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Prime Evidence - Downtime

Post-Session: 33

A look at what happened after Session 33.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

9/4/2006 - Blue Boy stops several muggings and robberies in Oakland. His description is given to the police by the victims he saves. Most of the alleged perpetrators are members of the O-town Boys street gang.

9/7/2006 - Cameras setup to monitor the area where Prime disappeared record several of the bio-polymer ceramic 'gremlins' examining the area. They only spend a few minutes in the area and leave as an FSS response team arrives at the scene.

9/12/2006 - Dr. Rebecca Miller calls and tells Amethyst she is back in town. The doctor goes on to explain that she would not be at the base for a few days as she was still working on a medical matter with a colleague at UC-Berkeley.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

9/5/2006 - Story - Tommy's Parents

9/16/2006 - Karalyn consults on a criminal case for Oscar and Purvis, a two attorney firm that specializes in defending lower income clients pro bono. Their client, Calen Adams, is a deaf teen accused of sexually assaulting a fellow student at the school they attend. The firm asks for Karalyn's help as both a defense attorney and sign interpreter.

Randy McLeod, a.k.a. Delta-Vee

9/4/2006 - Story - Delta-Vee After Action Report 2

9/5/2006 - Story - Email to Dr. Kensington

9/9/2006 - Story - Setting up a Meeting with Orlando

9/12/2006 - Randy receives a package at Wardens' base. It is one of Mark's backpacks and the handwriting on the identity tag was definitely his. The letter with the backpack is from the Louisiana State Police and explains that the backpack was found in a house that was scheduled to be demolished due to storm damage. The backpack was sent to Randy because of the report that he had filed with the New Orleans Police when he was working in the area with the Wardens shortly after the storm.

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

9/4/2006 - Judah compares the FSS video footage of Prime's disappearance with the sensor readings. He has Adam synch the video images with the data stream from the sensors. The sensor data shows an extremely low level of dimensional energy from the suspected 'alien ship' or 'dimensional door' or whatever, when the team arrives. There are spikes of dimensional energy each time Prime fires his dimensional energy stream at the 'target.' A microsecond after Prime fires at the 'target' for the third time, there is a surge of dimensional energies. Prime disappears and a 20 x 20 x 20 feet hole appears at the site of the suspected 'craft.' The sensors are unable to record the peak energy level from the surge after Prime's third blast as the readings go off the scale. The sensors also suffer a 'whiteout' due to the spike and have not been able to take readings since.

9/4/2006 - Judah continues his training with the Knight on advanced sword techniques. The flow of the sessions is very disjointed and the Knight admits he is having some issues adjusting to fighting a 'giant.'

9/10/2006 - Since his healing abilities work via an empathic connection between Judah and the person being healed, Judah takes Prime and Delta-Vee's advice about where to seek help. He sends out requests to several known paranormals with psychic and/or psionic abilities that the Wardens have worked with in the past. The requests are for consultation on 'recharging' his empathic healing abilities.

9/13/2006 - Richard from the Mayor's Office contacts Eon to make arrangements for the Mayor presenting a key to the city to Eon. When Eon expresses some hesitation about the ceremony, the Mayor comes on the line. He explains to Eon that it will be a simple affair with only a few guests most of whom will be the kids from the bus crash and their parents. Not wanting to let the kids down, Eon reluctantly agrees and the date of the ceremony is set for Wednesday, September 27th.

9/14/2006 - Judah receives a note from Rebecca after sending her flowers and an apology. "The flowers are very nice, thank you. No apologies are necessary, if they were they would need to be from me because I was the one acting like a school girl." It is signed Rebecca. There is a postscript, "P.S. By the way, what is with the Dr. Miller? I told you to call me Rebecca. :-)"


9/6/2006 - Story - Revelations of Slander Most Vile

9/7/2006 - Story - Karex Reminisces

9/7/2006 - Story - The Drop Off

9/8/2006 - Story - Briefing from OPO

9/19/2006 - Story - Visiting the Wardens

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

9/4/2006 - William starts studying several sciences in an effort to better understand the things that Prime had been up to and other strangeness like the dimensional door. He finds himself seriously over his head when it comes to understanding some of the theories behind the sciences he is studying even after finding a way to reconcile his faith with the show me the proof style of the scientific method. He makes a decision to get a tutor to better help him understand the new concepts that he is studying.

9/4/2006 - The Knight searches for evidence that might lead him to find out what happened to Prime. He does not find anything more about Prime's disappearance than what he had observed at the site. He follows up on Judah's comparison of the cameras and sensor data then he refers the data to Freddie. An through analysis of Prime's recent activities as well as the camera and sensor data turns up no evidence that his disappearance was a planned event. Freddie speculates that based on his actions, Prime was desperate to win his teammates acknowledgement and approval.

9/4/2006 - The Knight spends time reviewing after actions reports and monthly status reports. He makes a few comments in the team meetings about the sparse nature of some of the reports he has been receiving. So sparse in some cases as to be nonexistent. He once again asks that everyone submits after actions reports and monthly status reports.

9/4/2006 - William decides to pursue a three prong strategy for getting in good with some military types. The first avenue involves using his background in security consulting to meet with former military that are now in the security business. Secondly, he will take advantage of his contacts in the business world that are military contractors to meet military projects' officers. Lastly, he will leverage his identity as the Knight to speak with local military on defense issues.

9/4/2006 - The Knight continues his instruction of Judah in advanced sword techniques. The flow of the sessions is very disjointed and the Knight admits he is having some issues adjusting to fighting a 'giant.' What he does not tell Judah is that he is also holding back more than usual to avoid hurting his now 'fragile' pupil.

9/9/2006 - The Knight continues to converse with former FSS Special Agent Rowena Delacruz for insight into the workings of the FSS including how to deal with the credentials issue. Rowena tells him it is a power play by Western Region Director Alana Cho and that she is one of Vanyan's bunch so she is probably pushing his agenda.

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