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Post-Session: 55

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 55.

Story - Evil Portraits?

Game Date: 1/7/2008  -  1/11/2008

Who: Amethyst (II), Contego, Eon (Lazarus), Indigo, Stalwart

When he returns from Vermont, Judah spends some of his spare time painting portraits of the Warlords, the alternate dimension version of the Wardens.

After finishing the portraits, Judah asks Melinda to scan them and save the scans in the Wardens database. He also asks Melinda to make replicas and send them to the authorities.

Judah then offers the originals to the Wardens.

If a member declines, he says that he recognizes it might make someone uncomfortable having a portrait of their evil alternate and asks for suggestions on where they think it would be appropriate to display the painting.


The names of the evil 'alternates' are listed below.

Wardens - Warlords
Eon - Lord Neo
Amethyst - Violent Violet
Stalwart - Stalker
Indigo - Spirit Stealer
Contego - Dr. Mind Ender


Amethyst, Contego and Stalwart go to Judah's studio.

Contego accepts his alter ego's portrait and says, "I will hang it in my apartment here as motivation to continue getting better."

After looking at Violent Violet's portrait, Amethyst tells Judah, "Please have mine put the trash," then says, "No sorry, I guess you can put it in the closet of my apartment here at the base."

While Amethyst speaks with Judah, Stalwart examines the paintings carefully.

"Um... Eon, did you consult with Indigo prior to painting these?" he asks. "Its just, well, you know, there are more than a few folktales involving evil paintings coming to life and such, and we really don't want mystical evil versions of ourselves being used to distract us while villainy is afoot and isn't Indigo's arch-nemesis supposed to be some extremely powerful sorceror demon king?"

"I am sorry if the images I created were uncomfortable for you," Judah apologizes. "In my experience, it is important to record such imagery for posterity."

"Don't think of these as portraits of who you are, but what might have been," states Judah. "Think of it as a reminder of why we must be ever vigilant against evil, from others as well as from within."

"Eon, I don't mean to offend your artistic sensibilities," says Stalwart with a tone of warning. "But it might be wise for Indigo to look over all the paintings and take any precautions necessary to ensure they could not be turned into weapons against by the black magics of her arch-nemesis."

"Speaking of which, maybe we should actually ask Indigo what her enemy's dark magics are capable of," comments Stalwart.

"For instance, if a town erects a statue of us, could it be animated and turned against the populace?"

"Could her nemesis be magically scrying on us as we speak?"

"Could a demon possess the young paranormals we've been training?"

"Also, what's with the whole magic and technology thing being incompatible?" continues Stalwart. "Her abilities don't seem to be effected by Contego's presence or vice versa..."

Indigo enters Judah's studio while Stalwart is questioning the possibility of the paintings being used against them and the nature of her nemesis.

She speaks to the questions about her nemesis first.

"I have seen no sign of the Dark One since my arrival on this world, and have been checking with the mystics I know here for any signs of dark workings that could be from him."

"As for his abilities," she continues, "I cannot say if he could animate a painting or statue, but he did have creatures of the elements amongst his followers. He could probably mystically spy on us, if the wards of the base did not protect against such intrusions, and yes, the Dark One could corrupt the young ones we are training to serve his evil purposes."

"That is why I have sought out my brother, one who was corrupted by the Dark One, as well keeping on guard for signs of the Dark One since my arrival here."

"I will not allow them to do here as they did to my home," she states solemnly.

Indigo then turns to Judah.

"Eon, May I have the paintings please?" she asks. "I will ask Master Wythe to come here and we can both examine them."

Stalwart happily turns his painting over to Indigo for magical analysis.

Judah releases the other portraits to her on the condition that if nothing is mystically wrong with them that she return them. Indigo consents to Eon's request.

Indigo asks Amethyst and Stalwart's assistance in getting the paintings to the mystic wing.


After Stalwart helps get the paintings to Indigo's quarters, something occurs to him and he contacts Eon with a warning.

"Um... Eon, not to frighten you or anything," states Stalwart calmly. "But do keep in mind that the evil version of you was alone in your quarters for some time."

"Considering your age, it's possible that he acquired any number of skills during his life, from poisoning to magic to mechanical trap making to computer virus programming," comments the former police detective. "As such, you may wish to have your quarters thoroughly checked as he could have done literally anything during that time on the off chance you returned."

"Cursed or poisoned paints the least of the possibilities..."

Judah listens to Stalwart's warning and thanks him for his concern then silently chastises himself for being so careless. Stalwart was right and lord knows if Sir William found out about this, Judah knew he would never hear the end of it.

Judah sends a request to the security team to have a thorough scan of his studio done and then requests Indigo to use her magic sensing abilities to see if any dormant magics are about.


The security team's check of Judah's studio finds two listening devices and a booby-trapped canvas in the storage rack. Neither of the listening devices is active and is only detected due to their unusual power signature. The device on the booby-trapped canvas turns out to be a small incendiary explosive that could have probably triggered secondary explosions and a major fire due to the oil-based paints and solvents present in the studio.


Wythe and Indigo check both the paintings and Judah's studio and find no threats of a mystic nature.

Record Last Changed Date: 10/20/2011

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