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and the Aftermath - Downtime

Post-Session: 2

A look at what happened after Session 2.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

5/5/2004 - Story - Workout Confessional? - Kitsune, Knight of Saint Michael

5/8/2004 - Eldon Sawyer meets with Sinjin and they talk about Shockwave moving to reserve status. Eldon explains that he had previously talked with Jaxton about the move. Eldon says that he isn't really cut out to be an active member of the Wardens. He that as a reserve member he can help the team in times a of crisis as well as provide his skills as an analyst whenever they may be needed. Sinjin tells Eldon that Jaxton had already spoken to him and that Shockwave's move to reserve status would not be a problem.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

5/6/2004 - Amethyst goes to FSS Western Region headquarters and meets with FSS Agent Michael Pierce. She explains that she has met with the Wardens and is seeking membership in the group. Agent Pierce explains that in order to be a member of a Radley-Gold group that Amethyst must file for credentials with the FSS. Amethyst explains that that is what she is there to do. Amethyst submits the materials to get her FSS credentials. Agent Pierce informs her that her credentials will be issued once the criminal background check is completed. He informs her that he will be in touch and Amethyst tells him she can be contacted via the Wardens.

Solana Amendola, a.k.a. Fortaleza

5/4/2004 - Fortaleza avoids going to the headquarters except to workout with her teammates. She is unsure if she wants to move to active status and wants time away from the group to make up her mind.

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

5/6/2004 - Story - A Fierce Discussion on Morals

5/7/2004 - Story - Thinking About the Future

Jamie Smith, a.k.a. Nexus

5/5/2004 - Nexus wakes up several days after the encounter with Void and finds that his control bracers have been destroyed. He contacts Dr. Andrew Kensington and relates the condition of the bracers. The doctor says that there is a prototype pair of bracers but he cannot vouch for the reliability of them. Dr. Kensington also informs Nexus that there is not and endless supply of bracers and that they take some time to build and test. He asks Nexus to be careful with the new set of bracers. Later that day, Gauss arrives at the Wardens headquarters with the prototype bracers. Nexus goes to the workout room and tests the new bracers. Although Nexus is not happy that they test out at a level of reliability of 95%, he accepts that this is what he has until Dr. Kensington can fine tune this pair or can provide another pair of bracers.

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