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Taking It To The Streets - Stories

Post-Session: 8

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 8.

Story - When Did You Become An Adult?

Game Date: 8/10/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Boost

Bobby looked down on Mark from the observation platform in the Warden's training room. Mark was moving around in a circle interspersing his intricately choreographed footwork and hand movements with flips, dives and rolls, each circuit done faster than the one before. Bobby glanced at the diagnostic screen and saw that Mark was not doing as well as he wanted to. The system was only scoring him a 73% based on the parameters that Mark and Master Gao had set up. The Warden's equipment is amazing, Bobby thinks. Still that is circuit 10, for this, the last exercise Mark's supposed to do today. Bobby touches the microphone's control, " Okay, Mark, time to do a cool down and hit the shower."

The smile that Mark gave Bobby as he acknowledged the message seemed off to Bobby. When was the last time he had seen a genuine smile on Mark? Oh, yeah, before that asinine break up with Randy. He won't dignify that with the term 'fight.' There has got to be a way to get the two of them back together. Of course, a lot of this has to do with those other schools saying that Mark might be cheating for our teams. Of course, that wouldn't work in the short term like they think. The gross benefits that Mark's powers grant just fade too fast for that to work. Mark would have to be at every meet, using his powers constantly, someone would notice that. Of course, my own tests seem to indicate that in the long term that they maybe right. Too bad it would take years to actually make someone actually superhuman permanently, and even then it would be in a fairly limited aspect. Still, it is a kick to think that in about five years Bobby might be the smartest person alive, assuming that he can keep Mark using his abilities on him as frequently as he has been.

Bobby notices that Mark has finished his cool down, and heads out to meet him in the hall. They turn towards Mark's suite so he can clean up. "Here are the results from today's training session. You are averaging about a third of the way into the second circuit before you make your first significant deviation."

"Well, that is a little worse than yesterday, but better than last week. Would you stop craning your head around. I already told you that Johan wasn't here."

"Sure, but he could have come back. I really want to meet a 'super-evolved human.'" At Mark's frown and opening mouth, Bobby puts up a hand. "Yes, I know. 'He isn't super-evolved. There is no such thing as super evolution. Human's are not more evolved than any other species. We are just following a different path. The destination is the same for all species the propagation and survival of our species.' God, Mark, you are starting to sound like a broken record. What is your beef with Prime?"

They've reached the suite now, and Bobby smiles as Mark starts to get ready for the shower unconcerned by Bobby's presence. This is the same Frosh that was too shy to take his shirt off at Industry, just last year? Bobby couldn't help but smile at the change. Still Mark should be doing this for a more appreciative audience, like say Randy.

"My 'beef' with Prime is that he is using bad science."

"So what? How many paranormal's out there have a poor grasp of the science behind their powers?"

"Yes, but this is different. He's using evolutionary theory and getting key parts of it wrong."

"What is so special about Evolution?"

Mark stops taking off his socks. Looks very serious, but kind of far away. "Bobby, do you remember when you became an adult? I do."

"It was about three weeks after my fifteenth birthday. I was in AP biology. I was going to give a report on Dr. Jureau. An announcement came over the speakers. They were going to close school early. The buses would be arriving to take everyone home."

"There had been some sort of attack in New York City. Our school's band was in New York on the trip they had spent months raising money for. It was days before I found out that they were no where near the World Trade Center. The whole county felt like it had dodged a bullet, well, not the whole county. I felt like I'd been kicked in the gut. I'd always known that there were bad paranormals. I'd already done reports on some of them, like Black Sheba. It just wasn't the same. They were all isolated cases. Very little coordination, and nothing on the scale of Black Arion Arises. This wasn't some lone nut case. It was an organized attack by paranormals against normals. It was conceived and executed by a group with a membership in at least the hundreds, possibly the thousands."

"I think it might have been for me like when Kennedy died. I've heard people called it the end of 'Camelot.' It seemed like that for me. Before that day, paranormals were like people out of the Legends of King Arthur. People like the Southern Front and The Peaceniks were the Knights of the Round Table. In just a few hours, it had become like everything had gone wrong."

"Have you read any of their propaganda? The kind they hand out to other paranormals? It is filled with stuff about how paranormals are superior to normals. How it is the natural order of things for paranormals to rule. Well, not all of it. The early stuff is tamer, talking about paranormal rights and stuff. As you get deeper, you start to see the whole 'we are the superiors' thing come in. It kind of scares me. It is like the whole Aryan movement, but based on paranormal abilities."

"That is why I hate what Johan is saying. It is a just a short jump form 'I'm more evolved than everyone else' to 'I'm superior to everyone else and they should bow down before me.' I've already noticed a bit of that arrogance in him. Have I told you about his theory involving the Kronians? He jumps to the wildest conclusions."

Bobby gives Mark a skeptical look. "You mean like some one else and the Knight of St. Michael?"

Mark throws his shirt at Bobby and heads for the bathroom. "It isn't the same thing and you know it. I told you what the Knight said. He practically told me that he knows about a lynching." The rather firm shutting of the door made clear that Mark considered the conversation over.

Yeah, Bobby thinks, and the best thing for Randy is for you two to break up, riiiiggghhhhhht.

Record Last Changed Date: 2/26/2006

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