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Post-Session: 6

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 6.

Story - Learning a New Battlefield

Game Date: 7/3/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

Sir William sat in Notre Dame des Victoires thinking about the recent attack on Fredrich von Neubayern. He'd been trained to guard important personages. It was just that he'd always been riding beside his Uncle Geoffrey when he did. And he was still trying to get used to the fact that alleys were so prevalent. He was rethinking his traditional way of fighting. These alleyways were too narrow for effective horsemanship. He remembered being told that cities were bad places for mounted knights. He winced as he thought of the ubiquity of cities in the modern world. However, he'd done some research, what the local friars would've done to get that many books!, in the local library. He was adjusting his style to fight in narrow alleys. I can still learn easily, he thought smugly. However, the fight bothered him.

The sniper and his, her?, cohorts showed themselves again. Fighting women still felt wrong to him. Let that not trouble you overmuch, he thought to himself. Some women acquit themselves well, and can hurt you. He thought of how proud of Amethyst Sir Robert would be. The thought enraged him. Sir William put aside the conflicting emotions the near certainty of Amethyst defending him would be. I'll confuse you, dearest Father, he thought. I'll just leave you alone with Kitsune for a day. He quickly rethought that as he remembered what Sir Robert did to foxes and how much he enjoyed that. Focus, Sir William told himself.

The flying mentalists had made their appearance to apparently kidnap Fredrich von Neubayern. They reminded him of the kidnappings for ransom that occurred so often in Italy. Make the power of the Pope less than absolute and see what happens, thought William. A shadow crossed his face as he remembered how split Italy was back in his day. He found himself thinking fondly of the Normans who went down to take the Two Sicilies in his day. Too bad that didn't last, he thought. He resolved to further question the captured flying mentalist. In addition to learning about what exactly the flying mentalists were after, he hoped he'd get more information about the sniper. Not being able to get close to him, her?, frustrated William. They're even more annoying than archers, he thought, particularly when they're working against you. But the Black Footmen were more troublesome. He'd never put much credence in the rumors of assassins who were given a poison that would kill them after they'd done their job. He'd have to do some research on that, too. The grimace on his face at the prospect of more homework would have made any schoolboy proud. It was enough to make the woman passing his pew at the time asking if the kneelers were that uncomfortable. He replied that considering his sins were that painful. She walked on and left William to his thoughts.

William said three Hail Marys for the woman's benefit and welfare. Kindness was worthy of heartfelt prayer. Hopefully, heartfelt prayer would provide him with the inspiration to solve the current conundrum. Someone needed to figure out something. The fact that the Black Footmen appeared so readily and so ready made William think that someone was more prepared for von Neubayern's appearance than the flying mentalists were, and William thought the mentalists had been very prepared. He knelt for several more minutes, hoping his inspiration would come to him.

Finally, William's knees could stand no more. He rose, crossed himself, and then left the church. He turned to walk to Bridie's apartment. He almost caught the bus, but reconsidered as he thought to take more time by walking to Bridie's. He had to refocus on what to talk about with Bridie. He didn't want to be known as someone who brought his work home with him. Not that talking with Bridie would be any easier. He really couldn't see what she saw in the OC.

Record Last Changed Date: 2/26/2006

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