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Darkling Encounter - Downtime

Post-Session: 3

A look at what happened after Session 3.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

5/14/2004 - Story - In The Waiting Room - Boost, Knight of Saint Michael

5/16/2004 - Sinjin meets with Fortaleza and they talk about 'his' status with the Wardens. 'He' tells Sinjin that 'he' has not yet made a decision as whether or not 'he' will be moving to active status. Sinjin says that moving to active status is a decision that needs to be thoroughly examined and to take all the time that 'he' needs, it is not something that needs to be rushed.

5/17/2004 - The Wardens send out a press release detailing the changes to the membership roster. Alacran will be succeeding Scorpion as leader of the team. Boost, Kitsune, Nexus and Kika would be moving from reserve to active status. Two new members, Amethyst and Knight of St. Michael would be joining the team. Mr. Gray and Shockwave would be moving from active to reserve status in order to recruit and train new team members. Scorpion would be moving to inactive status in order to search for the members of the team that went missing during the encounter with Void. Those missing team members, Ocelot, Pantera, Puma and Tigre would also be moved to inactive status. Tian Cheng, who also went missing during the encounter with Void, would be removed from the team's reserve roster.

Sinjin Miles, a.k.a. Alacran

5/17/2004 - After his talk with Fortaleza, Sinjin decides to take Cynthia away from the city for a few weeks. He calls Wendy and then calls Nexus to let them know that he will be going out of town for a few weeks.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

5/15/2004 - Amethyst spends a lot of time at the headquarters going over Wardens case files and FSS criminal databases. She tries to speak with Sinjin about gets funds for an apartment and her other expenses but finds out that he is out of town. She ends up speaking with Jaxton about her predicament. He explains to her about the accounts that each Warden can access for personal expenses. Since she has not revealed her identity to the group, Jaxton arranges for Amethyst's withdrawals from her personal account to be paid in cash.

Mark Owens, a.k.a. Boost

5/15/2004 - Mark keeps an eye on Sir William as well as checking up on the patient in the FSS infirmary.

Solana Amendola, a.k.a. Fortaleza

5/17/2004 - After the talk with Sinjin, Solana goes home to think about her status with the Wardens. She has doubts as to whether or not she would be a good member of the team. Although no one has brought it up, she knows that she froze during the combat with the Darkling Creature. Her training as a reserve member of the team taught her that freezing while in combat can have grave consequences. Luckily nothing happened this time, but what about next time. The risk was not just to her but to her teammates as well.

Kimi Saito, a.k.a. Kika

5/15/2004 - Kika spends every chance she gets practicing with the others and also spends extra time working out on her own. She knows that she has disappointed Nexus and realizes that she needs to do something extra to gain back his respect. She considers moving to the base once classes are over for the summer.

Sara O Connor, a.k.a. Kitsune

5/21/2004 - Sara returns from Japan without having found her mentor. She is very happy to be back in the United States and away from the attitudes that she encountered during her trip.

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

5/15/2004 - Sir William checks on the status of the patient at the FSS infirmary each day. The doctors continue to report that the patient is in a deep coma and they are not sure when or if he will come out of it. Sir William asks Dr. Rebecca Miller to check on the patient and she concurs with the opinions of the FSS doctors.

Jamie Smith, a.k.a. Nexus

5/15/2004 - Nexus investigates the sniper from the parks methods and weaponry to determine if the sniper had been previously identified. After several days of following up on leads, he feels it is time to call a meeting and update the group on his investigation.

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