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The Real Johan Doyle - Downtime

Post-Session: 25

A look at what happened after Session 25.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

2/15/2006 - The chief legal counsel for San Mateo State University contacts the Wardens. She tells them that Johan Doyle has declined their invitation to have a conference call and also wishes to have no further contact with the team. She states that this is a request but Mr. Doyle has said he would pursue legal action if the Wardens do not abide by his request. The lawyer also asks the Wardens to restrict their visits to the university's campus to emergency situations.

2/15/2006 - Story - Emails - Prime Clones - Amethyst (II), Delta-Vee, Knight of Saint Michael

2/20/2006 - Story - A Little Sparring - Knight of Saint Michael, Eon (Lazarus)

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

2/13/2006 - Amethyst continues working out with the team as a stress reliever and spends a week at the North Bay estate relaxing during the break in legal negotiations.

2/20/2006 - Karalyn presents a new plea deal to the FSS legal staff and the Orion tribunal for der Kampfkoloss, die Kampfmaschine, Kriegstochter and Panzer. The four would enter a 'nolo contendere' plea for all of charges that have been filed against them in all jurisdictions. A restitution fund of US $160 million would be established for victims of their alleged crimes to be administered by a designated Radley-Gold foundation. The four would also spend the rest of their lives under 'house arrest' in the Alta Verde community and their pleas would be negated if they should leave the community. Finally all past, present and future intelligence on Sturmwacht would be turned over to Orion, the FSS and Interpol. After a couple more weeks of negotiations, the plea deal is accepted with only one change, the restitution fund is increased to US $200 million. The legal teams take a week's break before negotiations turn to arrangements for der Kampfkoloss, die Kampfmaschine, Kriegstochter and Panzer turning themselves in to the authorities to face an Orion tribunal to officially enter their pleas and be sentenced.

Randy McLeod, a.k.a. Delta-Vee

2/13/2006 - Randy spends some time away from the team.

2/16/2006 - Randy is surprised to find that Dr. Martin is not in the office when he stops by for his appointment. He asks the medical office's receptionist and she tells him that Dr. Martin did not show up for work a couple of weeks ago and no one has seen or heard from him since. Randy asks about his medical records and the receptionist tells him that if anything had been removed from the office it was done after hours when no one was at the office. He requests the landlord's contact information and the receptionist gives him the landlord's name, address and phone number.

2/18/2006 - Randy contacts the landlord who says he did not think much of it when the other doctors at the offices had told him about Dr. Martin not coming in for the past couple of weeks, since his lease was up at the end of February. The landlord tells Randy that when he did a walk through of Dr. Martin's office with the police at the request of the other doctors, they had found no medical records or personal items on the premises. All of the file cabinets were empty and some of them looked like they had never been used. As far as he knows, the police did not open an investigation because there was no evidence of any criminal activity at the office nor that criminal activity was behind the doctor's disappearance.

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

2/15/2006 - After his first sparring session with the Knight, Judah puts a plan in place to draw out his pursuers. He begins frequenting a local coffee bar in the early evenings. He sits and sips a coffee while appearing to read a novel. In reality, he uses several mini-cameras and microphones to monitor crowd activity to determine if anyone is taking an undo interest in him.

2/18/2006 - On the third night, Lazarus asks Jaxton to accompany him, while at the café on the deck, Lazarus has Jaxton feign an illness and uses his healing abilities on him. He quickly departs with Jaxton saying he must get his friend medical attention.

2/19/2006 - After that night, Lazarus continues his rounds of hospitals to heal critical patients in secret, while setting up a habitual pattern of visiting the coffee bar with a novel.

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

2/13/2006 - When not playing catch up, William spends a lot of time with Bridie.

2/13/2006 - The Knight, while doing his regular checks on the Grand Empire, finds that Orion intelligence has found evidence that the imperials might have reconnaissance teams operating in North America.

3/10/2006 - The Knight reviews the tapes of Prime's lab activities. What he observes is what he has come to expect from Prime. His attention has finally veered from obsessively working on his 'cosmic computer.' He had not completed the tests on Johan Doyle's DNA but instead had started tinkering with his 'constructobots.' Next, Prime had turned his attention to building a metal sculpture of himself. Lately, he had been working with communication lasers all the time mumbling something about a decent Internet connection. Then came the explosion, luckily the armored walls prevented any damage to the base and Prime was recovering quickly in the infirmary.

3/12/2006 - The Knight checks with der Grüne Ritter in Alta Verde on the Grand Empire activities. He is told that the imperials are still trying to consolidate their positions in South America and are encountering opposition from Orion and local law enforcement. The imperials have definitely ramped up recruiting and training of new operatives. The Alta Verde council believes and der Grüne Ritter agrees that it is not a matter of if but when the valley will be facing another Grand Empire attack. The council is fearful that an attack may come during the sentencing tribunal and are reluctant to let the 'Protectors' leave the valley.

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