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Rogue Prime, Part 1 - Downtime

Post-Session: 27

A look at what happened after Session 27.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

4/18/2006 - Story - Strategy Session - Amethyst (II), Delta-Vee, Knight of Saint Michael, Eon (Lazarus), Miss Majestic, Thunder

4/18/2006 - Story - Alt-Prime 3.0 - Alt-Prime

4/19/2006 - Freddie Lawrence responds to the Wardens request for help with the restarting and repairing the computer systems at the headquarters. He agrees to help under one condition, the team fires their current computer specialist Marla Harlowe. When asked why, he says that she is incompetent and as an example of that just take a look at what happened on her watch. His final declaration it that it is "her or me." Freddie says that he will be willing to sign a long term contract to act as a systems consultant for the Wardens. A little bit of research identifies a professional rivalry between the two that started shortly after Freddie left the Wardens when Marla questioned Freddie's competence and reliance on a quirky system like Whitney. Kore says that she could be the day-to-day 'computer expert' for the Wardens making a contract with Freddie feasible. She assures the team that she can handle things and also expresses some doubts about Marla. After much discussion, it is decided to reassign Marla to the Alcatraz Foundation offices and offer a contract to Freddie. Freddie accepts the contract one he assured that Marla has been fired by the Wardens and will no longer be permitted access to the headquarters facility.

4/20/2006 - Freddie gets to work on the systems with Whitney secretly assisting him. The systems are back online the next day and Freddie has started a comprehensive analysis and assessment of the systems capabilities in the wake of the attack. The Wardens have Freddie make it a priority to re-establish communications with extra-dimensional sensors network so that data can be gathered and analyzed to help in the search for Prime.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

4/19/2006 - Karalyn almost finds herself sidetracked with all the issues of the Wardens. The negotiations are at a critical stage, so she pushes through the distractions and arranges meetings between herself and the legal team for Orion and the FSS. She decides to spend her mornings devoted to legal wrangling and pushing hard for a final deal for the Alta Verde Defenders.

4/20/2006 - Amethyst decides to spend her time helping the team in any way she can in the search for Prime.

Randy McLeod, a.k.a. Delta-Vee

4/19/2006 - Delta-Vee sends a note to Dr. Rebecca Miller. It reads: 'Dr. Miller, I just realized that I haven't had a thing to eat or drink in over a week, Delta-Vee. P.S. I haven't urinated or had a bowel movement during that time either.'

4/20/2006 - Randy receives a package at the Alcatraz Foundation headquarters. It contains several DVDs and a note. The note reads, 'If you are receiving this package then it means something has happened to me. I hope the data on these disks can help you. I wish for you nothing but the best.' It is signed, Dr. Alexander Martin.

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

4/20/2006 - The escape of Prime and the ensuing search for the troublesome primate, diverts Judah's attention from following up on the stories and rumors about the miraculously healed and St Michael medals...

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

4/19/2006 - After his time away from the Wardens, the Knight is brought back to reality by the emergency beeping of his communicator. Upon hearing about a crisis involving Prime, he apologizes to Bridie and tells her, "There is a great disturbance at my office that I have to deal with personally. I will make this up to you, I promise."

Kore Moorland, a.k.a. Miss Majestic

4/20/2006 - Kore works closely with Freddie in the first few days bringing Susan, Adam and Melinda back online. It helps familiarize her with the systems, because in all of her time working with Prime she had had very little experience working on the base's computer systems.

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