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Taking It To The Streets - Stories

Post-Session: 8

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 8.

Story - He Doesn't Look Like M. C. Hammer

Game Date: 8/6/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William sat in his room in Alcatraz pondering the days events. He'd called Bridie and told her not to expect him this evening. She'd been a little upset, especially since he hadn't explained why, but she accepted what he'd had to say and said she loved him.

She had no idea how much that helped William.

He was now able to focus on the day without any anger toward his family. He could think rationally. And what he was thinking was that the Grand Empire was more of a danger than he'd thought. They certainly weren't underestimating the Wardens. They'd abandoned one of their bases after The Wardens had razed... no, it wasn't razed... it wasn't destroyed... ah, that's it, it was shut down. Remember that, shut down. Deactivated. William smiled to himself. He resolved to get a copy of a real live thesaurus. Adam was perfectly wonderful, but William was deciding there was nothing like a real live tome you could walk through and flip through the pages.

He turned his thoughts to Hammer. He wore a mask and urban combat fatigues. Now there's a contradiction for you, thought William. He wears hiding clothes and shows absolutely no desire whatsoever to hide. He barely hides his face. You must work on your hiding, how do they say it? Schwing. Game. Hammer presented himself as the type of person who stood tall when playing hide and seek as a boy. William chided himself for not knowing of Hammer sooner. Now Ace, that woman could hide! William rubbed his nose. She could kick, too, he thought ruefully. Next time, don't try to catch her foot, just block. But she needed to realize that working alone wasn't necessary all the time. She needed to be persuaded to join the Wardens. William understood better than most the merits of being alone. But the Wardens were a fine organization to be a part of. She could take an example from Hammer. He was a man who projects the very air of help? I don't need no stinking help! But he's working with the Wardens anyway. A lesson for us all, thought William.

William's thoughts turned to the other Bay Area Hammer. The man with the expensive baggy pants who moved like he'd consumed a coffee cup the size of Moorish Spain. William wondered if Hammer drank coffee. He certainly didn't move like he had how did they say? Ants in the pants. From the looks of the paranormal Hammer, the ants wouldn't dare to so much as ask for permission, much less infest Hammer's pants. Surely, this would be a relief to Hammer, especially on picnics. William smiled as he thought of apples. He wondered if Hammer liked Calvados. He wondered if Ace liked Calvados. He thought of the possibility of convincing Ace to join the Wardens over a nice barrel of Calvados with some measure of optimism. Now, if only he could get that barrel of Calvados...

William turned to the situation of the Goblin Gang. Despicable lackeys, he thought. They pick on honorable paranormals when they're at a disadvantage. But they work at the behest of another entity. We should find that entity. Hammer has an idea, and probably many more, thought William. He felt confident that the issue would be resolved satisfactorily. Unfortunately, that would put the Grand Empire on the back burner. Well, prioritizing is a part of life.

William turned his thoughts to the stalker he could never find. Someone had been following him and Bridie, but William could never seem to catch him. Not knowing what his purpose was frustrated William a little. What did he want from Bridie? Why did he want it? Did he even want Bridie? Why would anybody want me? William didn't think he'd been around long enough to make any enemies. He resolved to catch this stalking varlet and shake the answers out of him. He needed to shake the answers out of something...

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