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Post-Session: 55

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 55.

Story - Connor is Followed

Game Date: 1/19/2008  -  1/26/2008

Who: Contego, Stalwart

As Connor watched the movers work, he looked around the street. He noticed a car with a man in it that he had seen near his home every day since the end of October. He parked in a different spot every day and just sat in his car, which had first tipped Connor off to the reoccurrence.

After the movers had gone, he went back inside his house to check his email before heading back to Alcatraz. In his inbox was a message from his father.



I donít think that I need to bring to your attention that there is a new advocate paranormal using pulse field technology. I donít know how he got the technology, but I know that you hold the rights to much of the equipment he uses. I hope that you are securing your files properly. I will be in touch as I am following potential suspects.

I hope that it is not you out gallivanting around in that armor.

As I raised you, I do not think that you are this Contego, but if you are, my lawyers are looking at the possible legal ramifications, as you are not explicitly listed as an employee.

James Smith


Connor froze.

He leaned back and sighed. What was he to do? The car outside was probably working for his fatherís company.

Connor thought about hiring some investigators, but they might ask questions.

He could ask Amethyst to make a public announcement that he had been hired to work with the Wardens' science team privately, but that would tip his dad off. It would be too soon and look too retaliatory.

The first thing to do would be to check out the car outside. He looked outside. The car was still there so he wrote down the plates. He then went back to his computer and "logged on" to Marteau-Smith Technologiesí network. He searched around and found the car registered in their employee vehicle records. The person who had checked it out every day since the beginning of November was a company investigator named John Fairweather.

Connor remembered him.

He was much like an old Noir detective from the movies and not very discrete in how he conducted himself.

Connor went out the back door and circled around behind the car then got in.

"Johnny Fairweather, nice to see you again," said Connor.

Johnny jumped.

"Man you got a nice parking spot today," commented Connor. "You have had some pretty awful ones but this has a nice view of my apartment."

Johnny started to say something but Connor silenced him.

"See Johnny, I know that you have been following me and I donít like that."

"So, here is what youíre going to do. Tell my father I donít want him following me and if he keeps this up, Iíll make sure that it doesnít pay off."

With that, Connor got out of the car and went back to his apartment.

Connor went to his computer and composed an email.



I was wondering if you could investigate something for me.

My father has been keeping tabs on me and I need to respond in kind.

I would like to hire you to investigate Marteau-Smith Technologies to see if there is anything, we can find to get them to stop following me.

If you donít have the spare time, could you recommend someone for me?




Connor then sent an email to Amethyst.



I was wondering if you, as Karalyn, could publicly request that Connor join the Wardens' science team. I have run in to some complications with my father and this would be the easiest way to slow down his finding out about Contego. I am setting a plan in motion to hide my trail as Contego completely.

I would really appreciate this.




Connor then puts on his armor and heads off to Alcatraz.


Stalwart catches up with Contego at the base.

"Contego, you must know that I don't approve of blackmail," says Stalwart. "If you feel your father or his company has committed a crime of some sort, I would be happy to look into the matter. However, if I do uncover criminal wrongdoing, I would be morally compelled to report it to the lawful authorities."

"Stalwart I am sorry if you misunderstood me," responds Contego. "I think that I may have been unclear. I just need to find out what the company knows about me. I have no intent to blackmail."

"Well then, I can provide you with the phone numbers for a number of investigators," offer Stalwart.

"John Kilpatrick Sullivan the II is an Irish private eye with an impeccable reputation for integrity, honesty, and thoroughness. As long as you pay his bill, he'll keep plugging away at a case, no matter how seemingly hopeless."

"Steve 'Wonderboy' Wilkinson is one of them gadget-loving sleuths. Trouble with him, is he never really mastered the more old-fashioned legwork of the profession. I've also heard that he'd been known to 'enhance' photos and recordings at a client's request from time to time, though that's only a rumor."

"Dan 'Dirtbag' Derrick is one of the sleaziest detectives I've ever met who has despite the odds, managed to avoid losing his license. I've no doubt he'll do his best to cheat you out of as much money as he thinks he can get away with, but he'll also do pretty much anything if you offer him enough cash."

Stalwart concludes, "Anyways, one of those fellows should be able to handle whatever you have in mind"

"Thank you for the suggestions and I am thinking of contacting Sullivan," says Contego. "Could you provide me a contact number?"

"Sullivan can be reached at 415-555-5152," responds Stalwart.


Connor calls Sullivan and asks him to find out what Marteau-Smith knows about Contego.

Sullivan very politely declines the job.

He says, "I don't take cases that involve paranormals. I found it is safer that way." He then goes on to suggest that Connor speak with Stalwart, "He has two things going for him, first he was a police detective and second he is a paranormal."


Several days later...

Alberto Ruiz, the Wardens Media Relations Specialist, sends out a press release with information about a special advisory panel that the Wardens have setup.

The release states that the special advisory panel was established to review all aspects of the recent alien incursion and to advise the Wardens on the handling of possible future incursions.

The release names the initial members of the panel as Dr. Rebecca Miller-Ambrose, Dr. S. Alon Sloan, Dr. Miranda Saveda, Dr. Andrew Kensington, Dr. Connor Smith, Dr. S. Nola Sloan, Dr. Alphonso Spheris and Dr. Pankaj Shindar.


Stalwart goes ahead and performs an investigation into James Smith and Marteau-Smith Technologies. After all, Contego is a member of the Wardens and it would be inconvenient if his father sent folks to snoop around where they shouldn't belong. He will put together dossiers on any of James's employees who appear to have been assigned to look into the matter, and provide copies to the other Wardens.

Contego thanks Stalwart and offers to pay him for his work. He will then look over the documents and compile a file of information that he knows about the people on the list.

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