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A Vision Comes True - Downtime

Post-Session: 10

A look at what happened after Session 10.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

9/15/2004 - FSS analysis of the Stalker's body confirms Kitsune's conclusions that it is some type of bio-polymer ceramic compound and that nothing like it is registered in any domestic, national or international patent database.

9/16/2004 - Story - A Discussion of Subtlety - Knight of Saint Michael, Prime, Kitsune

9/20/2004 - James has lunch with David and tells him about a possible schism in Markov's organization. An informant says the buzz is that Markov has gone out of town and some of the young guns in the organization are getting antsy over going to ground. They want to bring the Goblin Gang back to deal with Hammer and the older guys are having a hard time keeping a lid on things with the boss on holiday.

9/28/2004 - Jennifer tells David that she has an interview for an intern position on the Madame Mystery staff. If she gets the job she will be writing about the paranormals in the area.

9/30/2004 - David gets a voicemail about a job translating some computer files from Russian to English. The man leaving the message speaks with an educated British accent and leaves a number to setup an interview.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

9/15/2004 - Amethyst spends a few more days in the Wardens infirmary resting and recovering.

9/17/2004 - Karalyn continues to look into the legislative inquiry into the Alcatraz Foundation's charitable organization status and comes across a couple of briefs written by Reagan Baker, her former fiancée, challenging both the Alcatraz Foundation and the Putnam Foundation's status as charitable organizations.

9/18/2004 - Story - Call to Reagan

10/3/2004 - A package arrives at the Wardens headquarters addressed to Amethyst. A scan of the package reveals no known threats from explosives or poisons. Inside the box is a crystal cube four inches on each side and an envelope. When Amethyst touches the cube, a hologram of a lady in a purple costume with a purple aura surrounding her appears within it. The lady looks very much like Amethyst. The envelope contains a handwritten note that reads "Who are you?"

Kimi Saito, a.k.a. Kika

9/15/2004 - Kimberly starts classes but has trouble getting back up to speed. She has been having trouble sleeping and spends some extra time working out and patrolling with the Wardens in the hope that she can make herself tired enough to sleep better. It doesn't work and she is left to wonder what is causing her insomnia.

Sara O Connor, a.k.a. Kitsune

9/17/2004 - Kitsune speaks with Evan Turner, a member of the Alcatraz Foundation legal staff, about setting up an official fan club and website. She asks him to draw up a contract that would provide for administration of the website by a contractor with stipulations for total control over the site and its content. She also asks that an account be setup to administer disbursement of fan donations to charities approved by the Alcatraz Foundation. Turner says that he will take care of the necessary paperwork and contact her when it is done.

9/22/2004 - Sara gets several messages on her Alcatraz Foundation voicemail asking if she is Kitsune's press secretary. The messages are left by different men and women, none of whose voices Sara recognizes, but they all leave the same contact phone number. When she calls the number she gets the voicemail for Colonial Ventures. She can find no company information on Colonial Ventures and a check of the number shows it as unlisted.

10/3/2004 - Sara is surfing the web looking for sites with Kitsune on them when she finds a site called, The Weird and The Wonderful. It has some information on Kitsune and Shadow Tiger but nothing more than some other sites. It is when she clicks on a link called "Ancient Mysteries" that she comes across something truly strange. She sees a picture of an Egyptian funerary mask that looks like a smaller version of the Stalker's head. The caption for the picture says that the picture is of archaeologist Duncan Erskine from a dig in the Valley of the Kings in 1928. Sara can find no other references on the web or in Wardens databases for an archaeologist named Duncan Erskine. She sends an email to the webmaster of the site in the hope of finding out more about the picture and Erskine.

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

9/18/2004 - A few days after the combat in the park, William has a dream. It is like a replay of the encounter in the park with a strange addition. As Kika is closing on the combat just before setting the Knight on the ground, he spots a man dressed in typical Norman fashion wearing a tunic, breeches, tied leggings and boots except for the strange goggles he is wearing. On second glance, not Norman fashion but Norse fashion from before the move to Normandy. William also notices the man again later observing him delivering the coup de grace on the Stalker.

9/18/2004 - Story - Keeping In Touch with the Old Ways

9/19/2004 - The next day, the Knight speaks to Mr. Gray about his recordings of the combat and Mr. Gray gives him access to review the downloaded images from the encounter. The Knight reviews the data but can find no images of the strangely dressed man.

9/23/2004 - William once again gets the feeling that he is being watched/followed, but this time it is different. Walking down the street on the way to his apartment, William reaches out and catches a ball before it and the child pursuing it wind up in the street. As he is giving the ball to the child, he sees something out of the corner of his eye. Pretending to talk to the child and still looking in the same direction, he sees a small figure, briefly backlit, move from one shadow to another. His stalker is none other than Prime. At first William decides to catch the misguided hunter, but then realizes that he is probably trying to prove that he can be stealthy and subtle. William settles upon letting Prime play his game but does take care to change his regular routine so that his secrets stay secret. William notices Prime continuing to follow him several more times during the next couple of weeks before deciding it is finally time to confront his pursuer.

9/30/2004 - Story - Honing One's Senses

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