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Hyde and Seek - Downtime

Post-Session: 14

A look at what happened after Session 14.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

1/28/2005 - The next morning, Melinda tells the Wardens that no positive match can be made in any criminal database for the man that was the "Hyde" thing.

2/4/2005 - A week later, the FSS identifies the man as Fredrico Stahl, an Argentine national. There is no record of Stahl entering the country. He has no criminal record, so based on previous Orion rulings in similar cases he will probably be deported. The deportation may be delayed due to medical issues as Stahl has been in a coma since being brought in and doctors do not know when or if he will regain consciousness. The Argentine consulate indicates that Stahl had disappeared from his home over two months ago and was believed kidnapped by his parents, who had filed a missing persons report. The consulate is reviewing the case and may petition to have Stahl returned home as a humanitarian gesture per a request from his parents.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

2/1/2005 - Karalyn is called to Annalexis' office. When she arrives she is greeted by Annalexis and Ornela Yang of the Radley Assistance Network, who is leaving as Karalyn arrives. Once the door is shut behind Ornela, Annalexis explains to Karalyn that the reason she had been called in was to discuss the work that she had been doing for the Radley Assistance Network. There had been an error made on one of the claims and the recipient had been paid almost a million dollars on a claim that was for a little under a hundred thousand dollars. Luckily, the recipient had returned the check and was issued one for the proper amount. Annalexis cautions Karalyn that such mistakes could lead to her dismissal and that in the future she needed to pay more attention to detail. Karalyn leaves Annalexis' office puzzled by the error. When she returns to her office she reviews all of the claims she had been processing for the Radley Assistance Network and finds the one that Annalexis had been talking about. The payout amount on her draft of the claim was listed as $97,000, someone must have changed the amount on the final document, but who?

Randy McLeod, a.k.a. Delta-Vee

1/30/2005 - Randy spends his time getting himself organized and planned out for what he will be doing with his time until he gets school sorted out. He decides to volunteer at the Ramon Marcel Community Center and is asked to help the physical fitness coach with the kids that attend the after school program.

1/31/2005 - Story - Orientation

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

1/28/2005 - Lazarus watches all of the televised and reads all of the print media reports on the Wardens encounter with "Hyde." He is happy to see that there is no mention or pictures of him in any of the stories.

2/1/2005 - A few days later, he is surprised to see an article in the Madame Mystery column about a new paranormal with long white hair that is hanging around with the Wardens.

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

1/28/2005 - William spends a lot of time at Bridie's as well as being out and about with her. He finds that she is good for his spirits and the way that things had been going recently, especially with the missing horse and his visions, his spirits needed the lift. But he knew it was not yet the time to open up to her.

1/28/2005 - William begins a search of stables in the state trying to locate his horse.

1/28/2005 - The Knight spends some time talking and working out with Lazarus.

2/4/2005 - Story - A Day in the Keep Courtyard

2/7/2005 - William attends the businessmen's social at the Pacific Union Club. He is thrown off when he realizes that Armstrong Moorland is not in attendance but he soon recovers and rubs elbows with some of the men who had been the powers in San Francisco before there was such a thing as Silicon Valley. A few are intrigued by his work as a security consultant to the Alcatraz Foundation. William notes those who show an interest in his work, they are the ones that William continues to gravitate towards during the evening. At one point during the evening, he also overhears a conversation in which the participants are surprised that someone obviously of good breeding would be involved in something like security work. William notes that most of those who are participating in the conversation are the second and third generation sons, those living on the monies of their fathers and grandfathers. William smiled to himself, the lord that forgets security soon finds himself with nothing. Maybe his doubters should have paid better attention to history.

Kore Moorland, a.k.a. Miss Majestic

1/28/2005 - Kore spends a lot of time agonizing over how she should go about asking for membership in the Wardens. She knows that her grandfather could easily arrange for her membership but she wanted to do it for herself. Kore did not want special treatment or to be Armstrong's granddaughter or Mandrake and Lady Seven's daughter, she just wanted to be Miss Majestic, a new member of the Wardens.

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