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Post-Session: 55

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 55.

Story - Cassidy's Promotions

Game Date: 12/23/2007  -  1/26/2008

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Judah continues supervising Cassidy Anderson's probation including social outings and art therapy while also encouraging more and more independent activities.

Cassidy meets with Judah. She tells him that she is glad that he has returned home and that she wants to discuss the offer of being his personal manager with him. Cassidy asks if when acting as his personal manager for your paintings if she will get a commission on the sales she brokers.

Judah tells her that he will provide a commission of 2.5% for each sale she arranges and given the amounts paid for some of the pieces that should come out to a very nice sum. Judah explains that several pieces have sold for $100,000.

Cassidy agrees to the commission amount.

Judah provides details on the rules in place for her managing his accounts. For a probationary period, she will need his written approval for all transactions. Once the probationary period is over, probably six months, she will be able to sign off on any transaction under $10,000 and anything over that amount requires his approval.

Cassidy says that she understands the rules and does not have any issues with them.

Cassidy asks for permission to move in with her mother and provides the details on the location. She explains that she feels that she is still in prison living at the Wardens' base.

Eon supports Cassidy in her move and lets her know that he is very impressed with the progress that she is making.

Cassidy moves in with her mother after the first of the year.

Once again, Judah is impressed by Cassidy's work ethic and organizational abilities. He starts to consider other things that she could manage for him.

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