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Post-Session: 9

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 9.

Story - Energy Glow Globe

Game Date: 9/10/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Prime

In the depths of unimaginable darkness, he waits in quiet solitude. The feel of slick metal beneath his paws. The gentle rustle of fur against coarse fabric. The feel of smooth carved wood beneath the fingertips of his left hand.

For a moment, the tiniest flicker of light appeared in his outstretched right hand. A spark that slowly but steadily grows, fluctuating wildly all the while, from ember to candle. Now its bright blue light was enough to barely make out the dark green luster of the heavy metallic walls. And it continued growing to the size of a gumball, brightening the walls enough so Prime's keen eyes could finally make out the scorch marks left behind on the wall's armored surface by his prior attempts - and the tuffs of blackened fur scattered on the floor. And still it grows, to the size of a baseball. It's brilliant light illuminating every small scratch on the metallic walls. And the dozen holes burned into Prime's simple robe. For a moment, it appears the barely contained energies will break free from the sphere and run riot throughout the room once more. But this time, finally, it holds, growing ever more stable with each passing moment.

With a wide grin, Prime sticks his staff across his back and uses his free hand to open the door to the training room, then happily scampers down the hallway, showing off the globe to every human he passes, who oddly enough, all seem to be dreadfully late to an urgent appointment that requires them to immediately flee the area at just that moment.

He has just scampered into the commons when he stops in his tracks and screams, pointing a finger at the swirling purple haze surrounding a lone figure reclining and peacefully reading the newspaper in the corner. "What... What's that?" Prime gasps as he stares at the sinister-looking tendrils of mist whirling around the figure.

With a sigh, Jaxton lowers his newspaper and turns his attention to Prime once more, "Alright. What is it this time?"

Prime points a trembling figure at the mist, "What... What's that stuff surrounding you?"

Jaxton blinks and carefully looks towards where Prime is pointing, "I'm afraid I don't see anything... " He gestures towards a pair of security guards edging their way up behind Prime, "Do either of you fellows see anything?"

Prime starts as he notices the duo, and the sphere in his hand flares slightly, causing one of the guards to leap behind a conveniently placed sofa before calling over, "Err. No sir. Nothing but air."

Prime turns to the still standing security guard, "And you, do you see an evil-looking swirling mist around Jax?"

The guard numbly shakes his head, "No Sir. Nothing like that."

Prime frowns as he regards Jaxton for a moment, then focuses until the globe of cosmic energy shrinks and disappears - and with it the swirling mist around Jaxton. "Huh. That's odd. Guess only I can see it. Wonder what that stuff was... And why it'd react like that to cosmic energy."

Jaxton frowns slightly as he regards Prime carefully, "Prime... you weren't flooding this area with potentially dangerous levels of radiation were you?"

His eyes open wide flickering from side to side for a moment as Prime checks his pockets, pulls out a mini-Geiger counter and checks the readings, "Noooooo, not dangerous levels. Quite, um, harmless."

Jaxton sighs as he shakes his head, "From now on, kindly get prior approval before radiating any of our facilities - and ensure there are proper precautions and monitoring devices in place before hand."

Prime nods guiltily, "Yep. Will do. Certainly. Proper laboratory precautions. Just got, um, a bit over-enthusiastic. See, I was thinking about how when we were in the future and were wandering around in the dark and found these glow globes and... well, technically, WE weren't there cause you weren't there. Well. I guess you kind of were supposed to be but really wasn't.... Well, you know what I mean. A 'Gray' was there. Um. Do you Kronians have, like, a mass consciousness type thing or anything?"

Jaxton shakes his head again as he regards the odd overly talkative monkey.

"Um. Okay. Well, I'll just be on my way then. Um, you're sure you're not being attacking by some invisible other-worldly entity, right?"

"Quite sure, Prime," Jaxton promptly rejoins, "Feel free to go."

"Alrighty then... " Prime mutters as he scampers off. Yet another mystery to unravel.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/5/2007

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