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Post-Session: 9

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 9.

Story - The Lack of Organization

Game Date: 8/21/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

"Qu'un jour," said William. He couldn't believe that Johan went knocking on doors at 9:30 in the morning. Then again, William saw that it was unavoidable. He was late in rousing Johan, and then he left him by himself. But what could be done? He couldn't stay at the bus stop. But William could hear Uncle Geoffrey chiding him. You were charged to watch him, Geoffrey said. This is your fault. But you will do better next time. I have faith in you.

It is a testament to familial support that Geoffrey de Longueil's smile was thousands of miles and more than a thousand years away from William and it could still brighten William's mood.

William turned to what he was going to say to Johan. He was unfamiliar with his current position. True, he'd commanded his brothers and household troops before, but they were nowhere near as scatterbrained or as impulsive as Johan was. He claimed to be a graduate student. What was that? William knew it was associated with a university, but he didn't quite understand how that worked in this time. Another question for Bridie and/or Helena. He made some vague claims about being superior. William smiled and snorted at the preposterousness of it all. He also smiled at the reactions Johan would surely have received had he gone 'door-to-door' in Crossing March. The men-at-arms sent to fetch him would have been confused indeed upon meeting him! Then he remembered Johan energy abilities and realized he might have required most of the household troops.

William's family crept back into his mind. Father would have used Johan as a staging point for a lecture on the evils of men in general and lusty, immoral men in particular, for Johan would surely have been proof of that. Mother would have listened for a few moments and then bade Father to dispose of him, which Father would have done in a righteous state of anger. Eleanor would have rolled her eyes and left the room muttering over Johan's superiority babble. Jeffrey and John would have proceeded to pummel him.

William came back to the present. Johan must be dealt with one way or the other. This lack of organization accomplished nothing. For the first time, he missed Nexus. He realized that Nexus absence was necessary on a rational level. On an emotional level, William was not appeased. Or was he? Quebec was in Canada, and Quebec was French. There might be prominent Normans there. So it couldn't be all bad. Or could it? Was Nexus even in Quebec? Trivial matters, all of it, thought William.

William knew he had to think of something. The group had to become more organized. He resolved to go to Notre Dame des Victoires to get Heavenly guidance on the topic. In the short term, he went to the Alcatraz kitchen to get himself a roast beef sandwich and some apple pie. Maybe his thoughts would clear if he ate something. His thoughts traveled back to the meals of his past in Crossing March. Shadows crossed his face as he ate his meal. William briefly thought of chasing it with some wine, but thought better of it and drank water instead. He left Alcatraz and went to Bridie's apartment to tell her what he could of his most interesting day. Halfway there, he changed directions and visited Helena first. Her guidance was still necessary. Once Helena screened it, William arrived at Bridie's and successfully kept the events of the day discreet.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/5/2007

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