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Post-Session: 55

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 55.

Story - Attempted Kidnapping Investigation and the North Bay Academy

Game Date: 12/23/2007  -  1/6/2008

Who: Amethyst (II), Eon (Lazarus), Stalwart, Cobalt, Cang Hua, Sapphire, Star

Stalwart sends an email to all Active and Reserve Wardens.


Active and Reserve Wardens,

I would certainly appreciate help from anyone who wishes to volunteer to assist with this investigation.

If someone's talents would be particularly useful, I have noted a requested action.

The recent attempt to kidnap paranormal children from a local school raises concerns. The criminal organization involved possessed multiple suits of advance power armor. One individual displayed the ability to fly at well over 1000 mph. Another has the ability to teleport himself and at least two other individuals. This first attempt was foiled merely by fortunate timing. Given their high-speed movement/transport capability, the Wardens are unlikely to be able to react quickly enough to any future kidnapping attempts to prevent them without preventative action. Therefore, I had several suggestions.

A. One or more reserve Wardens could take on positions at the school.

B. A real-time continuous surveillance system could be installed at the school and neighboring buildings to provide an alert to any future attempts.

C. A modified bus, driven by a reserve Warden, could be used to provide safe transport for the paranormal children.

D. Long term, a well-defended school for paranormal children and teens could be established on Alcatraz.

E. I will be investigating the organization responsible for the attacks (still unidentified).

Suggested action by Contego: Contego could assist by providing a list of companies capable of manufacturing power armor with these capabilities.

Suggested action by Amethyst: Amethyst could assist by organizing a 'spotters' club, similar to the organization of volunteers who watched the skies for enemy planes during wartime prior to the development of effective radar. We could provide sets of 'playing cards' featuring images of flight-capable criminals believed to be in the area, to assist in identification and a website where the spotters could use their cell phones to immediately report in key information as well as submit snapshots of the spotted flying individual.




Media reports on the incident have no eyewitnesses that can identify any of the paranormal attackers or defenders involved excepting the Wardens. The student paranormals' identities are safe for the time being as no one publicly identified Satomi, Neji, Kelvin or Mortimer.

None of the attackers' descriptions and/or abilities has a profile in the FSS or Orion databases. Unless they are known paranormals in different uniforms, this is the first appearance for the attackers.


Eon responds to Stalwart's email and suggests the idea of opening a facility for paranormal youth education.

It could be constructed at either the Wardens base or the North Bay facility.

Simple logic suggests that if paranormal children are at risk of abduction then it is prudent to have tighter security in the immediate vicinity to react to these threats. At the very least, it would remove the civilian issue from the equation, as the school could be located in an area where civilian exposure to attack would be minimal.

If we decide to use Alcatraz due to its convenient location in relation to North Bay facility, we could construct a dual lane tunnel from the mainland to the base so ferry traffic could not be required, just a suggestion.

This would also allow the students ready access to the Wardens training facilities should they wish to learn to harness and control their abilities. This would not be a boarding school but simply the same as a regular school with tighter security for protection purposes.

That is my suggestion.

If we decide to move forward with this plan, I would also suggest setting up a temporary school in the Wardens compound as an immediate response to the threat.


Star responds to all regarding Eon's email by saying that she was planning to talk to the Wardens regarding setting up a school for paranormal children at the North Bay facility.

She says that she has been talking with the current residents at North Bay and Jaxton making preliminary arrangements before bringing the plan before the Wardens.

Leif and Astrid have educational backgrounds to provide the necessary credentials for state licensing and accreditation of the school. They will handle the English and Social Sciences instruction. Psyche has a background in education and library sciences and will have the responsibility for acquiring and managing the educational materials at the school. Volt has a science background in mathematics and the physical sciences, so he will provide instruction in those areas. There is no one for the biological sciences but she was going to talk with Drs. Miller and Sloan about rotating as instructors for those areas as well as bringing other members of the Wardens in from time to time to provide expert instruction in their specialties.

The location is isolated, which lessens the threat of civilian exposure to attacks. As for other security aspects, there will be six paranormals and an eleven member security force with paratech equipment.

The only real issue is that it will take a few months to put the plan into effect due to the bureaucratic issues with getting the school accredited and getting approval for the using the building as a boarding school as it is currently only a residence.

She says she realizes that the paperwork could probably be rushed with a little help from the FSS but she does not want to draw attention to the project by doing that.

She suggests that Stalwart's steps A and B be implemented to provide security for the children at Mission High School and the Prescott Academy until the North Bay School is ready to open.


Based on the recent kidnapping attempt at Mission High, Stalwart believes that an organized group has been observing the school and decides to investigate to prevent another attempt.

Stalwart checks the area for surveillance equipment targeting the school and finds that traffic cameras and security cameras are the only overt surveillance in the area. He makes a note to have them checked for possible physical or computer network tampering. He makes another note to have the area checked with radio detection gear to determine if there is any hidden surveillance equipment broadcasting data.

Stalwart also spends time talking with the school's neighbors to find out if they'd noticed anything suspicious. Outside of reports about Amber and Dot Dash being around the school at the start of the currently term, no one can provide any data on suspicious activities in the area. One resident, Eleanor Jackson-Harvey, even comments that Amber and Dot Dash's appearance is the reason Mission High was targeted. He asks Mrs. Jackson-Harvey why she feels that Amber and Dot Dash's appearance is the reason Mission High was targeted. She replies that nothing strange had happened at the high school before they came around and since the school has been attacked by aliens and someone tried to kidnap some of the students.

During his canvassing of the area, Stalwart also hands out cards with a contact number and asks people to alert him to any suspicious behavior noting that an organized group of kidnappers appeared to be targeting the local schoolchildren.

Stalwart shares everything he learns from his investigation with the Wardens and the FSS.


The FSS advises the team that the San Francisco School District does not wish to have any type of law enforcement or credentialed personnel present on any school property. As such, the agency recommends against anyone going undercover at Mission High School.

The FSS does however offer the resources of several surveillance personnel and their equipment to supplement any covert force from the Wardens, if you should choose to keep an eye on the school from off property.

Star offers the services of the North Bay reserves for surveillance teams. Cang Hua, Cobalt, Sapphire and Mr. Gray II also offer their services for surveillance teams.

Stalwart consults with Amethyst then follows up with the Wardens' contact with access to public utilities in the city and requests the setup of covert cameras and monitoring equipment to help keep an eye out for suspicious activities at Mission High School.


The surveillance system is put in place and watch schedules arranged prior to the kids return to school on January 7th.

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