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Post-Session: 54

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 54.

Story - Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

Game Date: 12/10/2007  -  12/19/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Contego, Indigo, Stalwart, Taurex

Thirty-two hours after the spider alien landing craft disappeared...


The night air is darker than usual as a light wind whips through the abandoned base. The Marines still stand guard over the area as the science types would be at it again in the morning attempting to discover what had happened to the alien ship.

In the shadows of a building, a muffled humph does little to interrupt the quiet night scene as shadows gave way to form then to solidity.

The man grunts in pain as his body finally stabilizes on the ground. Standing up he looks around and sees he is not alone and growls in frustration.

"Whoever screwed this up is going to pay dearly for their incompetence."

Leaning down, he picks up a large brimmed hat with a slight flourish and dons it. Looking upward in an instant, he is gone with only the night sky to witness his arrival.


Two minutes later, he materializes beside the security desk. The posted security agents are caught off guard for only a second.

"Mr. Eon, you startled us," states one of the agent's on duty. "Good evening sir, glad to have you back."

The tall dark man looks at the two men for a second.

"Why are you out of uniform?" he queries. "And why are you calling me Mr. Eon?"

The two men look at each other with confusion for a moment,

"Sir, this is the uniform we always wear."

The man walks forward slowly.

"I donít know why you are acting so strangely but the next time I see you, you had better be in uniform, and it is LORD NEO," thunders the man. "Next time, you better get it right you dyslexic moron."

The man walks past without concern for the two security agents, their presence seeming to be as insignificant as that of insects. Finding his quarters, he keys the door, tossing his coat and hat to the side. Sitting down to the easel, he looks at the painting,

"What in the name of Caesar is going on?"

The painting was originally a depiction of their conquest over those peace loving dark spider fools and their Yrician allies. Now it only has one Yrician in it and he appears in some mystic garb, and the teamís uniforms are all wrong, they are... colorful?

Someone is obviously messing with him. Probably that twisted genius Mind Ender, there will be payback for this to be sure but for tonight, he just wants to paint.


At the Wardens base, a call goes out to Amethyst and Indigo.

"This is Sergeant Dole from security. Eon just walked through our checkpoint but seemed very... off," reports the security agent. "His facial recognition and vocal patterns matched. We passed him through but we thought you should know."

"Thank you for letting me know," replies Amethyst.

She asks Susan to locate Rebecca Miller-Ambrose and is told that the doctor is still in the infirmary. Amethyst asks Susan when the doctor had come in that day and is told that Rebecca had not left the base for the last 48 hours. Amethyst knew that Rebecca had taken the news of Eon's disappearance hard but not that hard. Well hopefully his return, even if he was acting a little weird, would cheer her up.

Amethyst stops by the infirmary and tells Rebecca the news of Eon's return as well as the report of him acting strangely. The two of them then headed towards Eon's studio at the base.


Indigo thanks the sergeant for the information and radios Amethyst telling her that she will join her at Eon's apartment. Indigo also tells Amethyst that something does not feel right to her but she cannot put her finger on it.


Judas paints quietly as his mind races with questions.

Why is everything so strange here? What has happened to his guards? They use to tremble when he appeared, now they only seem confused and what is with that name, Eon?

Judas puts down his paintbrush and sits down at his computer screen, bringing up his email he reads the first few entries. It is then that he notices that every email is sent to the same name, Eon.

Quickly he brings up the member roster of the... Wardens?

Who in the blazes are the Wardens and where did the Warlords go? All the members now have these ridiculous names, Amethyst, Stalwart, Contego, Indigo, who are these cretins?

Is this more of Mind Ender's tricks, is he trying to drive me insane or take my place as leader of the Warlords?

He pulls up his file and finds that the overall history is similar but with key points that differ. Not much is known about him and it appears that the one here goes by the name of Judah Ambrose and is married.

He received his powers through an accident, seriously?

Neo remembers when they had found the dark energy crystals and had discovered the amazing powers that they held. Using Primal's energy conversion matrix he was able to fuse the energy to his own and control the power they held. That was the day he was able finally to seize control of the Warlords from Violent Violet, a few minutes in a spatial void had been all it took to make her see the light.

However, on this world, he is a hero, not a conqueror, not even leader.

He realizes he needs to play along so as not to attract attention.

The door chime shakes Judas from his trance.

"What?" he responds in his normal gruff tone, then remembering he is Judah, "Yes? Who is it?"

He opens the door and sees two ladies, one in a purple body suit and the other in a lab coat. The one in the lab coat rushes in and embraces him before giving him a kiss.

"Oh god Judah, I was so worried," she says excitedly. "I am glad you are safe, what happened?"

"Umm nothing really, I just got stuck and then found myself at the airstrip," declares Judas. "Where did you guys go? Last thing I remember we were destroying those spider things and then I found myself at the airstrip."

Rebecca felt a heat rising from her breast. It is a moment before she realizes that is not amorous feelings but the crystal pendant that Judah had given her. Thinking of the crystal, she feels more than hears the voices in her head. The message is unlike anything she has ever experienced but it is clearly a warning. She feels alarm, danger, fear and impostor.

The hairs on the back of her neck rise almost instantly as she feels these voices screaming at her.

Releasing Judah from her embrace, she steps back quickly trying not to be obvious. Rebecca turns to Amethyst and signs trouble to let her know something is up.

"Well honey, it is obvious that you are okay and are painting. How about we do lunch tomorrow? Is that okay, honey muffin?"

Judas looks at her for a moment then nods, "Yes, sure that would be nice, meet me here and we can grab a bite to eat."

"Sure baby cakes, you just continue painting, I know how much you love Warhol and are working on that new work of his. The chicken soup can thing."

Judas looks at her and is unsure if she is just an overbearing wife or he is being played.

"Sure honey, I will see you later," he says then turning to Amethyst he give a slight bow of the head and says, "Good night."

With that, he closes the door and returns to the computer to learn more about his situation.


Indigo turns the corner just in time to see Rebecca and Amethyst enter Judah's studio.

She holds back not wishing to be seen and after the door closes, she spirit walks through the wall into the corner of the studio.

She watches Judah and Rebecca and realizes something is wrong but cannot tell what.


When the door closes, Rebecca takes five steps backward, gently pulling Amethyst with her. She notices Indigo standing in the hallway and waves to her.

Indigo pops back into her body just as Rebecca waves to her.

"Walk with us Indigo, quickly," says the doctor as she heads towards the mage with Amethyst in tow.

Once they were around the corner, Rebecca leans in close to the pair.

"That is NOT Judah," she says in hushed tones. "Something is wrong, VERY wrong."

Rebecca then explains about the message from the Xenexis in her crystal necklace that the real Judah had given her and urges Amethyst to call the rest of the team in.

Indigo once again expresses that she feels that something is not right about this Eon.

Amethyst switches to a private channel on her communicator and keys up Stalwart and Contego. She briefs them on the situation making sure to stress to everyone that based on the evidence that they have, the Eon at the base is not their Eon.


Contego is in his lab at home working on an idea to use pulse field manipulation to breach dimensional barriers giving the team a possible way to rescue Eon.

When he gets the message that Eon is an impostor, he begins to think about how he would capture Eon. If this Not-Eon has, the same or similar abilities as Eon, then he should able to adapt one of his pulse field wall generators to make a stasis field or some type of cage that would block teleportation abilities. The only problem is that the only pulse field wall generator he had that could handle that much power was not mobile. They would have to get the Not-Eon to his lab, close to the generator.


As Stalwart sips his coffee, he tells his story to Rita Streeter.

"So there I was, first day at my brand new job at the Psych hospital and still sick as a dog from that dose of super-serum from the day before, when the whole place suddenly goes into quarantine. Some sort of mind-controlling bio-weapon got loose, or some such. Never did learn all the details."

"Anyways, we were all herded into different areas of the hospital and sealed in, you know, until we could be tested. Well, it was just my luck that Challenger, the legend, was stuck in the same room as me. We gabbed about my police work, his decades as a war hero and advocate and all that stuff."

"Meanwhile, other folks were being tested and let back out. Not us, though, for various reasons, the Feds kept a close eye on us for the next few days, and, let me tell you, that's when the super-serum really started kicking in."

"It became pretty obvious that it was the same sort of stuff they juiced up Challenger with, way back in the 40's right, so he decided to kind of take me under his wing. Teach me the ropes so to speak. Needed someone to keep an eye on der Zornnatter for him, now that he's retired, I suppose. It's worked out pretty well so far, I'd say."

"Anyways... the whole point to that long story was that der Zornnatter might be in jail, but he's got a bunch of minions still loose in the city and they have personal holographic disguise generators, energy weapons, and a memory extraction device. Frankly, with Zorn in jail, they probably need a new super-genius to give them the tech edge, so be careful and don't necessarily trust your eyes. If one of the Wardens, like myself, come up to you out of the blue and ask you to go somewhere, give 'em a quick poke with your finger to make sure they're really who they say they are..."

Stalwart abruptly paused as Amethyst's message comes in over his communicator.

"Sorry Rita, I need to look into something. Apparently, an alternate-dimension version of Eon just walked into our base. If he appeared in our dimension without an alien ship, then I'm going to have to rethink completely my theory on what happened to our Eon."

"Perhaps that alien landing craft had started generating some sort of field just before Eon tried to teleport inside and that was enough to shift him randomly to another dimension. If that's the case, then there could be thousands or millions of Eons, each randomly shifted to another dimension... and that would make the task of finding our Eon functionally impossible."

"Damn, he seemed like a nice guy."

Stalwart suddenly realizes an 11-year-old child is present, and hastily adds, "Not that such language is ever appropriate, er... sorry about that."

"Anyways, I'm going to go check on this new Eon. Hopefully, he's not evil or mad... er... um... I mean, I'm sure everything will be fine."

"You just stay here in the lab. I am sure Doctor Rebecca will be back soon. Oh, she probably went to see..."

"Okay, I'm just going to contact security and have a nice security agent-type person hang out a bit here with you while I check on Eon. If you see flashing lights and the guard has to, um, leave on short notice just find a good place to hide until the flashing lights stop and a large chime signals the all clear."

As Stalwart heads over to Eon's apartment, he contacts security and requests an officer keep an eye on Rita until Doctor Rebecca or he returns to the medical lab.


Contego contacts Amethyst, Stalwart and Indigo. He explains his plan for capturing the imposter and they agree to meet at his home lab.


Judas stares at the screen as he reads the various historical records, this universe is amazing and disturbingly naive compared to his own.

He could dominate this world but he will need help from someone with technical skills. He just needs an energy amplifier similar to the one on his world that augmented his powers a hundred fold. Then he will be able to bring this soft, unsuspecting planet to its knees.

Looking through the Wardens roster, he finds the one person that could help him.


The Wardens gathered at Contego's home lab discuss how they will get the impostor Eon to come to the lab so that Contego's plan to capture him can be executed.


"Dr. Mind En... I mean Contego... are you there?" inquires Judas.

The other Wardens duck out of sight of the console camera.

After a moment, a video image of a man that looks like Contego from the roster information comes up on Judah's monitor.

"Yes, uh, Eon," stammers the young scientist. "What can I do for you?"

"Contego, I was wondering if I could come see you, about something personal."

Contego looks nervous for a moment and looks about. Amethyst and Stalwart, hidden from sight, nod yes and Contego replies.

"Sure, how about you come to my home lab and we can talk while I work."

Contego then gave Not-Eon the directions to his place.

Judas smiled at the idea of introducing this child to a world more open to his talents. The limits of laws and morals placed no strictures on his kind.


The Wardens prepare for their visitor. A one-way view screen is erected and the area behind it is lit well enough to provide no shadows for an entry point for Not-Eon.

While the other Wardens work on the screened area, Contego hurriedly programs several new pulse frequencies and oscillations into the pulse wall generator hoping that his calculations will block Not-Eon's abilities to teleport out of the containment field.


Judas looks down on the city and locates the site that Contego had given as his residence. He ports outside and looks in a window then steps into shadows at the back of the lab. In the shadow, Judas melds into darkness and watches Contego's lab for a moment. As he watches, Contego continues to work away at his computer console.

Deciding it is safe, Judas steps from the shadows and speaks, "Dr. Min... Contego, hello and good evening, what are you working on?"

Contego turns around suddenly, obviously not expecting Not-Eon so soon.

"Ummm, oh hi, Eon," says Contego. "What did you want to talk about?"

Judas walks over to the lab-coated young man slowly.

"Contego, I need your help with something. I have been looking for a way to harness more power from my energy matrix," explains the dark man. "I have envisioned a kind of power amplifier and wonder if you can build it. What do you say? If you do this, I promise that you will be rewarded, greatly."

Contego looks about nervously for a second hoping not to give away the trap.

"Power... amplifier, I guess it could be done," replies the young scientist. "My specialty is pulse field theory but I guess I could adapt a pulse wave..." then he starts babbling nonsensical technical terms hoping Not-Eon would be none the wiser.

Judas interrupts him after a minute, "So that is a yes then, how long?"

Long enough to trap you thinks Contego as he replies, "How long, oh I don't know about eighteen inches. Maybe fourteen, if I am able to compress the input modules..."

"No, Contego," blurts out Judas barely keeping his temper in check. "How long until it is ready?"

"Huh, oh, a few days maybe," replies Contego and then struck by inspiration says, "But I would need to get some more detailed energy readings from you to ensure that the pulse waves are properly modulated to amplify your abilities."

Judas attempts to gauge the man's intent, "Sure Contego, if that is what is needed for you to get started."

Contego steels himself, "I need you stand over there on the test pad so I can get the readings I need."

Judas begins to sense that not all is what it seems.

Contego loses his composure for a moment, this is going to be easy he thinks and smiles, "It will only take a minute I promise."

Judas walks toward Contego, "You don't really want to scan me, do you Doctor?"

He takes another couple of steps and looks the young man in the eyes, "You know, don't you?"

"Know what?" questions Contego as he secretly flips the switch to charge the containment field

"You know I am not your... Eon...that is what you call him?" says Judas with malice. "No, I am not your, Eon. I am much, much more. Where I am from I am known as Neo, LORD Neo but that is irrelevant now. You are going to help me all the same."

Contego knows that there is something very wrong about Not-Eon. He had hoped that he was mistaken and that perhaps Not-Eon is just grimmer that the real Eon but this is beyond that.

"Really, what gives you that idea?" says Contego defiantly.

"Because if you don't, I will have no use for you and I will kill you, quickly but painfully I assure you," states Judas matter of factly. "I have become quite, adept, at it."

It is then that Contego knows this is why he became an Advocate, this is evil and it has to be challenged.

Contego watches the evil one waiting for him to make a move and is chilled the core as Judas's flesh shifts to dark black crystal. Not the smooth reflective crystal shell of Eon but a larger and twisted shell with spikes protruding from almost every inch of it, a sight that will forever be ingrained in his memory.

Contego tries to activate his personal pulse field generator but is too slow as tendrils of black energy shoot from one of Lord Neo's hands and wrap around Contego's throat.

"Now good doctor, do you wish to reconsider your position or should I find another more... pliable person to assist me?" says Lord Neo, his voice echoing through the lab.

"Perhaps that nice Doctor Rebecca?" the dark lord says lustily. "She looks to be a tasty morsel. In my world she is also a doctor, but I would say her bedside manner is much less considerate than yours."

Contego looks into Lord Neo's eyes for the first time and sees none of the light Eon possesses. This is truly a creature of evil.

"Anytime now guys," he manages to mutter as the tendrils tighten around his throat.

Amethyst smashes the view screen that the Wardens had been hiding behind to the ground. Stalwart fires the hypersonic rifle that he had borrowed from the Wardens' security staff armory, hoping Lord Neo is affected by sonic attacks like Eon.

Lord Neo sinks to his knees suffering pain as he has never experienced it before as the wave of hypersonic energy washes over him causing him to black out for just a second.

Amethyst places herself between Indigo and Lord Neo as Stalwart fires again at the impostor.

Shaking his head to regain his senses, Lord Neo's hand reaches out as he tries to focus enough to release a deadly blast of energy. He is met with another wave of hypersonic energy causing his senses to dim and his head to swim in a sea of noise. Cracks appear on his torso and face they spider outward and Lord Neo feels as if he is falling to pieces before he loses consciousness.

Stalwart motions to Indigo who was already casting, her 'hands of the spirits' working lifts the impostor off the ground and places his body on the pulse wall generator test pad.

"NOW CONTEGO!" shouts Amethyst.

Contego flips a switch on his computer console and a barrier of force surrounds Not-Eon.

Lord Neo regains consciousness as he is floating down to land on the test pad Contego had tried to get him to stand on. Knowing he is outmatched, Lord Neo tries to focus and summon the energies to teleport himself to safety. Once focused, he attempts to teleport but finds himself unable to escape the field that surrounds him.

"Release me at once, I am Lord Neo and will not be held!" demands, Not-Eon. "Release me or die!"

"Pipe down, loudmouth, before I decide to make you into a chandelier," says Contego dropping into his lab chair, his breathing returning to normal.

Slumping to the bottom of the cell, Lord Neo realizing he is caught, for now, shifts back to flesh. Judas stares out at his captors. They were weak, they could not hold him, he would be free and they would beg for their lives before he killed them.

Indigo looks at the Wardens and says, "I knew there was something wrong."

Then she turns to the impostor Eon and says, "What have you done to Eon you foul creature." In her mind, she sees the beings that she had been taught about with the ability to take on different shapes and become someone else.

Judas smiles and looks at the stern female.

"I know not of this Eon, but I would say if he is in my world then he is dead by now. They don't take kindly to intruders, especially ones that play hero."

Stalwart ponders Neo's slumped body. Well, it's not as if he hadn't interrogated suspects and criminals before. Answers were needed and he might as well start finding some out now.

"Now then, Mr. Neo, I think it is time you realize that you don't rule anything in this dimension and consider the fact that threatening someone's life, particularly the life of a renowned hero such as Contego here, and attempted coercion by force are rather serious crimes here."

"You might want to consider what might end up happening back home without you around, while you serve out a couple nice long prison sentences."

"Then, consider the fact that we don't particularly want an evil alternate version of Eon consuming precious American tax dollars when the alternative option of returning this particular illegal alien to its place of origin may exist."

"So, if you decide to cooperate and give us a nice clear and comprehensive explanation of exactly how you ended up in our dimension, and we might decide to be generous."

"Forgive them for they know not what they do," mumbles Judas before he sneers and adds, "Because they are cretins."

"Neo, you started to call me something else earlier," comments Contego "What was it?"

"I will not say," states Judas. "It might scare you."

Stalwart ponders the situation than loudly announces, loud enough so Neo is sure to hear.

"So, Contego, I assume you will have no problem draining off Neo's stolen energies. Next, of course, we'll have medical inject him with the self-replicating bio-inhibitor that will eliminate his healing, anti-aging and resurrection ability. That way, even if he does escape, he will have no more physical power than an average human."

He turns back to Neo.

"You see, you are not the first interdimensional traveler we've had to deal with Neo. We've had quite a bit of practice pulling their fangs. Don't worry, you'll get used to old age and everyone masters death from natural causes on the first try."

Stalwart calmly waits to see if Neo reacts to his bluff.

Of course, far as Stalwart knew draining the alien energy from Neo could be possible. Inhibiting his regenerative ability, on the other hand, would likely prove more difficult but, there is no reason for Neo to know that.

Contego presses a few buttons and the field gets smaller, giving Neo less space.

"If you won't answer me then I hope you aren't claustrophobic," Contego says with a malicious smile. "I won't kill you but I can make you immobile."

"The two of you need to get on the same page," says Judas calmly, "One threatening to drain my abilities, while the other threatens to immobilize me."

"You forget, I have had several hours to review your computer records," states Judas. "Neither of you have it in you to follow through on your threats."

"Oh, by the way, what time are meals served?" queries Judas.


A couple of hours after being captured, Judas stands up in the containment field.

No matter what Contego or any others say or ask, the dark man refuses to respond or reply.


Judas stood in the force cage that had been his home for the last several days, stood in defiance of his imprisonment. A show of strength letting them know that though caged, he had not been broken.

Most of the time, he explored his 'cell' trying to find the limits of what Dr. Mind Ender's analog in this world had come up with to contain him, both to find a way out of the trap and avoid a similar circumstance in the future.

From time to time, as a diversion, he entertained himself with thoughts of how much satisfaction he would get from breaking Connor Smith again.

In the end, he always returned to looking for a weakness in the field that contained him. A push of power here, a nudge of power there, each gave him some more insight into the nature of his prison. Finally, he had found a weakness that he felt he could exploit.

His captors viewed him as a duplicate to their comrade, Eon. This was their mistake, for he was not a duplicate but an analog, similar but not the same.

Judas concentrated and pushed outward with just a small tendril of energy from the bottom of his foot while he stood on the test pad that served as the floor of his cell. Inching slowly along he forced a small area of the force shield that contained him to yield to his pressure and after some time, give way. He felt the flow of energy in the test pad and slowly reached out to link it to his energy matrix. It took days to establish the link as he proceeded slowly as not to alert them of his achievement or reveal his plan before he had a chance to act.


When the morning arrived where he could no longer take being confined, Judas makes the decision that it is time to execute his plan.

Through the tendril linking his energy matrix to the power source in the test pad, he summons power. At the same time, he launches a wave of dark energy outward from his body to batter the containment field that held him. The combination of the energy drain and the energy wave shatter the field.

Judas is free.

He remains on the test pad absorbing energy at such a rate that the local power grid fails and the surrounding neighborhood goes dark.

A tingle with energy, Judas assumes crystal form and activates his dark energy displacement ability, disappearing from the lab in a flash of cold dark energy.


There is pain and a sense of falling, Lord Neo knows something is wrong...


He wakes strapped to a cold metal table. The emitters from dozens of hypersonic cannons protrude from the ceiling like the spines of some high tech porcupine, all aimed at him.

Someone in battle armor stands across the room, the armor is familiar but it cannot be.

The figure removes his helmet to reveal an older gentleman with salt and pepper hair, but it is, Captain Hopkins.

"Welcome home, Lord Neo," says the smiling Hopkins. "I think you will find that some things have changed while you were gone."

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