralls.

"I have called you here to announce that we will all be leaving Earth," states Karex. "Homeworld needs us and Narex will explain why."

Narex stands, "The exploration service ship that supplies our mission here is long overdue. The last contact that was had with it was shortly before the spider aliens were observed in system. We have come to the conclusion that the supply ship was destroyed by the spider aliens."

"We have first hand data of the encounter between the spider alien ship and the interdiction satellite as well as sensor readings from the personal combats with the spider aliens that would be of benefit to our military in combating the spider aliens. It is imperative that we provide this information to Homeworld and the scout ship is the only means of getting it there."

"After consultation with Ambassador Karex, it was decided that rather than leave the diplomatic mission here without support, all Yricians currently known to be on Earth would depart with the scout ship."

Narex takes his seat and Karex stands, "We ask the sentients of Earth through you as our friends that the Consulate-General facility be maintained until a new ambassador is appointed as a site of cultural exchange, its intended purpose. Meka and Overseer have the necessary information to see that the exhibits are completed. The Yrician Cultural Trust has the funding to complete the facility and through Karex Corporation funds for the continuing operations of the facility."

After the announcement, Indigo asks Taurex if he is leaving. Taurex says that he will be staying as he wants to learn more about magic. In his mind, Taurex knew that with the changes to his physiology, he could never return to his planet.

Contego pulls up the schematics for the personal shields on his tablet and gives them to Gregix just in case they have to fight. After a large a toothy grin, Gregix thanks Contego.

Eon speaks with the Yricians and wishes them a safe journey.

He then speaks with Karex alone and gives him a personal farewell. "I hope I will see you again in my lifetime Karex, I know we have had our disagreements but I would like to consider you a friend. May your journey be safe and uneventful."


When everyone has said his or her goodbyes and left, Karex contacts Amethyst and says that he needs to talk to her, face-to-face.

"It is important," says the golden scaled Yrician, "a life may be in the balance."

Karex and Amethyst meet and talk about Mayra's parole. Karex says that she will continue to work for the Yrician Cultural Trust but she needs to have someone as her sponsor. Karex asks Amethyst to be her sponsor.

"Yes, I can do this for you," responds Amethyst. "You are can count on me."

Karex thanks Amethyst for her willingness to help. He says that he will miss her as she has been a guiding force during his time on Earth.

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