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Rogue Prime, Part 2 - Downtime

Post-Session: 28

A look at what happened after Session 28.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

4/30/2006 - Story - Alt-Prime 4.0 - Alt-Prime

5/15/2006 - The teens injured by the Wardens give interviews to the press about the 'senseless attack' the day after the incident. Several days later, the teens in a press release with the owner of AnimaTechnics, recant their statements. The release explains that the 'broadcasts' were not real but staged as a publicity stunt for AnimaTechnics and its laser tag arena. The 'Wardens' were AnimaTechnics animatronic creations designed to look like the Wardens and their powers were simulated with special effects and pyrotechnics. The teens had been injured when several of the pyro-stunts went off at the wrong time. The press release concludes with an apology to the Wardens and the public as well as an announcement that AnimaTechnics would be liquidated and the proceeds would be donated to the Radley Foundation to help victims of paranormal involved crimes.

5/15/2006 - Prime's 'prison' is a specially prepared area in the old prison complex not open to the public. It was setup there because it was completely isolated from any 'modern' or 'super-modern' technology. All of the equipment in the area is battery powered or connected to a portable fuel cell. There are no lines of any kind to the outside world. The only transmissions to or from the area are via the guards' radios. Video surveillance of Prime in his cell is done by several consumer type DVD video cameras connected to several monitors via long patch cables enabling the guards to keep an eye on the pretentious primate. The guards replace the discs as needed on a rotational basis so that Prime's activities are always being recorded. The DVD recordings are sent to the base for analysis. Prime is also monitored at all times by two of the sensor backpacks the Wardens used to find him in Orlando. The memory units for the sensors are switched out when they are full by the guards on a staggered schedule so at least one unit is scanning Prime at all times. The memory unit recordings are sent to the base and downloaded for analysis by the Wardens and Dr. Kensington.

5/27/2006 - Story - The Visit - Prime, Knight of Saint Michael

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

5/20/2006 - Karalyn introduces Joachim Hyradi to Dieter Mastriani and explains to Dieter that Hyradi has been brought in to handle the appearances of der Kampfkoloss, die Kampfmaschine, Kriegstochter and Panzer before the Orion tribunal. Dieter accuses her of trickery saying that he knows Hyradi is a former FSS administrator. Hyradi assures Dieter that no deception was intended and that he will work to get the best possible deal for his clients during the negotiations. As an example of Hyradi's concern for his clients, Karalyn reveals to Dieter that Hyradi was the one that negotiated the compromise on the 'Alta Verde Protectors' accommodations while they are in San Francisco. Hyradi also tells Dieter that he will ensure that a written agreement is in place and approved by all parties before der Kampfkoloss, die Kampfmaschine, Kriegstochter and Panzer set foot in San Francisco. Hyradi goes on to say that he will also ensure that the proper leaks are made to the right members of the press so that it will be publicly known that a deal is in place before the tribunal hearings start, the Orion tribunal will be just a formality as it has been negotiated to be. Hyradi and Dieter continue to discuss the situation and in the end Dieter says that he is impressed with Karalyn's decision to bring Hyradi in.

5/21/2006 - Amethyst makes a note to present Hyradi's request to the Wardens about allowing the 'Alta Verde Protectors' to stay at Alcatraz while they are appearing before the Orion tribunal.

Randy McLeod, a.k.a. Delta-Vee

5/16/2006 - Randy returns to San Francisco shortly after the Wardens return from their excursion to Orlando.

5/18/2006 - He meets with Dr. Rebecca Miller and they discuss the email note he had sent her. He also gives here copies of the data DVDs that he had received from Dr. Martin. After some more discussion, Dr. Miller and Randy schedule a series of tests to try and determine what has been happening to him in regard to the recent changes in his abilities and physiology.

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

5/20/2006 - In an effort to further assist mankind, Judah searches the Internet for information about the highest traffic trauma wards. Finding one of the prominent areas in the country is New York City, he decides to make brief trip there to do what he can. Booking a civilian flight, he travels to New York and checks in at the Waldorf Astoria. Judah maintains his established routine when making hospital 'rounds' of donning the appropriate attire and using a surgical mask to conceal his identity. On the first day, he makes a special trip to the children's ward for the terminally ill at New York General. Wondering if by trying to cure terminal patients he is pushing himself too hard, Judah sets to his task examining the children while telling them tales of memories past. Each time he performs his 'magic trick,' he gives the child a special reward, a medallion of Saint Michael, and asks them to keep his visit a secret. Judah spends a week in New York making the rounds of trauma wards. When not 'working' or recuperating, he visits some tourist spots, tries out the local coffee and spends time just enjoying the atmosphere. When the week is up, he returns to San Francisco and the Wardens base to find out what he has been missing.

5/27/2006 - After returning from New York, Judah resumes his coffee house routine and healing rounds as well as looking into some of the rumors about miraculous recoveries and St. Michael medals.

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

5/15/2006 - William spends time with Bridie and finds that she is a little distant. When he presses her as to why, she explains that she has been having some issues with his job. She admits that she has been to a counselor to talk about the issues in relationships with partners that have jobs where they risk their lives on a daily basis.

5/15/2006 - William also spends more time at Notre Dame des Victoires for confession, prayer and meditation. He finds himself looking for guidance on relationships both past and present as prays for enlightenment regarding both his father and Bridie.

5/15/2006 - The Knight continues his investigations of the Grand Empire's operations in North America but find no evidence of any return to the area. He checks with der Grüne Ritter in Alta Verde and is told that the imperials are continuing to ramp up recruiting and training of new operatives. The Alta Verde council is considering calling Asenblut and Vanenspeer back to the valley during the Orion tribunal as a hedge against a Grand Empire attack during the 'Protectors' absence from Alta Verde.

5/15/2006 - The Knight views some of the security tapes of Prime and realizes that he seems much more calmer than he has ever seen him. When he reviews the recording of the incident with the 'book monster,' he decides it is time to call a meeting on what to do about Prime.

5/27/2006 - The Knight resumes training with Judah when he returns from New York. The brief break in workouts shows the Knight how much he is becoming accustom to unarmed combat as the muscle memory for the routines are becoming ingrained.

Kore Moorland, a.k.a. Miss Majestic

6/10/2006 - Kore returns to the estate for more training with Armstrong and Rhiannon. She makes a deal with them to spend the summer at the estate and receive training while the threat from the Enclave members in the city is assessed.

6/12/2006 - Kore notifies Amethyst that she will be staying at the estate with her grandparents for the summer but would be available if there was an emergency and also to consult on any matters involving mystic threats or problems.

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