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Post-Session: 55

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 55.

Story - Christmas at Connor's

Game Date: 12/23/2007  -  12/25/2007

Who: Contego, Indigo, Taurex, Wythe Rowen

Indigo and Taurex research spend time researching Christmas and New Year's, since they have no idea what the holidays mean and what to do for or expect of them.

While they are studying, they receive a call from Contego. He invites them to Christmas dinner with him at his house. He says that he will be cooking a full Christmas dinner.

Indigo accepts the invitation and so does Taurex.

She asks, "I think you are supposed to bring something, may I bring something to the dinner?"

Contego says, "If you wish to, that would be fine."

Then she says, "Contego, I did not know you could cook. Where I am from women did all the cooking. "If you need help I can come early and help you prepare," volunteers Indigo. "I once cooked for our entire village." Thinking back about her village makes Indigo a little sad.

"Can we invite Master Wythe?" Indigo requests. "He has been so kind to me."

Contego replies, "I don't mind if Wythe comes. The more the merrier. Also if you wish to help with preparations I don't mind at all."

Indigo invites Wythe to join her at Contego's for Christmas dinner. He enthusiastically accept but his enthusiasm becomes more subdued when he finds out that Taurex will be there.

Record Last Changed Date: 10/20/2011

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