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Gremlins and Storms - Downtime

Post-Session: 20

A look at what happened after Session 20.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

5/31/2005 - Marla Harlowe, the Wardens computer specialist, continues to work on breaking the encryption on the captured Grand Empire data files. She coordinates her efforts with the FSS, Orion and other Radley-Gold group computer specialists. The work is almost non-stop as everyone working on the issue fears that the data will quickly become outdated or that the Grand Empire will discover that the data has been captured.

6/5/2005 - Jordan Anixter, the Wardens lead pilot, takes a leave of absence citing stress and the need for sometime away from the day-to-day grind of being on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The paperwork submitted to the Foundation does not indicate a specific return date, only a period of four to eight weeks depending on a stress evaluation from his doctor. Haley Goffin, the relief pilot, is promoted to lead pilot for the duration of the leave.

6/8/2005 - There are several reports of new paranormals stopping crimes in San Francisco Bay area.

6/8/2005 - The first paranormal was operating alone when he stopped a bank robbery in Oakland. Descriptions from witnesses say that he was wearing a full body suit, royal blue in color, a three quarter lower face mask that left his short black hair free. He was said to have a very slender build and the ability to run very fast as well as up and down walls. He also was able to project bolts of concussive energy.

6/8/2005 - The other reports speak of a male and female duo stopping some muggings and gang violence in the Mission district. They were dressed in ordinary casual clothes but the male moved with lightning quickness while the female englobed the muggers in bubbles of force.

6/10/2005 - The Knight and Amethyst while patrolling one night comes upon an injured young woman in an alley. There is something about her that is familiar to the Knight, she has an aura about her, a familiar aura. Then it hits him, the Welsh witch, the injured woman is one of her brood. The Knight looks for the taint of evil for truly one of the witch's brood would be tainted. He is surprised that the girl herself is not tainted by evil but the aura of her attacker was one of such malevolence that it left its mark upon the girl. Amethyst and the Knight discuss the possible danger of taking the woman back to the headquarters versus turning her over to the FSS. In the end they decide to take her to the Wardens' base. Amethyst sounds a medical emergency and calls for Dr. Miller then Amethyst and the Knight take the witch woman to the Wardens headquarters for treatment. Dr. Miller and Lazarus heal the girl's physical wounds but the mental trauma keeps her in a catatonic state.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

5/31/2005 - Karalyn processes property damage and personal injury claims from the incident with Sturmwacht at the Memorial Day Parade. She also handles personal injury claims for two individuals who had been ensnared in capture nets by Prime's robot.

6/6/2005 - When she learns of Jordan's leave of absence, Karalyn tries to contact him but her efforts are unsuccessful. She begins to wonder if Jordan is really suffering from stress, or if it is something more personal.

Randy McLeod, a.k.a. Delta-Vee

6/12/2005 - Randy leaves a message for Amethyst advising her that he will be going to Los Angeles to follow up on a lead about Mark and that he would check in once he was back.

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

5/31/2005 - Lazarus files a report via the Wardens Radley-Gold data-link with the FSS, Orion and the other Radley-Gold groups on the information given to him by the Grand Empire communications officer in Buenos Aires. The report details the tactical communication channels used by the current version of the Grand Empire's communication equipment. The report also has schematics for the encryption and burst signal circuitry used in the current combat helmet's communicators.

5/31/2005 - Lazarus spends most of his spare time painting.

6/13/2005 - On one of his breaks from painting, he leaves Alcatraz Island and goes into the city where he has a curious encounter. While strolling around the waterfront, he gets the feeling that he is being watched. He tries several times to catch a glimpse of who is following him by ducking into shops and doubling back but is unsuccessful in spotting his pursuer. He spends another hour walking around the waterfront before boarding a tourist launch back to the island. The feeling of being watched goes away once he boards the launch.

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

5/30/2005 - Story - Deeper Into the Pool

5/31/2005 - William spends a lot of time with Bridie after returning to town. Both are very happy and somewhat relieved to have the other around. Bridie listens to William's stories from the road with an excited interest as if seeking to divine the secrets that he had learned on his voyage of self discovery. In doing so, she realizes that the trip had taken some of the nervous energy that had been building in William before he had left and turned it into a calmer more focused demeanor.

5/31/2005 - The Knight spends time reviewing the captured Grand Empire files for anything that he can glean about their tactics and operational planning, even the slightest nuance that could be used against his foes. Most of the decoded files are related to the day-to-day operations of the now defunct San Francisco operation and its monitoring of the Wardens.

5/31/2005 - The Knight also takes some time to check up on the logs that Melinda had compiled on the comings and goings from Prime's lab and quarters. Prime spends most of his time, and it is a large amount time, in his lab. He only seems to leave the lab for short stays in his quarters after visits from Miss Majestic, who usually brings him food. Based on his appearance when leaving the lab and then when he returns, his short visits to his quarters appear to be to shower and change clothes before returning to his experiments. The Knight ponders using the override codes to activate the cameras in the lab to see if what Prime is working on is a danger to the Wardens or the public at large. He decides against activating the cameras for the time being and talking with Amethyst about it.

6/2/2005 - William has one a dream replaying the encounter with the 'gremlins.' All going as it had happened in the actual combat but this time William noticed that the 'gremlins' took a great interest in Amethyst. The 'gremlins' had not paid attention to Delta-Vee, Prime or even the Knight as he had ridden one down, they had just watched Amethyst right up until the time that she had destroyed them with her energy field.

6/3/2005 - The Knight contacts Der Grüne Ritter in Alta Verde. They discuss Die Wächter and Sturmgräfin, Krieger, Der Jäger and Sturmwolf's betrayal. The Knight learns that the traitors are now calling themselves, Sturmwacht. The Knight tells Der Grüne Ritter about Sturmgräfin and an unknown man wearing armor similar to Jagdpanzer attacking Amethyst in San Francisco. Der Grüne Ritter reports that when the turncoats left the valley they had stolen a replacement suit of the Jagdpanzer armor and that one of the Sturmwacht agents was probably using it during the attack on Amethyst. Der Grüne Ritter promises that he will ask Defense and Security Commissioner Santini to have his intelligence staff look into why Sturmwacht would be attacking the Wardens.

6/10/2005 - Story - Sorting Visions

6/15/2005 - Story - My Dreams Seem Like Laundry

6/18/2005 - Story - The Knight of Saint Michael and the Greatest American Hero

Kore Moorland, a.k.a. Miss Majestic

6/5/2005 - Armstrong calls Kore and informs her of a strange event at the estate. Rhiannon on one of her walks noticed a peculiar black bird that appeared to be watching the main house. It tried to fly into the house through the front door when one of the staff was leaving on an errand. The house's warding killed the bird. An examination of the bird found it to be an ensorcelled crow. He warns her to be on her guard for it appears that the Enclave has agents operating in the area.

6/7/2005 - A couple of days later, a crow flies into the Wardens reception area when a tour is leaving the building. It flies around scaring the receptionist before trying to head deeper into the base. It is killed by one of the wards that Mandrake had set to protect the base from mystical intrusion by the Enclave. Kore tells Armstrong about the incident and he again warns her to be on her guard.

6/10/2005 - Orlando leaves a voicemail on Miss Majestic's voicemail telling her that his is in town and would like to meet up with her. He says that he knows it might be a little awkward as she knows who he is but he only knows her as Miss Majestic. He leaves a cell phone for her to call him back.

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