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Post-Session: 54

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 54.

Story - Prime Revelations

Game Date: 12/12/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Contego, Indigo, Stalwart, Taurex, Prime (III)

Prime sends out a meeting invite and gets responses from Amethyst, Contego, Stalwart and Indigo saying that they will attend.


At the appointed time once all of the Wardens who responded and Taurex are present, Prime starts the meeting.

"I am sure all of you are wondering why I called you here today," states the orange furred one. "I want you to help me conquer this world."

Prime pauses for effect and then says, "Nah, just joking... although now that I think about it, it probably isn't that funny with the Eon thing and all... sorry."

Prime thinks for a minute and then says all kidding aside that this is not his home dimension.

He says that he was Johan Doyle and was changed into Prime by a failure of Professor Herbert's 'evolution device' like the first Prime of this world. Unlike Prime I, he was not a student of cosmic energy physics before the accident. He had studied Biology, Chemistry and Genetics.

After the accident, he had been rescued from the future by the Wardens just like Prime I.

He became a member of the group and began studying with his world's Dr. Alphonso Spheris, a professor of Physics and Cosmic Energy Studies at UC-Berkeley. Instead of inventing outlandish devices like Prime I, he worked on trying to find a way to reverse the process that had made him Prime or at least find a way to switch back and forth between his Prime form and Johan Doyle. He learned the basics of Physics and a little about Cosmic Energy Physics from Dr. Spheris.

Around the time that Prime I was doing experiments to open a dimensional pinhole as a portal for communications, there were incidents on his world that caused him and Dr. Spheris to work with their world's Dr. Kensington to stabilize dimensional breaches that were threatening to tear their world apart. It was while working with Dr. Spheris and Dr. Kensington that he learned the little bit that he knows about Dimensional Physics.

Prime states at this point, he feels that a second Prime came to this dimension. Since his memories were scattered by the events of the Rogue Prime incident, Prime II did not realize that he was not in the right dimension. He says that he believes that this is the reason for the sudden 'change' in Prime I's behavior. The 'change' wasn't in Prime's behavior but in Prime as Prime I was no longer with the Wardens, Prime II was.

Prime says that the dimensional breaches in his dimension continued to be a threat for many months. He says his research here has found that those months correspond to the time that Prime II was present in this dimension. Once Prime II disappeared from this dimension, the dimensional breaches ceased.

Prime said then the weirdness started.

Starting in February of this year, Prime says he started having vivid dreams. Well at first, he thought they were dreams but then he came to realize that he was actually traveling to this dimension. Sometimes for just minutes, other times for longer periods.

On one of his trips, he says that he had lunch with a man that could have been Professor Herbert's twin. Another time, he found himself at an old warehouse on the waterfront fighting some small flying saucers with lasers and a robotic imitation of Prime. He says he had another encounter with the little flying saucers with lasers several months later near San Mateo State University. Then in October, he started to have encounters with a Yrician that he now knows was Rextor.

On Halloween was when everything changed.

Prime says that he had another of his trips to this dimension but this time it felt different, it felt permanent. He says he knew that he would not 'wake from this dream' and return home. He soon found himself being chased by Rextor and headed for the community center knowing that some of the Wardens would be there.

Prime says that once he had access to the Wardens base and computers, he started doing research on what had happened. He has concluded that the Johan Doyle that was staying with the Wardens was doing some kind of dimensional research when he was not with the Wardens. Whatever Johan Doyle was doing was the cause of my trips and the final experiment has caused the disappearance of Doyle and my 'permanent' shift to this dimension.

Prime says that he called the meeting to tell the Wardens his findings and put himself at their mercy. He asks for their help and resources, so that he may find a way home.

Stalwart ponders aloud, "So, if I understand this correctly, then at least three individuals from other dimensions have been able to successfully gain access to the Wardens base, you, Prime II and the evil alternate version of Eon."

Stalwart turns to Amethyst and continues, "Maybe we should implement a new security protocol to prevent that from happening again."

"Obviously, that will be tricky in that any alternate version of us could have access to most if not all of our memories and if the other dimension is similar enough, then perhaps even a randomly generated number would be identical," speculates Stalwart. "So, instead of having a random number pass code, I suggest we generate a number based on a formula which incorporates the outcomes of key historical events. That way, the only possibility of the same number being generated in another dimension would be if both our dimensions are so similar that the alternate Wardens' member wouldn't pose a threat."

Amethyst acknowledges Stalwart's concerns and asks him to speak with Security Chief Petrova about it.

Stalwart turns back to Prime III and responds, "Of course we'll help you, Prime. Particularly since we have no idea who this Prime II was working for and who might have gained control of his dimensional technology."

He pauses a moment then adds, "Wait... you encountered a robot version of yourself? Did it appear sentient?"

"Yes," responds Prime. "Either that or a very, very capable expert system, or maybe piloted by a sentient."

Stalwart hurriedly checks with Contego, "Um, Contego, do you know of anyone on this planet other than the Yricians who use combat robots?"

Before giving Contego a chance to respond, Stalwart continues, "Someone must have built it, right?"

"Unless... it too is from another dimension," concludes Stalwart.

"Could be," responds Prime. "Maybe it is something that you should investigate."

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