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The Grand Raid - Downtime

Post-Session: 22

A look at what happened after Session 22.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

8/5/2005 - Jordan Anixter's, the Wardens lead pilot, leave of absence is extended indefinitely. The doctor in charge of the case indicates that Jordan is still reporting stress related issues including debilitating headaches.

8/10/2005 - In the aftermath of the raids against the Grand Empire's bases in the United States several smaller raids are conducted by the FSS on corporate and private concerns based on information gained in the previous raids. A preliminary report compiled after all of the raids estimates that Grand Empire resources in the United States had been reduced by 90%.

8/12/2005 - Shane finally reaches the point where his and Mystic's concern about being surrounded by water is too much to take. Steeling himself for the trip, he boards one of the tourist launches taking Alcatraz visitors back to the city. When he gets to the wharf, Shane quickly disembarks and heads into the city. As evening nears he realizes that he did not tell the Wardens he was leaving the island. Shane reaches for the communicator that the Wardens had given him only to find he did not have it with him. He heads for the Alcatraz Foundation's offices and is within sight of the building when the sun begins setting.

The transformation is sudden, Mystic finds himself in a nearly deserted business district. Even with a general lack of people in the vicinity, it is not wise to be out in the open drawing attention to himself. Mystic ducks into a parking garage and waits for the night to darken more before heading out. As he sits in the darkened parking garage, a thought keeps trying to come to the surface. Something the boy had wanted to do. Yes, that was it a task, checking in with the Wardens. Mystic did not feel like checking in with the Wardens, let the boy do it in the morning. The night was his and he was no longer trapped on the island. Tonight, Mystic would once again prowl the streets.

8/20/2005 - The previously reported Oakland paranormal makes another appearance stopping an armored car robbery. Descriptions differ slightly from the first sighting in that his full body suit was navy blue in color but his hair color, build and abilities so closely match the first sighting that the FSS classifies it as the second sighting of the unknown paranormal.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

8/3/2005 - Karalyn continues to work with Karl (Asenblut) and Käthe (Vanenspeer) as well as consulting with Alta Verde's legal experts in formulating the legal plan for the 'Alta Verde Protectors.'

8/23/2005 - Karalyn also presents a hypothetical case based on the case she is preparing to several colleagues and experts in the field of paranormal law to get their opinions.

Randy McLeod, a.k.a. Delta-Vee

8/5/2005 - Story - It's Fun To Stay...

8/6/2005 - Randy returns to San Francisco from Las Vegas. Another step in his search for Mark had been taken, he was not sure where the information he had uncovered would take him.

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

8/3/2005 - Lazarus tests a sample of the gas that he took from the raid on the Grand Empire base. The tests reveal that it is an enhanced blister gas much more potent that a typical blister gas like mustard gas. It has corrosive effects that give it the ability to defeat most military grade chemical warfare protection gear in under an hour. As such, the gas is very deadly causing severe tissue degradation to the skin, musculature and internal organs in a matter of seconds.

8/3/2005 - Judah still spends most of his spare time painting. He has the holo-display panels in the living area of his residential suite covered with gallery type display walls on which he hangs his paintings.

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

8/3/2005 - Melinda's reports on Prime show that he is spending more and more time in his lab, rarely leaving then only for very short periods. He has a small bed and refrigerator in one corner of the lab and has been sleeping and eating in the lab. This project is the longest effort that the Knight can remember Prime putting into one project. There continue to be occasional breaks in the recording feeds from the room when the recording devices suffer damage from the experiments.

8/3/2005 - The Knight spends a lot of time practicing with all of his weapons as if he is trying to attune himself to them. The more he practices the more he feels that he is gaining a unique understanding of his new implements of combat. Everything is finely crafted far better than anything that the smiths back home could have forged, yet each has an ancient aura. As if each weapon and piece of armor was older than time itself.

8/5/2005 - Story - Resilience

8/10/2005 - Story - Mountains

8/11/2005 - Story - More Detention

8/23/2005 - Story - Parley by Practice

Kore Moorland, a.k.a. Miss Majestic

8/9/2005 - Miss Majestic receives a message from Orlando. He tells her that he has decided to attend Stanford and hopes that he will be able to see her in the near future.

8/22/2005 - Armstrong tells Kore that something has been using seeking magic to find others like the injured girl that the Wardens had found. He also tells her that there are magical battles going on it the city between earth-magic and necromantic groups.

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