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He's a Real Alien - Downtime

Post-Session: 40

A look at what happened after Session 40.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

3/4/2007 - Janelle Holliday sends a message to the Wardens saying that Tommy will not be available for a few days to talk with them. She says she will give them a call when Tommy is available to discuss the incident at the community center.

3/4/2007 - Oakland Police continue to report incidents where rival gang members committing crimes in the O-town Boys old territory are found tied up with evidence of their crimes and ready for pickup when the police arrive. Reports indicate that the paranormal known as 'Blue Boy' is still watching over the neighborhood.

3/10/2007 - Katrina, Trent and Mei Lynn attend their first training session at North Bay with Thunder picking them up and taking them back to the city. Once again, Gianna is unable to attend because her parents have put her on home restrictions for fighting at the community center.

3/16/2007 - Annalexis Fleming notifies the Wardens that the Alcatraz Foundation Preservation Society has received a request for comment from the National Parks Service and the U.S. State Department in regards to allowing the Yricians to setup an Embassy on Alcatraz Island.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

3/4/2007 - Karalyn continues to teach sign language classes and work at the legal clinic at the community center. Kimberly continues to help with the sign language classes. Karalyn also sees Calen helping with the physical fitness classes at the community center.

3/5/2007 - Janelle speaks with Karalyn about the events at the community center. She is very distressed that Tommy was injured and asks Karalyn if she thinks the community center is safe with all the recent trouble. Karalyn discusses Tommy's picking up ASL in only a couple of sessions and how he was able to translate the different languages from the test that Karex gave him. Tommy has told her that the Wardens had offered to give him self-defense training when he was in the hospital. Karalyn tells Janelle that Tommy is a paranormal wherever he goes, there will be something happening that is the nature of the paranormals. Karalyn also says that she will speak with the Wardens about posting someone at the community center.

3/5/2007 - Ashley Morse leaves another message for Karalyn about administering a trust for Alta Verde that would be setup to offer funding for services similar to her Green Valley Trust. Morse also says that if she is not interested it would not be an issue but that he would like to setup a meeting to discuss the matter further before she makes a decision. Karalyn calls Ashley back to setup a meeting.

3/13/2007 - Calen stops by the Legal Assistance Clinic and talks with Karalyn. He tells her that he has enrolled at San Francisco City College and would be starting classes in the summer term. He also ask her advise on which classes would help prepare him best for going to law school. She tells him that in the first couple of years focusing on good grades is more important that what classes he takes.

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

3/5/2007 - 3/11/2007 - Story - A Trip into the Past, Syria

3/12/2007 - The internet search routines for crystals finds an article on crystal use by the ancient peoples of Egypt and Central America. Some of the documented uses include healing, childbirth, crossing over, meditation, awakening, increasing psychic abilities, increasing mental capacity and clarity of thought, science and technology, dematerialization, teleportation, telekinesis, magnetic force fields, storing records and other knowledge (much like a computer), botany and agriculture, weather control, power generators and communication.

3/14/2007 - Eon takes time during the team's weekly workout to work with Indigo and Psyche to better understand their powers and integrate them into current team tactics.

Marsa Stilhanov, a.k.a. Indigo

3/5/2007 - Armstrong Moorland leaves a second message saying that he feels it very important that Indigo meets with an associate of his. The associate may be able to provide important information on the demonhound and his master.

3/8/2007 - Marsa starts keeping a journal of her dreams and visions about my brother. He has been appearing to her in what she believes is a call for help. The dream starts with them together, Luka is normal and it was like before the coming of the Dark One. Then he starts to change and tells her to run and save herself. Then she finds herself in a place she doesn't know and Luka is there pointing at something in a book then he starts working magecraft on her. The place gets more and more detailed each time she has the dream. She describes it to the Wardens hoping they might recognize the place but none of them do. Marsa hopes the dreams are a sign that Luka can be saved and that he is trying to tell her how.


3/6/2007 - Story - Unexpected Visitors

3/15/2007 - Karex is contacted by Lincoln Jared of Jared and Morton. He tells Karex that they had to withdraw the Karex Corporation incorporation papers because there is a question of his legal status. It would seem that the U.S. State Department has not made an official ruling on Karex's status as either a diplomat or resident alien. Not having an official legal status prevents Karex from being a corporate officer under California law. Jared tells Karex he will follow up with him when he has more information.

3/16/2007 - Lincoln Jared calls Karex and tells him that he has spoken with the U.S. State Department. They assured him that a decision on Karex's legal status will be rendered along with the decision on allowing the establishment of the Yrician Embassy. The Embassy decision is about halfway through the process and a decision should be rendered by the first of April.

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

3/6/2007 - The Knight continues his study of the sciences with Johan Doyle. Doyle continues to recommending articles, books and other documents for study. Doyle also continues to dedicate time once a week to meet with the Knight to answer questions, discussion items of interest and make new recommendations for study.

3/8/2007 - Orion Special Agent Sanna Odebe contacts William to confirm that he will be able to attend the meeting at the Russian Consulate General on March 28th. Several businessmen attending the meeting do business in Russia Federation and would be interested in William's insights on corporate security and paranormals due to the recent increase of paranormal involved crime in the Russian Federation.

3/9/2007 - Johan Doyle sends a report to the Knight regarding the bio-ceramic gremlins and tracking of their energy signatures. The report shows similar pattern to the last report with trace signatures near the community center and Karalyn Nicholas' apartment as well as tracking between those two locations. There are also one or two traces in various places around the city showing no identifiable pattern.

3/9/2007 - Freddie reports that there still has been no activity for that signal range associated with Prime's disappearance. There are still sporadic readings of Prime's cosmic energy signals still with no discernable pattern.

3/12/2007 - The Knight meets with Rowena for lunch. He tells her that he has arranged for her to be paid for consulting with him on FSS and other matters. She thanks him and says for him to call on her anytime he needs her assistance.

3/13/2007 - At their weekly review meeting, the Knight asks Johan Doyle about animatronics. Doyle recommends a couple of books on animatronics and robotics for the Knight to read.

3/14/2007 - The Knight reviews Eon's findings from his and Indigo's trip to Europe as well as the reports on Melinda's data searches. They all come to the same conclusion; der Berggeist worked with the Nazis during World War II then disappeared during Operation Gotterdammerung. There are no reported sightings after his disappearance.

3/15/2007 - Still trying to keep up with Paul Stevens, the Knight discovers that Stevens has dropped out of sight. The FSS has made a finding of no evidence of negligence or culpability on Stevens' part in Robot Ted going rogue. The investigation has been suspending pending discovery of further evidence of possible wrongdoing.

3/17/2007 - The Knight finds a website by Dr. Boynton Greene that details an unidentified scientist's tour of the alien Karex's ship. Dr. Greene indicates that he has not been able to contact the scientist that gave the report since a few days after he gave the report. The government has no official statement on any tour of an alien ship. Dr. Greene indicates a possible cover up involving both the government and the aliens. Greene goes on to lament the loss of Prime to alien kidnappers.

Caitlyn Danielson, a.k.a. Psyche

3/7/2007 - Caitlyn, while having dinner at one of the outdoor café tables at Mama Leone's, senses a strong psychic energy wave. The wave is searching as if the originator was casting a net looking for someone. A few seconds later, Caitlyn no longer senses the psychic energy wave.

3/16/2007 - Mary Ann, one of Psyche's co-workers, returns to the library after lunch telling everyone that she saw Prime while she was at lunch. He was sitting on a bench at the War Memorial eating lunch with an old man. After a quick online search, she tells everyone that the old man looked like Prime's missing mentor, Professor Herbert.

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