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Post-Session: 55

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 55.

Story - Khepa Makes Another Request

Game Date: 12/23/2007

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

One day before a testing session, Khepa asks Judah if she can speak with him alone.

When Judah looks at S. Alon, the doctor excuses himself and leaves the room.

"Do you remember the girl who escorted you to my residence in Japan," Khepa asks Judah.

Judah acknowledges that he remembers the girl.

"That was my daughter, Amura," says Khepa watching his reaction as the meaning of her words sink in for she knew that he believed as all others of their kind did that they could not produce offspring.

Judah shook his head in disbelief.

"I did not think it possible, either," she continues. "I think it happened because I had not 'died' for several hundred years before her birth. Maybe too much life energy had built up within me and it needed an outlet."

Khepa could see a bit on belief starting to show through on Judah's face as he thought about what she had said.

"She is not like us," states Khepa. "She is fragile and needs protecting. That is why I have summoned her here to San Francisco."

She sees that Judah is about to offer the Wardens help and interrupts him.

"I do not think she would like staying here, as I can barely stand it myself," she says without emotion. "I need your help finding a place for her and after I am myself again, it will be my place as well."

Judah stares quietly at Khepa for a moment walking the room. After a couple of minutes pass, he turns and looks to Khepa.

"Well if her safety is in doubt I need to know, otherwise I would gladly offer our place. I would need to check it out with Rebecca first but I see no reason she would object."

"I would not want to put you out," replied Khepa. "Newlyweds need their space."

"Now if she is in danger well, we need to put her safety first," states Judah. "Do you believe she would be agreeable to staying at the North Bay facility? It is remote, in the country and most of our younger members train there. I guess I need more information on the situation."

"She is not in any immediate danger," responds Khepa. "Maybe I am being a bit overprotective because she does not have our enhanced healing abilities, although she does seem to have our longevity. Even though she looks like a teenager, she is a little over 700 years old."

Judah pauses for few seconds, "Khepa, not to seem... indelicate, but I need to ask. Does Amura have a father? You left that part out, I mean I know where babies come from but in our case?"

Judah tries to hide his excitement as he secretly relishes the possibility of actually leaving an heir.

Khepa chuckles before responding, "She may be a miracle baby, but not that big of a miracle. Her father was an artisan in the court of Kublai Khan."

Her mood becomes a bit more somber as she comments, "He did not get to know her. I had to flee the court when a minor khan that had a thing for me found out that I was pregnant."

Khepa then brightened up before saying, "But enough about ancient history. Tell me more about this North Bay facility."

Judah asks Melinda to provide information on the North Bay facility to Khepa when she returns to her apartment after the tests.

"When you feel up to it, I will take you on a tour of the facility," says Judah. "But resolving your host state is our first priority."

"Thanks again for your hospitality and help," says Khepa. "We can talk more about North Bay once I have had a chance to look it over."


That night Judah tells Rebecca about the day's events over dinner and a nice bottle of wine. He tries to gauge her reaction over the news they could possibly someday have a child.

Rebecca looks at Judah and tells him that the reason she has never talked with him about children is not because of him but her. She says that she was in an accident when she was a teen that caused massive damage to her lower abdominal area including her uterus. She is not physically able to have children. It is one of the reasons that she chose medicine as her career because if she could not give birth to a life at least she could save lives.

As for the idea of hosting Amura for a while, Rebecca says that it would be fine with her. She says once again that she has come to think of Judah's companions like Khepa as his family and family is always welcome.


Khepa says after looking over the information on North Bay that it would be perfect for her and Amura. It was remote enough that they were away from it all but close enough for quick trips into the city.

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