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The Future Visited? - Stories

Post-Session: 7

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 7.

Story - The Inherent Evil of Certain Types of Travel

Game Date: 7/14/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William sat in his apartment after returning from... wherever it was. He was irritated. He was irritated at the fact that he started the day at San Mateo State University and wound up in the backup generator room of the FSS. He was irritated at the fact that Shockwave kept saying that they weren't in Kansas anymore when they were clearly not in Kansas to start with. William silently resolved not to go to Kansas anytime soon. Any place that caused such geographical confusion was surely to be utterly avoided. He subconsciously thought that Dorothy, whoever in God's name Dorothy was, had done grievous wrong to Toto, was Toto a dog? a cat? a trained monkey? a security blanket?, by bringing him/her/it back to Kansas. He was irritated at the black monkey creature who threw fireballs, screamed then disappeared. He was irritated at the fact that Amethyst didn't acknowledge the fine war steed, even though she'd plucked him from it's back on two separate occasions in California, well not California, but surely not Kansas. He smiled at the thought of the fate of the orange creature, Johan. This is surely the one thing that shall turn out right, thought William. The beating his master will give him upon returning from the Amazon would be legendary. Now, if only I can convince Boost to hold him down for the beating as he properly should, thought William.

William was also having trouble with evolution. Being thought to have descended from apes was bad enough. To evolve into something resembling apes in the future was well nigh intolerable. William thought the whole ape idea was preposterous, especially when Sara was proving every day that people tended toward fox forms. And he obviously didn't know as much as he thought he did about his master's device as he turned it into... how do they say... slag, and couldn't get everyone back to where they rightfully belonged. This thought brought William to a more uncomfortable place. He was having great difficulty with the whole interdimensional idea. Time was time. It moved forward and not back. It moved at a set rate, no quicker, no slower, as God Almighty had intended. Then William became very upset at the fact that he was a very, very obvious flaw in this worldview. He didn't belong in 2004. He belonged in 1097 with his irritating, humiliating, non-trusting, non-defending family. He relived his last argument with his father in a state of pale anger. You're wrong, father. You're wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, terribly wrong. He visualized the combat that would have surely followed had he defied Sir Robert in such an agitated state, for Sir Robert would have been the picture of agitation as well. He didn't even think of the agitation he would have caused the other members of his family. He barely thought of the difficult position such a fight would have put his Uncle Geoffrey in. He missed his Uncle Geoffrey. He realized he couldn't leave his apartment in the state he was in. He would probably terrify Helena, Christina, and everybody else. Armored Hick From the Cajun State Loses Mind came unbidden to his mind. Wonderful, thought William. To make my ruin complete, now I even think in this time's newspaper headlines. He heard his sister Eleanor talking. Think of all the good headlines, she said. Knight of St. Michael Instrumental in Driving off Void. Knight of St. Michael Saves CEO of Drachen Techniks. But the other Wardens were there, too, thought William. They are not my little brother, replied Eleanor.

Tears started to roll down William's face as he realized what he'd lost. He had no family, new acquaintances, a tenuous relationship, no real home, a booby trapped sword, a lance he couldn't find, and a horse he couldn't find, much less get people to acknowledge. His irritation now knew no bounds. He had too much to assimilate and not enough time to assimilate it. And he couldn't even ride out to smack anything. He bitterly remembered what happened the last time he'd done that. Thus, William stayed in his own personal Hell for several hours.

Record Last Changed Date: 2/26/2006

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