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Around Town - Stories

Post-Session: 9

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 9.

Story - Life and Visions

Game Date: 8/20/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

William sat the morning light on his bed and wondered what it could all mean. He'd gone through his day, but when he dreamt of his day certain parts were different. Besides, dreams weren't much like waking life. But this dream was. It was startlingly similar in fact.

William had this feeling about his Uncle Geoffrey, but he didn't know what it was and couldn't quite figure it out.

He thought about the events. He and Bridie were going to Corgan's for dinner. Since it was a nice August night for a walk, they took the scenic route to Corgan's. More beauty, more time in the good weather, more variety because of all the tourists whose path they would cross. She loved him. He loved her. What could go wrong?

On the surface, nothing did. They made it to Corgan's. He had a whole wheat roast salmon salad sub with apples in the salmon salad. Bridie had a Caesar salad with the special vinaigrette. They enjoyed their meals. They went home and spent much time talking and a little time kissing. Nobody got hurt, nothing got broken, nobody got upset, but William had time he couldn't account for. Bridie pointed out that he seemed distracted, to which he replied, "It was the contest, dear. I was looking for the purple M&M and I'd thought I'd found it."

Bridie was amused, but it didn't help his case in either of their minds. She knew something was on his mind and William would have been shocked to discover anyone in Corgan's who didn't share her opinion. Then last night's dream confirmed the need to be distracted. If the dream had some basis in fact, and it felt like it did, then it changed everything. For while the waking world showed one thing, the dream world told him something completely different.

While they had been walking to Corgan's, he noticed a plant in a planter. He didn't know why he focused on that plant, until he looked back and it wasn't there. He took advantage of Bridie's sudden interest in some books in a store window to check the planter. His examination showed that there was not only no plant, there hadn't been a plant for some time. Then in Corgan's, he saw a waiter taking an order from an empty table. Then when he looked back at that table, there was a couple sitting at the table eating.

What really made these incidences noteworthy was that in the dream review, the plant and planter, the empty table and the couple weren't at all different. They were the same man.

For no apparent reason, "Somebody's Watching Me" by Maxwell Gordy came unbidden into his mind. William resolved to learn more about this Motown Bridie spoke of every so often.

William's thoughts then drifted back to Crossing March. He'd heard stories of the Welsh that said that they could make you see something that was something entirely different. William had dismissed them. His father had ignored them. Uncle Geoffrey had seemed to dismiss them, but William realized now that Uncle Geoffrey hadn't really dismissed them. Uncle Geoffrey had known something the rest of the family didn't quite know. Or did they?

Thank you kindly, Uncle. Now my past is as complicated as my present.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/5/2007

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