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New Friends and an Old Horror - Downtime

Post-Session: 42

A look at what happened after Session 42.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

4/7/2007 - Katrina, Trent, Mei Lynn, Gianna and Tommy attend a training session at the Wardens' North Bay estate with Thunder picking them up and taking them back to the city.

4/9/2007 - Tommy translates the Yrician visitor's brochures that were composed by Karex. He reports to the Wardens that the brochures are guides and advice for interacting with humans and dolphins just as Karex said they were.

4/10/2007 - Gianna Daniels celebrates her twelfth birthday at the Ramon Marcel Community Center.

4/16/2007 - There is a report of a disturbance near an old warehouse in the waterfront district. Witnesses say they saw Prime fighting some small flying saucers that were shooting beams at him. Prime was winning until what can only be described as a Mecha Prime joined the fight and Prime retreated.

4/20/2007 - Adam reports to the Knight and Amethyst that Delta-Vee is still reporting in regularly from the New Orleans area where he is following up on leads about Boost.

4/21/2007 - Katrina, Trent, Mei Lynn, Gianna and Tommy attend a training session at the Wardens' headquarters. Jaxton Gray picks them up and runs the exercises from the control room as the kids workout with several members of the North Bay Security Staff. After the session, Jaxton takes the team back to the city.

4/23/2007 - The FSS reports on the investigation of the location where the body was found in the former village of Grizzly Ridge. No significant evidentiary findings from the scene except for the skeletal remains themselves which are in remarkable condition considering that tests show the girl's death occurred from 35 to 40 years ago.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

4/8/2007 - Karalyn continues to teach sign language classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and work at the legal clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Ramon Marcel Community Center.

4/13/2007 - After sign language class, Karalyn is talking with Kimberly when there is a disturbance down the hall in the computer room. Karalyn decides to check it out and just as she is about to walk in the room there is a crash and the lights go out on the entire third floor. When the lights come back on, several computers are on the floor in a puddle of water. It seems that the disturbance was an argument about who had won an online game and a picture of water got knocked over spilling on several of the computer causing them to short out.

4/19/2007 - Dr. Cho stops by Karalyn's legal clinic at the community center and asks if she can help the community center with a legal issue. Karalyn says she can make a recommendation just as she does for everyone that visits the legal clinic. He shows her some pictures of a female volunteer with several terrible scratches almost gashes on her left arm and another one on her face. He says that Kelly, the volunteer, says she was attacked by a feral cat while taking out some garbage. No one remembers asking her to take out the garbage and she normally does not work in an area where it would be part of her duties. He thinks she is trying to scam the community center's insurance, he asks what she would recommend. Karalyn advises him to just tell the facts, no suspicions, to the insurance company and let them decide if they want to investigate the issue.

4/19/2007 - Karalyn tells Amethyst about Kelly. Amethyst decides that she should patrol or be around the next time Kelly is working. Amethyst also starts doing sweeps of the property every night. Amethyst thinks "I might need to say something to the Knight. I will see what happens with Kelly's day of working."

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

4/10/2007 - Judah starts work on a series of paintings based on the events at the village of Grizzly Ridge and the associated details from Indigo's vision.

4/16/2007 - Eon talks with the Wardens technical staff about getting a suit that will allow him to withstand temperature extremes in outer space. After some further questions of his need, they recommend a suit similar to Delta-Vee's latest suit. It is a skin-tight compression suit with the breathing mixture only in the helmet to facilitate communicator use. It would be modified to account for the temperature changes in space. It should take about a month to put together such an outfit and helmet as well as testing to ensure it fits properly and is not too restricting.

4/18/2007 - Story - In the Flesh...

4/23/2007 - Story - Up, Up and Away, In My Beautiful Balloon

Marsa Stilhanov, a.k.a. Indigo

4/7/2007 - Marsa's Journal - Today my vision came true. We found the poor girl's skeletal remains. They tell me that this was many years ago so I am no closer to locating my brother. It looks hopeless.


4/9/2007 - Jared and Morton contact Karex and inform him that the documents for establishing the Yrician Cultural Trust, as a not-for-profit educational institution, have been filed with the State of California.

4/9/2007 - Story - Alcatraz Foundation and Yrician Consulate-General

4/13/2007 - Karex begins a search for a Public Relations firm to assist in handling day-to-day communications for the Yrician Consulate-General.

4/16/2007 - After much research, Karex decides it is time to take his quest for a proper general's uniform fit for his position as consul-general from the internet to Manny the Tailor. He presents several ideas and asks Manny to modify them to fit an Yrician. Manny says he can have a trial garment ready in two weeks.

4/23/2007 - Jared and Morton contact Karex and inform him that the incorporation documents for Karex Corporation have been re-filed with the State of California. The shareholders of the corporation were reported in the documentation as the Yrician Cultural Trust, 60%; Karex, Consul-General for Yrician Interests, 20%; J.M. Investments Trust, 20%.

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

4/8/2007 - The Knight continues his study of the sciences. Johan Doyle recommends several articles and books for study with a new emphasis on physics based on recent queries by the Knight. Doyle and his pupil also continue to meet weekly for questions, review of the materials and recommendations on new materials for study.

4/8/2007 - The Knight spends some time each evening during his patrols monitoring Karalyn Nicholas in an attempt to catch one of the bio-ceramic 'gremlins' that have been following her. He does not spot any of the 'gremlins' during his time spent monitoring Karalyn.

4/8/2007 - The Knight spends more time trying to catch up with Blue Boy but once again does not find him. When the Knight follows up with Tommy, the boy says that Toby has not contacted him and this is the longest amount of time recently that he has gone without contact.

4/8/2007 - The Knight has Melinda and Adam conduct private searches for reports on the Yrician warrior. He also patrols the area looking for the warrior hoping for a peaceful non-confrontational visit with him.

4/8/2007 - The Knight prays nightly for insight into the info gleaned on Yricians.

4/9/2007 - The Knight starts working on establishing a good relationship with the Yrician fixers but encounters issues in communicating with them. Gregix and Wrixton only speak a little English and Spanish and their translation devices are no longer working.

4/12/2007 - William receives a letter from Security International, a security company based in Sydney, Australia. The letter is from company CEO Tom Darlington and contains an invitation to visit Sydney to discuss William taking the position of Vice President of Security for Paranormal Security issues with the company.

4/16/2007 - The Knight does further research on Animas Corporation and finds they were founded in 1977. Their main business is building animatronic musical shows and lifelike human and animal animatronics. In the last decade, they have focused on interactive exhibits for museums and educational venues. They have won awards for their interactive exhibits, rides and attractions. The company and corporate officers have no criminal records or known ties with criminal organizations.

4/17/2007 - The Knight tries to locate information on the salvaged Yrician ship wreckage but finds none in the Federal databases for which the Wardens have access. A check with Rowena finds that the matter is being handled by the military and is classified top secret.

Caitlyn Danielson, a.k.a. Psyche

4/20/2007 - Caitlyn encounters yet another strong psychic energy wave while out shopping. The wave is searching as if the originator was casting a net looking for someone. The wave's origin begins very close to Caitlyn's location and starts to move closer before it starts to fade and she no longer senses it.

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