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Post-Session: 55

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 55.

Story - Another Date with Taurex

Game Date: 1/12/2008

Who: Indigo

Indigo and Taurex had been dating about a month and everything seemed to be moving forward.


Taurex is getting ready for another night out with Indigo when he gets the bright idea that he wants to give her a kiss. He starts to plan how he is going to make his idea a reality for he desperately wants to kiss her beautiful lips.

Taurex goes to Indigo's apartment and picks her up for their date.

"You look good and smell good too," he says complimenting his date.

"Thanks Taurex," replies Indigo.

They go out and have a nice dinner with Taurex handling himself quite well. He even picks the meat from the lobster shell before eating it and only eats a couple of pieces of the shell before their server clears away their plates.

After dinner, they go to a movie and for the first time, Indigo notices that people are staring at her and Taurex. She starts to feel self-conscious about being out with the little dragon.

When the evening comes to an end, Taurex takes Indigo home to her apartment at the Wardens' base.

At her door she says, "Goodnight, I had a nice time. See you tomorrow at training."

Taurex thinks to himself it is time to make his move and leans toward Indigo. His tongue comes out seeking her lips and he makes a hissing sound.

"What are you doing Taurex?" yells Indigo as she looks at him strangely.

"I want to kiss you," says the desperate little dragon. "You are so beautiful."

"Well what you just did is not very nice," chastises Indigo. "Where I come from you ask a lady for permission to kiss her instead of wagging your tongue at her."

Taurex steps back stunned as if she had slapped him.

"You need to read up on how to kiss a lady," continues Indigo, "because that was not very attractive to me."

Taurex continues to wonder where his plan had failed as Indigo continues to yell at him.

"Taurex and I think we should stop dating and cut back our training session to once a week," states Indigo with her voice still raised. "I am going to ask Master Wythe if we can train with him from now on."

"Goodnight," says Indigo before slamming the door in Taurex's face.

Taurex just stands there for a moment before walking towards one of the base's entrances. Once outside the headquarters, he starts running. It starts raining then thundering and lighting but Taurex keeps running. He finally comes to a stop, looking out at the ocean from the tourist launch dock.

Taurex throws up his head back and lets out a loud bellow. It is a mixture between a cry and a yell. He stands in the pouring rain and continues to bellow and bellow.

It is so loud that the security patrol hears him. They call in and report to the duty officer about the crazy Yrician bellowing on the docks. When making their next series of rounds, the security patrol reports that Taurex is still on the dock bellowing. The duty officer not knowing what to do notifies Security Chief Petrova and she decides to investigate.

Went she gets to the tourist launch dock, she finds Taurex there still bellowing. She tries to talk to Taurex but he does not acknowledge her. His bellowing is so loud that Security Chief Petrova activates the noise dampers in her helmet to preserve her hearing. She tries once again to talk to Taurex but he does not respond.

Security Chief Petrova steps away from the dock and calls Amethyst. The security chief explains that Taurex is down at the tourist launch dock and is making weird yowling noises and disrupting the security patrols. Petrova also states that she is unable to get him under control.

Amethyst agrees to come down to the dock and check on Taurex.

Amethyst arrives is able to get Taurex under control. She takes him back to his apartment at the base.


After seeing Taurex to his apartment, Amethyst visits Indigo.

She tells Indigo about the security chief calling her about Taurex being at the dock raising such a ruckus with his yelling and screaming that he was disrupting the security patrols. Amethyst explains that she went down to the dock, calmed Taurex down and took him back to his apartment.

"I don't know what happened and really don't want to know if it was something personal between you and him, which I have a feeling it is," says Amethyst. "I just wanted you to know what was happening."

Amethyst says goodnight and leaves.

Marsa thinks about what Amethyst had told her about Taurex.

'What have I done to Taurex?' she thinks. 'I should not have been so cruel and uncaring towards him. He just took me by surprise and I reacted without thinking it through.'

'He looks up to me and I am his mentor, the only person he has left on this planet that he is close too.'

Marsa feels very upset about what she did. She quickly changes and runs out the door headed to Taurex's apartment. She knows that she has to talk to him and correct the situation.


Marsa goes to Taurex's apartment and knocks on the door but there is no answer.

She keeps knocking and yells, "Taurex, Taurex," but there is still no answer.

She yells at the computer spirit Susan to open the door. The door opens and she runs into the apartment. Marsa searches and calls for Taurex but there is no sign of him anywhere in the water.

Marsa goes into Taurex's office and finds a note.

It is written in a mixture of Yrician and English. She starts reading it but the going is difficult because she only knew a few words of Yrician that Taurex had taught her. It takes her about ten minutes to puzzle through the note only to learn that Taurex wants to end his life.

Marsa thinks, "Oh no, this is my fault" before wondering where would he go to try to do this. "Outside, it had to be outside," she thought because he was not in his apartment. With that, she rushed for the nearest entrance, thinking about the irony of a Yrician killing himself by drowning.

Once outside, Marsa performed her 'spirit sight' working to see if there were any signs of him around.

The rainstorm soaked her and her clothes and hair clung to her, but she did not seem to notice as she searched for her friend.

As she scanned in all directions peering through the rain, Marsa notices a mystic glow at the top of the lighthouse. Looking up she could see strange lightning flashing around the roof of the tower. She quickly releases the energies needed to power her 'wings of the spirits' working and flies up to the roof. She just hopes it is not too late.

Perched precariously on the roof, she sees Taurex. He is waving his arms and wings trying various mystic workings but they seem to be all mixed up. Marsa remembers that when Taurex is distracted or upset his workings tend to do strange things. It is obvious that Taurex has still not mastered even some of the most basic workings.

Marsa hovers near the lighthouse roof trying to get her apprentice's attention. However, Taurex does not seem to notice her. He continues to wave his hands and wings while alternately speaking and yelling in a tongue that Marsa did not recognize. There is lightning and fire all around Taurex as the rain continues to fall.

Marsa summons forth her 'spirit shield' to protect herself from the out of control Taurex and continues trying to get his attention.

When he does not respond, she hovers closer to him and yells, "Stop this Taurex, please."

There is no answer from him.

"I command you to stop this now," orders Marsa, the master chastising the apprentice.

Taurex does not answer but he looks at Marsa. She sees that his eyes are red and thinks she sees tears rolling down his face but is unsure due to the rain. Taurex continues to wave his hands and wings in the air then turns his face back toward the sky, yelling and chanting in the strange language.

Marsa does not know what to do to stop him, then it hits her, an idea she is sure will work.

She hovers very closely in front of Taurex, grabs his face with both of her hands and calmly says, "Please stop this."

Taurex ignores her and keeps waving his arms and wings while chanting.

Marsa pulls his head to her face and gives him a very passionate kiss. Time seems to stand still as they kiss. Lighting flashes above their heads, the wind blows through Marsa's hair and fires flare all around them. Taurex eyes return to normal and his arms and wings come down to embrace Marsa. Then it starts to snow as they linger in the kiss.

It all seems very magical.

When the kiss ends, Marsa and Taurex stare into each other's eyes with their foreheads together.

Marsa says, "Let's go to your apartment and talk."

Taurex continues to hold Marsa in his arms and wings, while she gentle lowers then to the ground. Once down, they head for the base hand in hand.

At Taurex's apartment, Marsa asks, "Are you alright now?"

"Yes," replies Taurex, "I love you."

Marsa smiles and says, "Let's talk about this more tomorrow then we will spend the day together, okay?"

Taurex just smiles and says "Okay, one more kiss please."

They kiss again and say goodnight.

Marsa goes to her apartment, puts on her nightclothes and gets into bed all the while thinking of nothing but that kiss.

"Wow," she thinks. "It was very magical."


Back in his apartment, Taurex thinks about the kiss.

Things had not gone as per his plans, but he would take it for what it was, he had gotten the kiss that he had so strongly desired.

He looks down at his desk and sees the note. He picks it up, balls in up and then throws it in the trash can. Thinking that his actions on the lighthouse had been shear folly, he picks up the large leather-bound tome, closes it and then places it back in the chest under his desk.

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