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Post-Session: 54

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 54.

Story - Khepa's Request

Game Date: 12/10/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Stalwart, Khepa

Khepa asks for permission to stay in one of the Wardens' guest apartments in the hope that Eon is found or returns soon. She says that she still needs his help.

Amethyst approves Khepa request for temporary residence at the base and asks the security commander on duty to make the necessary arrangements.


Once Khepa has been setup with a guest apartment, Stalwart pays her a visit.

He explains everything that has happened with Eon, including the sudden appearance of an evil version of him from an alternate dimension. Stalwart asks whether it's possible for him to attempt to commune with the alien symbiotes living within her, since, hopefully, that way the symbiotes could tap into his eidetic memory of the inside of the ship and possibly pass on to him knowledge that would allow Eon to be rescued.

He also asks whether the symbiotes, as communal organisms, can sense those that they had been in contact with through the dimensional barriers.

Can they be a compass pointing the way to the 'true' Eon?

Khepa says she does not have the level of control over her 'companions' that Judah does. She says she can try what Stalwart suggests but she does not know if it will yield any results.

Stalwart touches the gem in the small of Khepa's back.

It is his limited understanding that the symbiotes are capable of freely traveling between hosts and can communicate in some way telepathically with whatever hosts they are in at the time. So, he believes it may be possible for 'some' of the symbiotes to temporarily transfer into him, read his memories of the events/landing craft, communicate any useful information they might possess, than return back into their original host, Khepa, once that task is completed.

Khepa calms herself and tries to communicate to her 'companions' what Stalwart wishes to achieve. After some time has passed without result, she tells Stalwart that she has failed to get her 'companions' to respond to his request.

Stalwart thanks her for trying and excuses himself saying he would return if he came up with some other way to pass the information to her symbiotes.

Record Last Changed Date: 10/16/2011

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