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Crystals of Darkness - Downtime

Post-Session: 36

A look at what happened after Session 36.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

12/9/2006 - Blue Boy continues to stop crimes that target the people in the neighborhood around the O-town Boys' 'territory.' He does not intervene in the gang on gang conflicts unless bystanders are threatened.

12/9/2006 - Janelle Holliday continues to stop by the community center a few times a week to drop off Tommy and look for people that the Green Valley Trust can help. Aaron Holliday continues to teach mechanics classes at the center.

12/9/2006 - Story - Rebirth, the Prelude - Eon (Lazarus), Karex, Knight of Saint Michael, Dr. Rebecca Miller

12/10/2006 - Story - Rebirth - Eon (Lazarus), Karex, Knight of Saint Michael, Dr. Rebecca Miller

12/10/2006 - 12/12/2006 - Story - Rebirth, the Aftermath - Eon (Lazarus), Karex, Knight of Saint Michael, Dr. S. Alon Sloan

12/11/2006 - UC-Berkeley Medical Center contracts R3 Services to get the damaged facilities back in service as soon as possible. The Alcatraz Foundation also contracts with R3 Services to repair the damages and redesign/update the Wardens' base infirmary.

12/13/2006 - Story - It's Like Learning to Walk, Again - Eon (Lazarus), Karex, Knight of Saint Michael

12/18/2006 - The FSS medical staff provides data from the testing of Cornelius Stone, the scientist from the black crystal explosion, and the crystal construct from the combat at UC-Berkeley to Dr. S. Alon Sloan, the Wardens and Dr. Rebecca Miller.

12/20/2006 - Story - Crystal Condition - Eon (Lazarus), Karex, Knight of Saint Michael

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

12/9/2006 - Karalyn continues to supervise Kimberly's community service work at the Ramon Marcel Community Center. The two of them continue to teach sign language classes together. Kimberly also spends some time working in the daycare center.

12/9/2006 - Karalyn sees Calen working around the community center. He avoids the sign language classes but does tutor some of the students after class including Tommy as well as continue helping with the physical fitness classes.

12/22/2006 - Amethyst attends the Alcatraz Foundation Christmas charity event for disadvantaged youths and their families.

12/23/2006 - 12/26/2006 - Karalyn spends Christmas weekend in Los Angeles with her mother and father.

1/1/2007 - Karalyn spends New Year's by herself at her apartment.

1/8/2007 - Story - Confidant and Counselor

1/10/2007 - Karalyn begins to provide basic legal assistance as well as referrals to other free legal services for more in depth cases at the community center.

1/18/2007 - Melinda provides Amethyst with a story from a newspaper archive about a fatal car crash involving Solomon Baines, Thelma Baines and Tobias Holliday. The accident happened near Olympia, Washington in 1999. The car slid off an icy bridge into the river below and no survivors were found. Family members were listed as Abraham and Lien Thi Baines, and Aaron, Janelle and Thomas Holliday.

Randy McLeod, a.k.a. Delta-Vee

12/24/2006 - 12/25/2006 - Randy goes to his parents for the Christmas holiday. He attends the midnight candlelight service on Christmas Eve with them. Then spends Christmas morning with his parents before returning the San Francisco after Christmas dinner.

12/31/2006 - 1/1/2007 - Randy spends New Year's Eve and Day alone at his apartment moping.

1/10/2007 - Randy receives a large package at the Wardens headquarters from Dr. Kensington, inside are two smaller boxes.

The smaller of the two boxes contains two sets of data discs with a complete analysis of the energy signatures detected by the dimensional and cosmic energy sensors from when Prime disappeared. The analysis has determined several unique elements that the local sensor net can be programmed to find and provide detection alerts to the Wardens. A note also asks that the second set of discs be given to Freddie.

1/10/2007 - The second box contains a new helmet for Delta-Vee. The new helmet has the visual and aural enhancement systems as well as the radar and sonar systems like his old helmet but it also includes a new system. The new system is a portable version of the dimensional and cosmic energy sensors that the Wardens have deployed in the Bay area. Dr. Kensington also includes a small data disc with the operating instructions for the new sensor system including how detected energies can be displayed as 'visual' output on the inside of the helmet's face shield.

1/18/2007 - Randy finds a box from Tommy Holliday in his mail slot at the community center. Inside the box are pieces of what appear to be one of the little obsidian gremlins that the Wardens have previously encountered and a note. The note reads, 'Miss Karalyn needs your help these things are after her.'

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

12/13/2006 - Story - Visiting the Hospital

12/14/2006 - Story - Field Test

12/14/2006 - Story - Visiting the Hospital Again

12/17/2006 - 12/21/2006 - Story - Coming Home

12/19/2006 - Eon read the brief provided by the FSS and then made some notes of key elements in the information. If he was to discover anything useful about the events that brought him to this state he would need to use all his experience and knowledge to get at the truth. First thing Eon does is have Melinda setup ongoing monitoring queries in the computer for any entries public, private, or even classified regarding the following key terms: black crystals, energy crystals, Cornelius Stone, Crystal Shards, Cosmic Crystals, Cosmic Energy, and just for good measure Judah Ambrose. He considers for a moment another item to monitor, he begins setting a similiar query for all records on his aliases, Lazarus, Eon, Judah, and a few of the more notable names he has used in history, same search parameters. He requests the all the results to be provided daily and catagorized by order of relevance via his email. Judah then begins getting all data possible on Mr. Stone and reviewing the man's life history and anything related to the work leading to the discovery of the crystals.

12/22/2006 - 12/30/2006 - Story - From Another Time and Another Place

12/25/2006 - Judah and Rebecca spend a quiet Christmas at her condo. Throughout the day members of her family call with best wishes for the Holiday. When Judah asks why she did not join her family for Christmas, she answers that it is an 'off year.' When she sees the puzzled look on his face she explains what 'off year' means. Since her and her siblings have all reached adulthood and moved to various parts of the country, the family only gets together every other year for Christmas. Next year, the family would gather at her sister's home in Vermont for Christmas.

12/31/2006 - Judah spends the day of New Year's Eve at the base. Rebecca joins him for dinner and at midnight they watch Karex's fireworks display.

1/15/2007 - Story - A Practical Application of Abilities


12/10/2006 - Email from Gianna


Dear Mister Carrots,

It is me, Gianna. Sorry I have not emailed you sooner. Thank you for attending our Thanksgiving play. I had fun listening to your stories and I think my parents now believe you are real and not just Prime dressed in an alien suit but Tommy still thinks you are. I know you are busy and hope you will visit again soon.

Your friend,

12/10/2006 - 12/24/2006 - Karex spends some of his time before Christmas trying to construct an elaborate sub-orbital Santa Claus tracking device which he plans on launching on Christmas Eve in an effort to track what may be another member of Eon's subspecies of humans back to its concealed domicile. After all, only a fellow member of Eon's subspecies would be likely to know if there is a way to reverse his current crystalline state or what the effect of his 'death' while in his new body might be. He finds some gaps in his knowledge that the Wardens' computers are unable to fill in and misses his deadline. It frustrates him that he would not remember some simple facts on sub-orbital velocities and near planet orbital trajectories, as they were part of the basic training curriculum for Explorers. Karex tries remembering several other basic formulas and theories but finds he cannot. After trying and not being able to reference other basic Yrician principles, he concludes that the Council must have ordered memory blocks to prevent him from disclosing sensitive scientific information to the humans and dolphins of Earth.

12/15/2006 - Story - Multiculturalism, Part 1

12/19/2006 - Karex is both surprised and scared by the results of the energy signature tests from the black crystal explosion victims. Eon's signature is different from Cornelius Stone, the original patient, and the construct that appeared during the combat at the UC-Berkeley Medical Center. Eon's signature is not familiar but Stone's and the construct's signatures are something that Karex has seen once before and it filled him with a sense of dread. The only real tragedy the Yricians had suffered in their explorations in space was when a large exploration cruiser had returned home with all aboard dead. Stone's and the construct's signature were the same as the energy signature that had been found on each of the dead crewmen.

12/26/2006 - 12/31/2006 - Karex, using his alien technological knowledge and with the assistance of the Wardens' computers to fill in the blanks, works to construct the most impressive fireworks show ever put on in the Bay area. He scrounges through the base storerooms and takes a few items past Wardens had left behind and adapts them to the task. He sets off the elaborate fireworks show on New Year's Eve from Alcatraz Island. The public is astounded but the authorities are a bit peeved. Karex is cited for violating several ordinances regarding handling of fireworks and illegal public exhibitions. The charges are dropped and he is cautioned about getting permission from the authorities before any future 'shows.'

1/5/2007 - Story - Multiculturalism, Part 2

1/18/2007 - Email from Gianna


Dear Mister Carrots,

It is me, Gianna. We need your help the grown-ups will not listen to us. They think we are making up stories but we are not it is all true. There are little black monsters here at the center and we tried to catch one and Sally almost got hit by a truck but no one will listen about them. I know you are my friend and will listen please help before it is too late and the monsters have done something bad.

Your friend,

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

12/9/2006 - The Knight continues his study of the sciences striving not for mastery but a level of knowledge that will allow for general understanding and application towards tactical situations. He finds himself turning to Johan Doyle more and more for assistance with some of the more esoteric aspects of the sciences that seem to be an everyday part of the paranormal arena.

12/9/2006 - Reviews of local law enforcement reports reveal that the O-town Boys are still up to their gangbanger ways. The Knight intervenes on a couple of occasions when innocents are put in danger by the gang's activities.

12/9/2006 - William and Bridie attend several society holiday events in the area. William is able to reacquaint himself with some of his society friends as well as gain some tips on who's who in the local political and military scenes.

12/18/2006 - The Knight speaks with Rowena. She tells him that the FSS is still sitting on the arbitrator's ruling while Vanyan has the decision reviewed. Basically the decision says there is no evidence to back the charges made against the Wardens for violating the terms of the Radley-Gold Act for information disclosure. The decision also asks that the Wardens consider having an FSS liaison office at their Alcatraz Island headquarters in order to improve relations with the FSS and as a hedge against future charges of this type.

12/22/2006 - 12/26/2006 - William spends the Christmas holiday with Bridie and her family in Tranquillity, California; a small farming community near Fresno in the San Joaquin Valley. The rural area and large number of family members brings back many memories.

12/31/2006 - 1/1/2007 - For New Year's Eve, William and Bridie have a couple's night out with Chris and Helena, Joey and her date, James, and Kevin and Charles. On New Year's Day, William and Bridie get together with their friends from the previous evening. The guys watch football all day. The girls spend some time with them then retire to another room to plot what price the guys would have to pay for their day of male bonding and football.

1/8/2007 - A check with der Grüne Ritter and a review of Orion reports shows that the Grand Empire is still taking their lumps from the authorities. The highlight of the last few weeks is a report on the Argentine military and Orion taking down a major Grand Empire training base.

1/12/2007 - Freddie tells the Knight that the dimensional and cosmic energy sensor net using data from AESOp's scans and Dr. Kensington's analysis has been calibrated to detect the signal that was present when Prime disappeared and sound an alert for the Wardens. None of the designated signatures have been detected since the sensors had been recalibrated. The signal generator may have cut its power output, left the immediate area or even gone to another dimension.

1/14/2007 - The Knight and Johan Doyle discuss cosmic energy. At the end of the conversation the Knight realizes that to prepare for tactical situations involving cosmic energy abilities, the team would have to prepare for anything as that is what cosmic energy manipulation would allow. Based on his previous experiences with scientists, he concludes that they have placed the scientific name of cosmic energy on 'magic' so that they don't have to admit that they don't know or understand what they are talking about.

1/18/2007 - The Knight has an encounter with Blue Boy after coming upon the aftermath of an encounter between him and the O-town Boys. Blue Boy shakes the Knight's hand then says he has to go as he runs off he yells back at the Knight, "Take the high road," before disappearing in a blur.

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