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The Future Visited? - Stories

Post-Session: 7

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 7.

Story - Future Apocalypse Diversion

Game Date: 7/28/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

It appears in the relatively near future that 'normal' humans have been exterminated and 'super-evolved' humans are being hunted to near extinction by Kronians, I need to contact Professor Herbert and provide him a full briefing of everything I witnessed in the future and what I have learned so far. Including places where it appeared 'stashes' of hi-tech equipment and knowledge could be safely buried to be available in the future.

It also appears that the 'super-evolved' have been laboring ceaselessly despite very limited resources to combat the Kronians and restore the 'original' time line. It is my theory that the Kronians originated in an unnatural 'time loop' - i.e., the Kronians who came to the present from the future are actually the ancestors of the Kronians in the future. I think that the only way of changing the future might be through the use of the Herbert Device to create a cadre of super-evolved scientists capable of safeguarding knowledge through the coming Apocalypse - or possibly even diverting it.

To make recruiting such scientists easier, I have adopted a facade of superhuman enlightenment and will try to earn public approval for my 'kind' by working for the Wardens. I have put together a costume consisting of a plain brown cowled monk's robe and intricately carved walking stick, I have also memorized some wise-sounding proverbs and will try to give the impression that use of the machine leads to 'superhuman enlightenment and serenity, as well as vastly expanded intellect.'

I have been trying to figure out what I am now capable of doing, my paranormal abilities.

I need to identify why my kind appeared to have survived the coming collapse.

The black version of myself has come back to the 'present' with the Wardens, I am trying to track him down and learn more about the future from him, and encourage him to contact Professor Herbert so they could work together to build a better future.

I hope he is amenable, as the Wardens have opposed him before, both in past encounters in this time and in the recent trip to the future. As far as I can tell, he only defended himself by blasting the Knight, and the Knight seemed to be randomly charging targets and inherently hostile to 'our kind'. The Wardens also, with reckless disregard to the his safety, blasted away the defensive turrets he relied upon to defend himself from the Kronian military, so I feel a bit guilty about that.

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