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Base Urges - Downtime

Post-Session: 19

A look at what happened after Session 19.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

5/16/2005 - Prime and Miss Majestic search the area's flea markets, antique shops, junkyards, etc. looking for more interdimensional and/or temporal artifacts. They find several more of the strange cell phones, several small statuettes of the Egyptian god Horus and several new age style crystal necklaces with pale purple colored crystals that all radiate as foreign to this dimension when scanned by Prime's glow globe. Prime keeps the cell phones and turns over the other items to Miss Majestic for investigation.

5/27/2005 - Reports that a strange robot, that "looked like something a child had built with an erector set and spare appliances parts," was running around in southern San Francisco come in via an SFPD alert. Delta-Vee responds to the alert and tries to track down the robot. He is unsuccessful but does find a couple of people tangled in capture nets near the area where the robot was first spotted. They tell him that the robot fired the nets at them when they turned a corner to find themselves right next to it. The robot moved around the area like it was looking for something before it left, heading south. Delta-Vee spends another hour looking for the robot but does not find it. He reports his findings to Amethyst and asks Melinda to research the location that the robot netted the bystanders for any significance. Melinda reports that the area was the site of a conflict between Void, the Kronians and the Wardens.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

5/16/2005 - After the debacle in the park, Amethyst decides to keep a closer eye on Prime and his 'experiments.' She is able to keep up with his and Miss Majestic's flea market runs, but finds it very hard to keep an eye on him due to his very erratic sleep cycle and the crazy schedule he keeps. After looking at energy usage logs for his suite and the tech lab, she decides not to try and synch up with his unorthodox schedule. Amethyst considers having Susan keep an eye on Prime, but does not implement her plan as she feels it would be an invasion of his privacy.

5/20/2005 - Amethyst spends time going over the reports compiled from Melinda's searches into Mark's disappearance. There is nothing that she considers a significant lead or sighting dated after what she and Randy had documented as the last confirmed sighting of Mark in New Orleans.

Randy McLeod, a.k.a. Delta-Vee

5/19/2005 - Randy continues to work with the cheerleading squad at the community center. He was coming to like the assignment after his initial issues with stereotyping when he had first been given the assignment by Dr. Cho. The children on the team were very dedicated and willing to work hard to achieve their goals. It was this spirit that was beginning to win Randy over.

5/21/2005 - Four of the kids that are on the team or associated with it have really taken to Randy as a coach and are always staying late to get extra coaching, his advice on how to get better and sometimes just to talk.

Katrina is the team co-captain, she is a natural who never seems to make a mistake even when doing a routine or move for the first time. She is always pressing the team to be better.

Trent is Katrina's best friend, maybe boyfriend, Randy isn't sure. Trent is quiet but when he speaks, everyone listens. He is always supportive of Katrina's efforts to better the team and she usually bounces her ideas off him before presenting them to the team.

Mei Lynn is nowhere near the most technically adept on the team, an honest appraisal would probably say she is the worst, but she is the hardest worker on the team and no matter what happens, she is always cheerful. Her spirit is infectious and it is easy to she why she is on the team.

Gianna isn't on the team but is always around because she is Katrina's little sister. At ten, she isn't old enough to be on the team so they have adopted her as their 'unofficial mascot.' She tries her best to learn the routines and gets very disappointed when she can't keep up with the older girls.

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

5/16/2005 - Lazarus spends a lot of time looking through Grand Empire data for references about him and why the Grand Empire is hunting him. He does not find any specific data regarding the Grand Empire pursuing him, but he does find a reference to someone referred to as the Doctor being interested in finding a man with long white hair that was last seen in Rio De Janeiro and San Francisco with the Wardens. There is a sub-note at the end of the entry wondering why the Doctor was interested in the white haired man and if it would be profitable to capture the white haired man for the Doctor.

5/16/2005 - Lazarus also spends a lot of time with Mortisha catching her up on the last ten years.

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

5/20/2005 - Story - Return Thoughts

5/28/2005 - His travels on his vacation had given him a new perspective on the land that he now called home. It had even given him some insight into what his mission in life was to be. He was disappointed that it had not given him more insight into his visions.

5/29/2005 - William returns to San Francisco from vacation on Sunday, May 29th. As the Knight, he decides to check in at the Wardens headquarters before heading home for the night to get some rest. Bridie was expecting him back in town in the morning and he wanted to rest a little before their reunion.

Kore Moorland, a.k.a. Miss Majestic

5/16/2005 - Kore keeps an eye on Prime while he is working on his robot. She is hoping to pick up some practical experience working with technological items to go along with the theoretical training she had received from her father. She also keeps the snacks coming to keep Prime happy and well fed as he works.

5/23/2005 - A preliminary examination of the Horus statuettes and the crystal necklaces finds the figurines to be the more unusual of the items, so Kore decides to dedicate some time to studying the statuettes.

5/24/2005 - She takes time away from Prime to examine the Horus statuettes. They appear to be the work of a master craftsman and are carved from onyx or obsidian. The statuettes give off a strange magic aura that is similar to but not the same as the suspected Olmetec amulets. There is energy in the figurines but not a presence like the amulets leading Kore to the conclusion that they are some type of mystic energy battery. Kore looks for more information about and the possible origin of the statuettes in her father and grandfather's journals as well as her own journals and notes on other dimensions. She also makes a note to talk with Armstrong about the statuettes.

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