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Here We Go Again - Downtime

Post-Session: 26

A look at what happened after Session 26.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

3/20/2006 - Story - The Rise of Lincoln - Alt-Prime

3/31/2006 - The medical staff reports to security that Khara went out for a walk and did not return. Afraid that something bad may have happened, they ask the security force to search for her. The search turns up a thank you note for the medical treatment and hospitality during her time at the Wardens base. There is also a sealed envelope addressed to the Knight of Saint Michael.

4/2/2006 - There are several new sightings of the Oakland paranormal dubbed "Blue Boy" by the FSS. Reports have him stopping several muggings and robberies. His costume's shade of blue has changed again but the FSS classifies the sightings as the unknown paranormal, "Blue Boy."

4/4/2006 - Story - The Shard of Lincoln - Alt-Prime

4/9/2006 - The Knight tells Amethyst that he is taking a vacation and gives her info on how to contact him in case of emergency.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

4/12/2006 - At the request of the Alta Verde council, Karalyn proposes San Francisco as the site of the Orion tribunal's bench for accepting the pleas of der Kampfkoloss, die Kampfmaschine, Kriegstochter and Panzer. After several weeks of wrangling, the FSS legal staff and the Orion tribunal accept the proposal. They in turn request that the defendants be held at the FSS' Western Region Headquarters while awaiting their appearance before the tribunal and during the hearings and sentencing. Dieter tells Karalyn that this is unacceptable and breaks off the latest round of negotiations.

4/13/2006 - Karalyn meets with Dieter afterwards and convinces him that the negotiations have come too far to just throw them away at this point. Dieter tells her that if she can come up with a place where the four will be safe and not in the hands of the FSS and/or Orion, he would return to the negotiating table to finalize the deal. Otherwise, this is the end of negotiations, the four will not enter pleas and he will return to Alta Verde. Karalyn asks for 60 days to work out a compromise and Dieter agrees to give her 6 weeks.

Randy McLeod, a.k.a. Delta-Vee

3/18/2006 - Randy checks with the police about Dr. Martin's disappearance. An officer in the missing persons units confirm that no case was opened as there was no evidence that any type of crime had been committed and no one other than co-workers, who had very little information about their colleague, had reported the doctor missing. The officer tells Randy if he comes up with evidence that a crime had been committed pertaining to Dr. Martin or his 'disappearance,' the department would open a case and investigate the matter.

4/10/2006 - Randy woke with a start Mark's screams still echoing in his head. The nightmares had returned.

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

3/17/2006 - Lazarus continues his sparring session with the Knight. Who also shows a sincere interest in history, so in addition to the combat techniques, Lazarus also shares some of his life story with the Knight.

3/17/2006 - Judah continues both his visits to hospitals healing critical patients in secret and his habitual pattern of patronizing the same coffee bar each evening before his makes 'rounds.' He studies the tapes from his mini-cameras and microphones but does not find anyone taking an inordinate amount of interest in him.

3/17/2006 - Judah also takes time to paint. It gives him a way to confront some of the demons from his past as well as plan for his future.

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

3/17/2006 - The Knight keeps up training sessions with Lazarus. The knowledge exchange starts to move beyond combat techniques to include discussions of history with the Knight anxious to learn the first hand experiences of someone who had lived through the years from his time to the present day.

3/17/2006 - The Knight can find no supporting evidence to back up the Orion intelligence report that had speculated the Grand Empire had reconnaissance teams operating in North America.

3/17/2006 - The Knight has very little to review when he checks the tapes of Prime's lab activities as the small simian had been spending little time in the lab. A check of computer logs showed that Prime had been spending a great deal of his time in his quarters doing research on various criminal paranormals and also looking for evidence of criminal backing of the doctor that had given Delta-Vee his powers.

3/17/2006 - The Knight found much frustration as he tried to sort out the Prime and 'Johan Doyle' mess. Alternate dimensions, alternate people, alternate histories, it was really mind boggling. He thought about calling Dr. Kensington to help him sort out the mess, but realized all that would probably do was add to his confusion and frustration.

3/31/2006 - The letter from Khara did not say much. It was just a reminder that she wanted to talk with him about the future and that she would be in touch after the time of mourning for her departed sisters was over.

4/7/2006 - Lazarus invites William to dinner. William brings Bridie with him to introduce her to Lazarus.

4/8/2006 - Bridie convinces William that he needs some time off after what he had recently been through. With spring break coming up she suggests that they take a trip, nothing special, just a getaway. When all is said and done, Bridie prevails and they book a week at a bed and breakfast on Lake Tahoe.

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