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Post-Session: 55

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 55.

Story - Investigations - Mini-UFOs

Game Date: 1/25/2008  -  1/26/2008

Who: Contego, Stalwart, Meka-Karex

Stalwart sends an email to all Active and Reserve Wardens.



I would certainly appreciate help from anyone who wishes to volunteer to assist with this investigation.

If someone's talents would be particularly useful, I have noted a requested action.

Someone has been manufacturing miniature flying saucer-like attack drones that have been attacking Prime, even in public areas with laser-like weaponry. Prime has also encountered a sentient robot version of himself, a possible source for these UFOs.

Suggested Action by Contego: Put together a portal jamming device or EMP device for Prime to allow him to gather a sample UFO for future study. Provide Prime with sensor equipment that will allow him to determine if the UFOs presence are accompanied by any distinctive form of traceable energy.


Contego says he will work on a portable EMP generator.


Stalwart will also be requesting Meka-Karex's assistance in analyzing the data available on Robot-Prime and the mini-UFOs, based on the theory it may take a robot to catch a robot.

Meka says that his duties at the Yrician Cultural Trust facility will not allow him to do field work, but he would be happy to review any data collected and offer his analysis.


Stalwart asks Contego to help the security staff set up a system to monitor for 'non-standard' radio frequencies which Robot Prime might be using to control the mini-UFOs or transmit data from hidden sensors.

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