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Kelly, Gremlins, Warrior, Boy - Downtime

Post-Session: 44

A look at what happened after Session 44.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

5/16/2007 - 6/1/2007 - Story - Toby, No More Going Away - Amethyst (II), Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Tommy Holiday, Toby Holliday

5/17/2007 - Several people are killed and the Park West Branch Library is badly damaged in an explosion. The blast happened a half-hour before opening and only staff members were present at the site. If it had been later in the day the number of casualties could have been much higher. The cause of the explosion is under investigation but preliminary results suggest it was caused by an explosive device.

5/18/2007 - The ballistics report on the bullet that was used in the sneak attack on the warrior determines that the weapon was an XM-50, a .50 caliber heavy sniper rifle. The bullet itself was a special soft bullet, hard-core penetrator round capable of penetrating all regular ballistic and some low-level type paratech body armors.

5/19/2007 - Katrina, Trent, Mei Lynn, Gianna and Tommy attend a training session at the Wardens' headquarters. Jaxton Gray picks them up and runs the exercises from the control room. They practice with several members of the Wardens' Security Staff. After the session, Jaxton takes the team back to the city.

5/19/2007 - 5/23/2007 - Story - A Walk in the Past? - Indigo, Eon (Lazarus), Kore Moorland

5/20/2007 - Adam reports to the Knight and Amethyst that Delta-Vee is still in the New Orleans area following up on leads about Boost and has been reporting in regularly.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

5/16/2007 - Karalyn continues to teach sign language classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and work at the legal clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Ramon Marcel Community Center.

5/16/2007 - Amethyst patrols the area around the Ramon Marcel Community Center on a nightly basis just after it closes for the evening. She makes sure that everything is secure and usually stops in to talk with Karalyn Nicholas before she leaves.

5/22/2007 - Karalyn is talking with Dr. Cho about how things are going with the repairs to the center when the site foreman comes over. He tells Dr. Cho that several pieces of their equipment have been having power issues and they were stopping work for the day. Dr. Cho apologizes and says that there have been some power issues at the center recently. The site foreman says that was not the issue as the crew was using its own power generators to power their equipment. The site foreman says that new tools will be on site in the morning and there should be no delays in getting the project completed.

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

5/16/2007 - Judah tries to get the Xenexis to explain what happen with the 'gremlin' but they do not reply. About a week later, he is finally able to get an answer from them but all they will say about the 'gremlin' is evil, death, destruction and loss.

5/23/2007 - Story - Crystal Alerts

5/24/2007 - A personal add appears in a Baghdad newspaper and reads, 'Sargon Ur-Bau - Trying to find an old friend, after all these years.' Sargon Ur-Bau is a name Judah used for a few hundred years while living in Sumeria around 2000 BC. A search by Melinda finds no modern instances of the name in any public computer databases.

5/25/2007 - Story - Judah and Rebecca - Wedding Plans, Part 1

Marsa Stilhanov, a.k.a. Indigo

5/17/2007 - Marsa's Journal - The other day I had an interesting dream. I saw my brother and he was himself again. He looked at me and said help me then turned back into the monster. I am going to ask Wythe and the other mystics if there is a way of asking my brother or get a clue as to his location when I have another vision.

5/25/2007 - Marsa goes to the Moorland's Napa Valley estate to meet with Wythe to discuss her dream/trip. She ends up staying a couple of weeks as they try to determine what types of magecraft could cause such an experience.


5/18/2007 - Story - Karex Corp and New World Technologies

5/20/2007 - Story - Revenge of the Paperwork - The Returns

6/1/2007 - Work on the Yrician Consulate General facility stops early when Gregix and Wrixton have a disagreement with Joey Lebowitz. The flashpoint occurs when Gregix and Wrixton get upset over the way that Joey is treating them. They claim that he is treating them like builders and crafters instead of fixers. The head contractor calls an end to the day's activities and tells everyone to report back to work on Monday morning.

6/1/2007 - Story - Talk with Joey

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

5/16/2007 - The Knight continues his study of the sciences. Johan Doyle recommends several articles and books for study with a continued emphasis on physics and dimensional anomalies (phasing). Doyle and the Knight also continue to meet weekly for questions, review of the materials and recommendations on new materials for study.

5/16/2007 - The Knight continues to work on establishing a good relationship with Gregix and Wrixton by helping them practice their English. He also tries to help the warrior, Rextor, with his English but the orange-scaled dragon seems more interested in eating sushi and trying to get the Knight to accept a challenge to personal combat.

5/16/2007 - The Knight continues to pray several times daily for insight into the recent events.

5/20/2007 - Story - S.I., San Francisco Office

5/21/2007 - During their weekly study meeting, the Knight asks Johan Doyle some questions about cosmic energy. Doyle explains that the discussions they had had previously on the subject was the limit of his knowledge. He suggests that the Knight find another source if he needs more information on cosmic energy.

5/22/2007 - The Knight goes back through the business cards and personal data he had been given at the various conferences he or William had attended recently looking for someone with ties to the U.S. Navy. He is hoping that he has met someone that could help him get access information on the Yrician salvage. He finds no individuals that meet this criterion; maybe the Navy does not have as many issues with paranormals as the other services.

5/23/2007 - The Knight wants to have an examination done on the captured bio-ceramic 'gremlins.' He has some questions that he wants answered. What makes them work? What makes them explode? Are they independent beings or are they controlled remotely? Can they be sedated so they can be more easily examined? In the end, not wanting to risk personnel to a possible explosion, he decides to pray about it for more insights.

5/25/2007 - The Knight speaks with Gregix and Wrixton about getting Yrician battle armor like Rextor's suit. They tell him that Rextor's battle armor is non-operative and cannot be repaired with Earth technology. They also explain that no other types of Yrician armor can be created with Earth technology. The fixers say that once they understand more about Earth technology they may be able to design something better than currently available but not as good as Yrician armor.

5/26/2007 - Melinda sends a report on the tracking on cosmic energy signatures in the area. There have been no signs of bio-ceramic 'gremlin' energy signatures since the encounter at the community center. There have also been no new sensor readings corresponding with Prime's cosmic energy signature.

5/27/2007 - Melinda reports that there have been no reports by any media outlets or in databases that she has access to about Yricians fitting the description of the Hospitaler caste.

5/30/2007 - The Knight receives a message from Rowena. She asks if he has heard any rumors about Security International going into the paranormal security consulting business. One of her sources told her that they were interviewing candidates and a guy who had worked with the Wardens, William Rouen, was one of the persons interviewed.

5/31/2007 - Colonel Harry Ridgehall provides the Knight with some of the classified/declassified data on der Berggeist during World War II and any possible sightings of him after Operation: Gotterdammerung. He tells the Knight that there is more data on the way. The new data does not reveal any new information on the Mountain Troll.

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