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Return to the Jungle - Downtime

Post-Session: 12

A look at what happened after Session 12.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

10/15/2004 - Things quiet down for the Wardens after they return from their trip to the Amazon.

10/15/2004 - The hunt for the 'Obsidian Stalker' comes to a halt as no further information is discovered on the materials it was made of or what company might have manufactured them. There are only a few companies capable of manufacturing the bio-polymer and none of those have a product that matches the thing's shell.

10/15/2004 - The investigations of the Grand Empire's operations in the area find that they have either gone deep underground or have once again ceased activities in the area.

12/27/2004 - In the aftermath of the tsunami in Indonesia, the Wardens and Wardens Reserve take turns helping with relief efforts and keeping an eye on things in San Francisco.

1/1/2005 - Hammer as well as Alacran, Scorpion and Kika are instrumental in the formation of Nostra Pietatis team. Scorpion comes out of retirement and Alacran and Kika take a leave of absence from the Wardens to join the team. The team's stated mission is to use their paranormal abilities to render assistance around the world wherever they are needed, They are quickly granted international sanction by Orion and the United Nations.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

10/15/2004 - Amethyst notices that Jordan watches from the observation deck almost every time the Wardens workout. She 'bumps' in to him one day after a workout session and they start talking. Over the next few weeks they start spending more time together around the base. Amethyst finds him to be a good listener and after deciding that she needs a friend in the outside world reveals her identity to him.

10/29/2004 - Karalyn and Jordan start spending time together away from the base. They go to dinner almost every night then spend time afterwards walking through the various parks and talking.

11/1/2004 - Amethyst starts taking a more active role in leading the Wardens during workouts. She spends a lot of her time at the base reading John Battle's mission reports and studying his time as tactical field commander for the Wardens.

11/2/2004 - She also starts spending less time with Jordan at the base, reserving his friendship for Karalyn.

11/10/2004 - When she has finished most of John Battle reports, she starts reviewing Silver Star and Brasidas' reports. While reviewing one of Silver Star's reports, Amethyst comes across a reference to John Battle's memoirs. She queries Melinda about the memoirs and is told they are under restricted access only those given permission by Star are allowed to access the files. Amethyst asked about contacting Star and was told that she had asked not to be disturbed. Amethyst asked if Melinda would send a message to Star to contact her. Melinda said she would forward the message but did not know if Star would answer.

11/30/2004 - Amethyst enlists Jordan help in trying to locate Star. They head up to North Bay and talk with Leif and Astrid about Star. Both give very little information past the fact that Star took some of her family members and went on sabbatical after the death of John Battle. She has not returned since she left but she does check in on a regular basis to ensure everyone that she is okay. Leif agrees to relay a message to Star the next time she checks in.

12/1/2004 - Karalyn and Jordan continue to see each other and spend time during the holidays going out. She even introduces him to her parents when they come to San Francisco for Christmas.

1/3/2005 - Story - Dinner and a Lover?

Sara O Connor, a.k.a. Kitsune

10/28/2004 - Sara sees her mentor in a picture at a conference in Philadelphia. She lets Adam know that she is going out of town and not to tell the others where she is unless it is an emergency. Sara says she will keep her GPS locator active as well as arranging check-in times and verification code phrases. She asks Adam to alerts the others if her GPS signal goes off or she does not check it.

1/9/2005 - Sara has neither returned nor has she missed a check-in since leaving San Francisco in late October.

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

10/15/2004 - William spends a lot of time with Bridie getting to know her better. From time to time, he consults with Helena to ensure that he is acting properly when with Bridie.

10/15/2004 - William also takes advantage of the time that he and Bridie are out and about to familiarize himself with San Francisco by day.

10/15/2004 - Then while patrolling as the Knight, he works to familiarize himself with San Francisco by night.

10/15/2004 - William continues to feel that he is being followed but the feeling differs from time to time. His dreams tell him the difference, sometimes he is being followed by the man in monk's robes and at other times by the Norseman with the strange goggles. He does note that the monk only follows William, while the Norseman only follows the Knight. Try as he might, he is never able to catch the man shadowing him and he has only his dreams to confirm that he is being followed.

10/15/2004 - William also takes advantage of his connections with the Alcatraz Foundation to start forging closer ties with Armstrong Moorland. He realizes after a short while that Moorland knows that he is the Knight even though he had not revealed his identity to Moorland.

10/18/2004 - A few days after returning from the Amazon, William has a dream. It is like a replay of the day the team spent searching the area west of the native village looking for the Professor with a strange addition. When he hears someone moving in the brush near him, the Knight looks up and sees an individual dressed in modern combat armor styled to look like a Roman centurion. He is armed with a gladius and some type of sidearm, maybe a blaster. The individual freezes when the Knight looks at him. The Knight notices the Roman soldier several more times during the day.

10/25/2004 - Story - There are Taxes, Then There are Taxes

11/15/2004 - Story - The Beatles and Sir Guillaume

12/4/2004 - Story - Colors Can Get You Into Trouble

12/24/2004 - Story - Knight - Dreams and Visions

12/28/2004 - Story - If God Had Meant For Man To Fly...

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