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Wardens Fourth Edition Downtime Logs

Halloween - Downtime

Post-Session: 35

A look at what happened after Session 35.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

11/1/2006 - Blue Boy stops several O-town Boys crimes including a couple of muggings and drug deals as well as stopping a couple of conflicts between them and other area gangs when shots are exchanged endangering innocents. He also saves several people from a house fire.

11/1/2006 - Tommy, Janelle and Aaron Holliday spend time at the community center. Tommy hangs out playing with the children and taking some physical fitness classes recommended by his physical therapist. His parents do volunteer work with Janelle helping out wherever she can while also keeping an eye out for people that the Green Valley Trust can help and Aaron helps with the vocational education classes teaching mechanic skills.

11/2/2006 - After the team decided to let Johan Doyle stay at their Alcatraz Island headquarters, there is the matter of where and what type of access to the base he will be given. Karex emphatically states that Johan Doyle should be provided with any resources that will, hopefully, eventually result in clarification of who tried to kidnap him and why and any connection it might have to the mysterious disappearance of Prime. Eon says to grant Doyle guest status and assign him quarters on the guest level. Grant lab access provided Doyle is accompanied by security and assign restricted computer access with monitored activity and traffic logs. Amethyst comments "all the above..." The Knight then makes the pronouncement that Doyle is to have a guest level residence, for the Knight suspects that whoever is trying to kidnap Doyle won't quit as well as limited computer access and only in labs if monitored for now. The Knight also ensures that a DNA sample is secured from Johan Doyle.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

11/8/2006 - Calen Adams with Karalyn's support makes his statement to the police and district attorney. He admits to having consensual sex with Kimberly Agnew. After being told about Calen's statement, Kimberly admits that it was true and she was scared after her parents found out about her and Calen so she made up the rape story. The charges against Calen are dropped and Kimberly is sentenced to community service for filing false charges.

11/15/2006 - Karalyn speaks with the judge and tells him that she volunteers at the Ramon Marcel Community Center and would be willing to supervise Kimberly's community service as a volunteer at the community center. The judge assigns Kimberly to volunteer work at the community center under Karalyn's supervision.

11/16/2006 - Tommy starts attending the sign language classes and stays to talk with Karalyn several times after class. Each time he thanks her for helping his family and offers to help by picking up around the classroom and carrying her books to her SUV.

11/22/2006 - Karalyn works at the community center teaching sign language classes with Kimberly's help. They also do sign translation for the children's Thanksgiving play about the first Thanksgiving.

11/27/2006 - Calen stops by Karalyn's office and talks with her about helping people like she does as well as him studying to become an attorney. She tells him that the desire to help others must come from the heart and not just from obligation to her for helping him. She suggests that Calen spend sometime volunteering at the community center before he decides to dedicate his life to helping others and afterward if he still wants to help others, she will gladly get him in touch with groups that help the hearing impaired and could use volunteers like him.

11/30/2006 - Karalyn sees Calen around the community center helping with the children. She sees him and Tommy taking breaks after physical fitness classes to work on Tommy's signing. She also catches an encounter where Kimberly is obviously trying to catch up to Calen to converse with him but he keeps going ignoring her.

Randy McLeod, a.k.a. Delta-Vee

11/1/2006 - Randy wakes almost every night he tries to sleep for a couple of weeks after Halloween with Mark's screams echoing through his brain. Each time he wakes from the nightmare, Randy gets the feeling that he is not alone in his apartment but 'quick' searches find no sign of anyone else.

11/12/2006 - One afternoon after cheer team practice, Randy finds a large envelope in his mail slot at the community center. The envelope has a Herndon, Virginia postmark and contains photographs of Randy dressed as Peter Pan at the Halloween party with at least one member of the cheer team in every picture. It also has a note reading: "always be aware that there are watchers that take an interest in talented individuals... some will protect those you care about, other will harm them... choose your friends wisely..."

11/22/2006 - 11/23/2006 - The time around Thanksgiving is a busy one for Randy. He attends the children's Thanksgiving play the day before the holiday getting to see Gianna in the spotlight as one of the Indians. Then he helps serve lunch on Thanksgiving Day at the community center. Shortly after lunch, Randy flies to his parent's home for his family's Thanksgiving dinner.

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

11/1/2006 - Judah's life living at Rebecca settles into a common routine. Most of his time at home is spent painting and with Rebecca when she has free time. He accompanies Rebecca on her trips out taking special care on the visits to the UC-Berkeley's medical facility and the Wardens base. Some of the time after escorting Rebecca to the base, Judah takes advantage of the secure nature of the facility to leave her alone and run his personal errands.

11/23/2006 - Judah and Rebecca help serve lunch on Thanksgiving Day at the community center. Rebecca also talks about setting up a clinic at the community center. It would provide basic medical consultations and examinations with more serious issues being referred to seek more extensive medical care at an emergent care facility or hospital.

11/25/2006 - Story - Spirit of Giving


11/1/2006 - Log Entries

Priority 1: Establish Alpha status with local human barbarian tribes (street gangs) through culturally-appropriate dominant behavior such as demonstrations of superior strength and fighting prowess.

Priority 2: Cull the most dangerous elements from the local human barbarian tribes (arrest the most violent and dangerous members of the street gangs).

Priority 3: Work on plans for scouting the deepest unexplored regions of the oceans in search of a lost dolphin civilization and leave behind transmitters built from primitive locally available technology that broadcast on alert channels that the orbiting cloaked Yrician satellite will scan with its technologically superior instruments and detect anomalous features in the area that visual inspections and human based sensors technology misses.

11/3/2006 - E-mail from Gianna


Dear Mister Carrots,

It is me, Gianna. Thank you for attending our Halloween party. I had fun flying with you and I am sorry I squeezed your hand. I hope you will visit again maybe for the Thanksgiving play. I am playing the Indian princess.

Your friend,



11/10/2006 - Story - Karex and the Barbarians

11/18/2006 - Story - Dolphins Secrets Revealed

11/22/2006 - Karex accepts Gianna's invitation to the Thanksgiving play and spends the evening after the show regaling her family with amusing tales from his race's past which include valuable moral lessons that all younglings should learn, like always obey your elders and the value of conformity to the majority cultural values. While visiting with the family, Karex meets Gianna's older sister, Katrina.

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

11/1/2006 - The Knight continues his studies to better understand Prime's experiments and other scientific strangeness that the Wardens' had encountered as well as the sciences in general. Despite his deficient background in mathematics and the sciences, he starts to gain a basic foundation in modern sciences after several conversations with Johan Doyle. The Knight does not know why but he seems to be able to grasp Doyle's explanation of things better than any other person his has studied with.

11/1/2006 - Freddie tells the Knight that work has been finished on AESOp and it has been put to work on analyzing the sensor data from Prime's disappearance. Freddie also says that he has been in contact with Dr. Kensington and that the doctor had almost finished his own analysis of the sensor data that Delta-Vee had requested.

11/1/2006 - The Knight keeps an eye out for Blue Boy while keeping tabs on the O-town Boys without luck. Then when the Knight responds to help with a house fire, he literally comes face to face with Blue Boy. He hands one of the survivors that he has pulled from the fire to the Knight. After he gets the survivor to emergency personnel, the Knight can find no sign of Blue Boy at the site.

11/13/2006 - The Knight is a bit confused by Karex's 'After Action Reports' regarding his encounters with local 'barbarian tribes' but based on the locations and activities of the 'barbarian tribes,' the Knight determines that Karex's 'barbarians' are local street gangs. The Knight vows to have a conversation with Karex about his activities.

11/16/2006 - Checking the latest information on the Grand Empire, the Knight finds that Orion and local law-enforcement groups in South America were having great success in rooting out their facilities and stopping their operations. The combination of information from the seized clamshell laptop , the computer the Wardens had seized from the San Francisco base and the intelligence from Alta Verde had given the authorities a great advantage and the Grand Empire appeared to be in a death spiral. Maybe this time for good.

11/23/2006 - William and Bridie help serve lunch on Thanksgiving Day at the community center.

11/23/2006 - That evening, they have dinner with Chris and Helena, Joey and her date, Martin, and then the potential match of Kevin and Bridie's co-worker, Charles. Both are extremely introverted but Helena and Bridie hoped they would click.

11/29/2006 - The Knight's check with der Grüne Ritter finds that the official reports on the possible demise of the Grand Empire were not exaggerations and that their end looked to be very near. Der Grüne Ritter also says that it has been confirmed by Alta Verde intelligence assets that Sturmgräfin and her bunch were working for the Grand Empire. The Wardens capture of her team had also had an impact on the Grand Empire by taking away their major paranormal team.

12/1/2006 - William attends a conference on corporate security practices for government contractors. He 'meets' Colonel Harrison 'Harry' Ridgehall, a US Army tactical analyst who is a guest speaker at the conference and speaks on 'Corporate Security and the Paranormal Element.' William converses with Harry after his speech. Harry is very interested in William's opinions since he has worked with the Wardens and the Alcatraz Foundation Security Force.

12/5/2006 - Rowena Delacruz contacts the Knight and tells him that the arbitrator that was reviewing the 'case' against the Wardens for 'violations' of their charter had rendered her opinion on the matter. Rowena also tells the Knight that Vanyan was not happy with the opinion and was delaying the release of it.

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