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Hydes, Hydes, Everywhere - Downtime

Post-Session: 16

A look at what happened after Session 16.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

2/18/2005 - Helga (Die Kampfmaschine) remains a guest of the Wardens. She answers all questions posed to her about Die Vierte Wacht and the Grand Empire.

2/23/2005 - After much debate and research then making arrangements to have the Wardens Reserve cover for them while they are gone, the team decides to go to South America. They intensify their workouts while waiting for information from Die Vierte Wacht that the Grand Empire's attack is eminent.

3/18/2005 - After four weeks of waiting, Helga gets notice that the Grand Empire is on the move. The team goes to Alta Verde to prepare for the Grand Empire's attack.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

2/23/2005 - Amethyst spends time studying John Battle's notes as well as the Wardens and other Radley-Gold groups reports on encounters with the Grand Empire. She finds that since their re-emergence, their equipment and training has been improved making them a greater threat. She speaks with the others about her findings.

2/24/2005 - Karalyn arranges a leave of absence from her position in the legal department at the Alcatraz Foundation followed by a switch to contractor status when she returns from leave. She wants to help out at the Foundation but finds that she is spending more and more time as Amethyst.

Randy McLeod, a.k.a. Delta-Vee

2/23/2005 - Randy takes advantage of the Wardens resources. He has Melinda provide him with information of the Grand Empire and their operations in San Francisco. He specifically looks for info on how their previous bases were found only to find that most were found accidentally or through active pursuit of agents after an encounter.

3/10/2005 - Randy wakes with a start, Mark's screams still echoing though the room. He runs through the apartment following Mark's screams but is unable to catch up. Randy wakes with a start, Mark's screams still echoing in his head.

3/15/2005 - Randy's time with the Wardens had been an interesting experience. He knew people had eccentricities maybe paranormals had paranormal eccentricities. Worst of all was Prime, he actually thought he was living in a comic book story. Randy knew one thing for sure, Mark would understand this a lot better than he did.

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

2/23/2005 - With Melinda's help, Lazarus runs queries attempting to correlate a local base of operations for the Grand Empire. His searches ask Melinda to use all search protocols to locate the desired data. They include electric, water, sewer, and gas usage, as well as recent real estate transactions for large-size properties such as warehouses, factories and wharf side storage. He also checks records for shipments of unusual or rare chemicals that have been ordered in significant quantities in the last year. Finally, he search the databases of the harbor patrol, Coast Guard, and the local police shore division for any reports of unauthorized landing craft or incidents involving illegal entry into the port.

2/25/2005 - Lazarus works on designing a "suit" for his excursions into the public. His final design consists of a black bodysuit with black gloves and boots with two shoulder holsters also in black. All are made from light Armalar weave and Paramax cloth. He submits his final design to Adam along with his measurements and asks that multiple copies be fabricated.

3/1/2005 - Lazarus speaks with Dr. Miller about arranging a session of "dead-time" so that he can change his appearance. She at first objects but knowing what happened the last time Lazarus set his mind to changing his appearance, she eventually relents deciding it would be better to monitor the entire process from start until finish. Prior to starting the process, Lazarus studies all of the footage of John Battle's last appearances and commits them to memory. When he revives, his appearance is very similar to John Battle's, so much so that if seen from a distance or in the right lighting conditions he could probably pass for John Battle.

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

2/18/2005 - The Knight spends a great deal of time tracking down any leads on possible Grand Empire activities currently happening in the San Francisco area. He wants to ensure that the Bay Area is safe before even considering going to South America. None of the information that he finds indicates that the Grand Empire is currently active in the Bay Area.

2/18/2005 - William takes some time away from the Knight to go out with Bridie. They spend a lot of their time together talking and he sometimes get the feeling that she is trying to draw things out of him that he is not ready to reveal.

2/19/2005 - William has a dream in the night after the encounters with the Hydes. It shows everything that had happened during the encounters with one addition. William sees the Norse dressed man watching the encounter at the waterfront. He is manipulating controls on a small box that seems to control a flying metal disk.

2/20/2005 - Story - Musings on Protection

2/23/2005 - The Knight tries to spend sometime with Lazarus but the old man always seems to be busy when not attending workouts and team meetings.

3/10/2005 - When Amethyst passes on the information that the Grand Empire has been better trained and equipped as of late, the Knight starts analyzing the tactical and strategic ramifications of them solidifying their power base in South America by eliminating Die Vierte Wacht. It quickly becomes apparent that the Grand Empire could become a world power if allowed to expand unchecked in South America.

Kore Moorland, a.k.a. Miss Majestic

2/18/2005 - Kore starts to settle in at the headquarters. She spends some time personalizing her residential suite and looking through her father's journals. She pays close attention to the other Wardens and Helga when she is around them to better prepare for activities as a Warden.

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