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Research - Magic or Science? - Downtime

Post-Session: 18

A look at what happened after Session 18.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

4/19/2005 - The Knight speaks with Amethyst about taking a break. He tells her he needs some time away from San Francisco, a retreat of sorts to refocus himself on his duties to the people of San Francisco. She says that she understands, everyone needs a break every now and then.

5/8/2005 - Story - Training Request - Delta-Vee, Prime

5/9/2005 - Marla Harlowe, the Wardens' computer specialist, makes a breakthrough analyzing the clamshell computers but it costs her one of the systems as its self-destruct device burns out its circuits and drives. The breakthrough does allow her to login to the second system. Once in the system she starts working on decoding the file storage security routines.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

4/16/2005 - Karalyn finds that she is working quite a bit for the Foundation in the aftermath of the 'Hyde' incidents. She helps with the review and processing of a large number of damage claims as well as a couple of personal injury claims. Additionally, she takes a heavy case load from the Radley Assistance Network.

4/16/2005 - Between legal work and Amethyst activities, Karalyn finds that she has very little time for personal activities. This suits her fine as she has an excuse not to face Jordan and his questions about their relationship.

Randy McLeod, a.k.a. Delta-Vee

4/16/2005 - Randy has problems sleeping as each time he falls asleep, his dreams are filled with Mark's screams. The lack of sleep starts to have an effect on his day-to-day activities as he finds himself getting easily irritated by the kids being kids at the center. He has to stop himself several times from yelling at the kids.

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

4/19/2005 - Lazarus doesn't wake up after a few days as he had done the past two times that he had 'died.' Dr. Miller tells the team that his life signs are different than last two times he had been in a 'death coma.' Dr. Miller is not sure if Lazarus will wake from the 'death coma' or just expire.

5/13/2005 - Lazarus finally wakes about four weeks later. Dr. Miller talks with him and explains that his system has been taxed by 'dying' several times within a short period of time. She advises him to try to avoid 'dying' for a while as he might be in a 'death coma' for weeks or months or even years with the worst case scenario being that he would not 'rise from the dead.'

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

4/16/2005 - William has a dream in which he relives the incident with Prime, Kore and the amulet. In his vision he sees that he is standing just a little too far away from Kore for his sword to cut the chain of the amulet. He despairs fearing that he will not be able to save Kore from the evil of the amulet, but as the sword swings past the chain a bright flash of energy lances forward from the sword and severs the links of the chain causing the amulet to fall to the floor. William wakes with a start. Yesterday he knew that he had cut the chain with his sword but his dream vision showed that some type of energy, channeled through his sword had actually cut the chain. What was the energy and did it come from him or the sword? William is put on edge by what his vision had revealed but after some time and some prayers, he is finally able to relax enough to fall asleep.

4/17/2005 - The next night, William has another replay dream this time of the experiment in the park. Everything happens as he remembered it until Lazarus jumps in front of Prime's invention. Things slow down and instead of just disappearing into thin air, he sees that Lazarus was grabbed by a man in a black full bodysuit. The man appears, grabs Lazarus and disappears all in the blink of an eye. William wakes with a start. So Prime's invention had not sent Lazarus to another dimension, someone had grabbed him. William makes a note to get Melinda's help with trying to identify who had grabbed Lazarus and goes back to sleep. The next morning with Melinda's help he is able to find Lazarus' assailant in the FSS database, he is a paranormal mercenary/assassin known as Displacer. His known paranormal talents are focused on Teleportation and Aportation.

4/18/2005 - The following night, William has another of his 'real' dreams. In his dream, he meets Caira but it is not Caira as the meeting occurs near the War Memorial. The not Caira Welsh witch, he knows she is a Welsh witch something about her just screams Welsh witch, asks him for help with someone known as the dissenter before being felled by a black bolt of energy. William wakes with a start. He needs to know why he keeps having these visions, a break is in order. He needs to retreat from the city and find a quiet place for a prayer vigil. William decides that the Knight will speak with Amethyst in the morning about taking some time off.

4/19/2005 - Story - Coming to a Decision

4/20/2005 - Story - Discussing Vacations

4/30/2005 - Story - Yes Toto, This IS Kansas

5/11/2005 - Story - Crossing Isn't Carrying

Kore Moorland, a.k.a. Miss Majestic

5/1/2005 - Miss Majestic gets a voice message from Orlando. He says that he is in Los Angeles and will be in San Francisco in a couple of weeks to take a tour of Stanford. He asks if she would like to meet him and show him around town. He says that his call is just a warning so that she could think about his request and that he would call her back when he arrived in town.

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