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In The Crossfire - Stories

Post-Session: 6

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 6.

Story - Enter The Watchers

Game Date: 7/6/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William and Bridie were walking home from their second date. They had spent the evening walking around Fisherman's Wharf. Then they'd eaten at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place and they'd loved it. Bridie had ordered a vegetarian burrito, and had actually finished it. She really hadn't wanted a vegetarian burrito, she had wanted a beef burrito instead, but losing bets to Helena had their consequences. William had the El Plato Grande with a beef and bean burrito, a crunchy taco, a soft taco, an enchilada, a tostada, a quesadilla, and nachos. He'd eaten it all and was still looking for more.

Bridie was beginning to notice that William was always looking for apples, which was where they were going now. They arrived at the neighborhood grocery store, which was closed. Nonetheless, the grocer was waiting for William with a big smile and a bagful of apples. Bridie shook her head. Mr. Pirazzi always seemed to know just what his customers wanted, and William had joined the list. Mr. Pirazzi saw her and waved before going back into the store. Bridie turned to go because she knew what was coming. Mr. Pirazzi emerged almost immediately and gave something to William with a big smile. William smiled back before shaking hands and waving goodbye to one Alejandro Pirazzi.

The smile on William's face was like the sun coming through a dark, overcast day.

Bridie then realized it was the first time she had seen William smile. She started to think she could love him at that moment. It was a wonderful moment.

Just that quick, it was gone.

Bridie never saw William turn around, but somehow she knew he was looking behind him. He almost turned around, but held himself, then walked toward Bridie. He pressed something into her hand and told her, "I want you to stand under the street light and don't move from there. I'll be right back."

Bridie felt dread wash all over her as William walked into the alley. Bridie felt a sudden sympathy for police wives, because she was seeing all the bad things that could happen to him. She suddenly looked down at what she was holding.

It was a cheesecake with a note on it. Keep him, he's a good boy, wrote Mr. Pirazzi. Love, William, wrote William.

Bridie fervently wished William would come out of that alley.

When he did, she wished she had never seen the look on his face. It was William, but it wasn't William. The shy, well dressed aloof William was replaced by a cold, vicious looking William. She decided not to press the issue. Gradually the shy, aloof William came back. But Bridie couldn't shake the image of the cold, vicious William from her soul.

The warm kiss wasn't enough to erase the emotional stain.

Bridie acknowledged she might be falling in love with a killer.

Record Last Changed Date: 2/26/2006

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