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Post-Session: 55

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 55.

Story - Khepa's Xenexis

Game Date: 1/20/2008

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Eon works with Dr. S. Alon Sloan and Khepa trying to figure out how to transfer the Xenexis from Khepa to him.

Based on the results that Contego and S. Alon compiled working with Khepa while Eon was away, there are no measurable difference in the Xenexis energy readings from previous examinations of Eon and their examinations of Khepa. Further research doing side-by-side comparisons with both Judah and Khepa, in human form, with the sensors directly in contact with the Xenexis crystals provides no new data as to differences between the Xenexis' energy signatures.

Frustrated by the lack of explanation for why the ancient one retreated so quickly from contact with Khepa's crystal, Eon sits and changes his focus inward, searching for the ancient one.

It takes several hours of imploring the ancient one to respond, but finally Eon hears the ancient one's 'voice.'

"I am here..."

"I need your guidance ancient one," thinks Eon. "You lead me to the others, please tell me about them."

Eon senses hesitation from the ancient one.

"The host for the others does not wish to be a host," Eon directs at the ancient. "She wishes me to bring them into me, do you wish to be reunited?"

Eon senses puzzlement from the ancient one then 'hears' the ancient one's 'voice' once again.

"We were never one with them... they are different... not Xenexis... they are Xedexis..."

Eon is very disconcerted to hear this new information, are they a divergent branch of the species?

"Are they the same race as you?" Eon asks the ancient one. "Can you explain? Is it like humans who look different but are the same race?"

He then projects images of various human races into his mind hoping the ancient one will understand.

"No... that is not Xedexis and Xenexis... they do not agree..."

"They do not agree...," comes the chorus of the Xenexis drowning out the ancient one.

Then it dawns on Eon, the Xenexis always seemed to agree when he spoke with them. Even when they were not in agreement, they did not argue, they just provided different points of view. Khepa said that her 'friends', the Xedexis, were always arguing and never being quiet.

Eon finally understands and then feels sympathy for Khepa. The experience would drive anyone else mad.

Done with his conversation with the ancient one, Judah takes what he has learned and speaks with S. Alon and Rebecca about it.

The question arises that if Khepa does not want the symbiotes then who can take them. Since S. Alon's research has found that only paranormals like Khepa, Judah and Saldar seem to be able to act as hosts for these beings, will they need to find someone like one of the immortals?

Moreover, how do they get the Xedexis to move to a new host?

Eon requests S. Alon monitor him as he meditates. Eon says that he is going to attempt some deep memory retrieval to find if he can remember any others like him. Several hours of meditation leave Eon still searching for answers, as he cannot recall any more of the others like him.

Record Last Changed Date: 10/20/2011

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