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Saving The Next Generation? - Downtime

Post-Session: 17

A look at what happened after Session 17.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

3/27/2005 - Amethyst asks Marla Harlowe, the Wardens' computer specialist, to work on analyzing the clamshell computers taken from Grand Empire techs in Buenos Aires. She also asks Marla to keep Prime away from them. Knowing that previous Grand Empire computers have self-destructed, Marla is careful in her research trying not to activate any self-destruct device.

4/3/2005 - The week after the team returns to San Francisco, one of the "stasis" caskets arrives from South America. A full range of non-invasive tests including visual, infrared, ultraviolet, x-ray, radar and other spectrographic scans are performed on the device before turning it over to Prime.

4/10/2005 - The report from Alta Verde on the captured Grand Empire agents reveals very little beyond the fact that the Grand Empire is using mercenaries to supplement their forces for large scale operations such as the attack on Alta Verde and Grand Empire specialist units for mission such as the capture of the academy in Buenos Aires. The mercenaries and some of the regular line Grande Empire agents provide information on how they were recruited and where they were based. The specialist unit agents captured in Buenos Aires reveal nothing.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

3/28/2005 - Karalyn negotiates a new contract with the Alcatraz Foundation. It removes her from the Foundation staff and pays her a retainer each month to provide as needed contract legal services to the Foundation and its clients.

3/30/2005 - Story - A Visit Cut Short

Randy McLeod, a.k.a. Delta-Vee

3/24/2005 - Delta-Vee spends his last couple of days in Alta Verde checking up on the rescued children. It bothers him to see how they are being used in the cat-and-mouse game between Die Vierte Wacht and the Grand Empire, he feels that they are being screwed by all sides. He also gives him email address to Orlando telling him, "Just in case you need to contact someone on the outside."

4/9/2005 - The Chronicle-Tribune's Madame Mystery runs a story that provides an overview of what has happened to Randal McLeod since he announced that he was a paranormal. The story includes sightings of him with the Wardens and also that he had recently started volunteering as a coach at the Ramon Marcel Community Center. The article also contains pictures of Randy working at the center. Based on the quality and angles of the shots, they were most likely taken secretly with a camera phone.

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

3/24/2005 - Lazarus spends his last couple of days in Alta Verde healing the more severely injured soldiers of Die Vierte Wacht as well as some of the Grand Empire's critically injured agents. His efforts earn him the respect of the community as they see what he has to go through to heal their compatriots.

3/24/2005 - Lazarus efforts also earn him the friendship of Emelia, one of the paranormals rescued from Buenos Aires, as she approaches him after he heals her father. She talks with about the other paranormals in Buenos Aires. She gives him most of their names and ages and also identities a few of their parents.

3/24/2005 - Lazarus also wins the trust of one of the Grand Empire agents that he healed. The agent was a communications specialist assigned to the attack force's command team. He provides Lazarus with several of the Grand Empire's tactical communication channels and some high level code words used to identify officers when they are giving orders on the tactical channels.

3/27/2005 - Lazarus decides to bring the helmet he took from one of the Grand Empire's agent in Buenos Aires back to San Francisco with him.

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

3/24/2005 - The Knight spends his last couple of days in Alta Verde conversing with Der Grüne Ritter and before leaving they make arrangements to stay in contact and share information on the Grand Empire.

3/25/2005 - Story - Post Chile Thoughts

4/2/2005 - The Knight spends several days analyzing the tactics used by the Grand Empire in Buenos Aires and Alta Verde. The Buenos Aires agents were obviously elite warriors armed with superior weaponry and tactical training compared with other Grand Empire agents. The fact that they fought to the end without surrendering showed that they were very dedicated to their organization. On the other hand, the attack on Alta Verde was an organizational and tactical mess. The units fought as individual rather than as a cohesive force. Their tactical discipline varied greatly from unit to unit and their equipment was typical of that used by the Grand Empire. It was their lack of organization and tactics that prevented them from presented a creditable threat to the forces of the valley.

4/8/2005 - The Knight make a point of seeking out Lazarus and discussing Wardens business and activities with him. He figures that with Lazarus' life experiences that he could provide a unique perspective to consider when choosing courses of action.

4/11/2005 - A lack of insight from his prayers for guidance in interpreting his visions was beginning to test William's faith. He even considered seeking the counsel of Dr Saveda from the Winslow Institute, but in the end he trusted in his faith and continued with his prayers.

4/13/2005 - Bridie tells William about a nightmare she had had. She was attacked by a medieval warrior but he was more like an undead medieval warrior. His features were drawn and his clothes and armor was in poor condition but the most haunting part was his glowing red eyes.

Kore Moorland, a.k.a. Miss Majestic

4/5/2005 - Kore spends several days reading through her father's journals hoping to find some guidance on being a member of the Wardens. She ends up with some insight on working with other paranormals but also finds out that her father had several grimoires in which her grandfather had shared his mystical knowledge. The journals did not mention where the tomes were hidden but Kore suspected that they she would find them either at the sanctum at the headquarters or the sanctum at the estate in Napa Valley.

4/6/2005 - Story - Orlando's Email

4/12/2005 - Kore receives a call from Armstrong Moorland. He asks if she is interested in attending one of the local universities, if so he will start working on getting her admitted for the fall term.

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