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Post-Session: 54

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 54.

Story - Plans to Rescue Eon

Game Date: 12/9/2007

Who: Wardens

Stalwart suggests that the Wardens put together a list of possible plans for dealing with Eon's disappearance. Then, when a full list of potential ideas is put together, including the more outlandish, a decision can be made about which, if any, would be useful to actually work on and assign appropriate personnel. He starts off the discussion with a few ideas of his own.

Plans based on the assumption that Eon was trapped within the alien landing craft:

1. Prime's powers and experiments, in more than one incarnation, appear to have triggered latent dimensional instabilities. As such, the Wardens could ask Prime to use his powers or to try to replicate one of the experiments whose malfunctions caused dimensional incidents at the site of the landing craft.

2. One remaining alien landing craft was seen descending towards the ocean. If it could be captured, perhaps it could be used to follow the first landing craft.

3. We can wait, assuming that if the landing craft carried Eon into another dimension that he'll eventually find his own way home. He is, after all, functionally immortal and capable of teleporting away from any danger.

4. We can search for paranormals with the ability to create dimensional gates.

5. We can try to recruit a team of paranormal geniuses to create a dimensional gate spawning device or to replicate the alien's method of travel.


Stalwart will request Amethyst allow him and Contego to examine all the possessions left behind by the 'dimensional Prime'.

He will explain to Amethyst, "I was reviewing the Dimensional Prime files. During the time period he was most deeply involved in gathering information on other dimensional beings, a black car with government plates assigned to the Air Force, was picking him up at FSS Pier 12 on a daily basis."

"It occurs to me that before his disappearance, he may have been helping the Air Force to secretly develop an inter-dimensional vehicle at an offsite location."

"Alternatively, Prime 2 may have realized this was not his native dimension and been working in a second secret lab on a method of returning to his home dimension."


Stalwart sends an email to the other Wardens.


Something just occurred to me.

Shortly before we left for the alien ship, Contego and I were discussing the Space Prime Role-Playing Game. It noted that prior to the Yricians enslaving humanity and conquering an alternate Earth, they were believed to have wiped out the Shadow Guardians, whose appearance matched that of the spider alien invaders.

We had been discussing the possibility that the invaders were actually from the 'evil Yrician' dimension which would account for their hostile actions and that the Yricians were the 'Others' that Indigo's spy mission overheard them talking about.

This is only important in that if there was a telepathic component to the spider alien landing craft's spontaneous dimensional travel, then it is possible that it traveled to that dimension instead of simply returning to the invaders native dimension. In which case, the 'evil Yricians' occupying Alt-Earth would have just gained the secrets of inter-dimensional travel.

That... could be a bad thing.


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