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Practicing Summer Vacation - Downtime

Post-Session: 45

A look at what happened after Session 45.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

6/4/2007 - 6/20/2007 - Dr. Rebecca Miller reports that the enhanced sensor network in Toby's apartment is picking up sporadic energy readings that seem to indicate that he is trying to return to normal space-time. The doctor says that at this point it is just a waiting game until they can interact with Toby again.

6/4/2007 - Dr. Miller talks with Tommy and has him recommend television shows and movies that he thinks that Toby would like. She then has Susan start streaming Tommy's choices on one of the front room's media walls in Toby's apartment.

6/4/2007 - 6/20/2007 - Story - Wedding Plans, Part 2 - Amethyst (II), Karex, Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Rebecca Miller

6/5/2007 - 6/20/2007 - Psyche comes to the Wardens for help. She says that she believes that the Park West Library bombing was an attempt to get to her as she has several friends who work there. She asks if she can stay at the Wardens headquarters so that other innocents will not be put in danger while she finds out who was behind the attack.

6/5/2007 - Tommy sends an email to Amethyst and asks that she have the attachment displayed on Toby's apartment's media wall the next day as it will be their birthday.

6/6/2007 - Aaron and Janelle Holliday have a party at the Ramon Marcel Community Center for Tommy's twelfth birthday.

6/9/2007 - Katrina Daniels throws a party at the Ramon Marcel Community Center to celebrate Mei Lynn Chung turning eighteen the next day.

6/10/2007 - Melinda reports sightings by a whale-watching group of a supposed white whale fluke near Catalina Island. Their boat's sonar did not detect a whale in the vicinity of the supposed fluke sighting. A picture of the 'fluke' after computer enhancement shows that what was spotted was white in color and bears a strong resemblance to a full-extended Yrician wing.

6/11/2007 - Trent, Katrina and Mei Lynn begin their summer 'internships' with the Alcatraz Foundation at the Wardens' North Bay estate. Gianna and Tommy attend the Alcatraz Foundation's 'summer camp' at the Wardens' North Bay estate.

6/12/2007 - Dr. Kensington sends a modified version of the Kronian phasing device to Dr. Miller. She informs the Wardens of the device's arrival and displays a message on one of the front room's media walls in Toby's apartment.

6/14/2007 - Kelly Wendell is transferred to UC-Berkeley Medical Center at the request of her parents, Keller and Elizabeth, after they consult with Dr. Rebecca Miller. Kelly's condition has not changed since she was healed by Indigo. There is no physical sign of injury but Kelly remains in a coma.

6/20/2007 - Adam reports to the Knight and Amethyst that Delta-Vee is still reporting in regularly from New Orleans area and continues to follow up on leads about Boost.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

6/4/2007 - 6/20/2007 - Karalyn continues to teach sign language classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and work at the legal clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Ramon Marcel Community Center. Calen drops by every now and then to help with the sign language classes. Kimberly also helps with the classes from time to time. However, the two of them never show up on the same day.

6/4/2007 - 6/20/2007 - Amethyst continues to patrol the area around the Ramon Marcel Community Center on a nightly basis just after it closes for the evening. She makes sure that everything is secure and checks in with Karalyn Nicholas before she leaves for the night.

Judah Ambrose, a.k.a. Eon (Lazarus)

6/4/2007 - Judah checks external security systems at both the Wardens' headquarters and Rebecca's condo for signs of his pursuers or any others conducting surveillance on him or Rebecca. He is able to identify a possible observer in several pieces of footage from outside of Rebecca's condo but can find no pattern to the guy's comings and goings.

6/6/2007 - Judah using some of Rebecca's photos of the area begins work on a painting of the mountains in Vermont as a gift for Rebecca's sister, Vonnie, to thank her for letting them use her house for the wedding.

6/8/2007 - Initial testing is completed on Eon's 'spacesuit' and he begins trials with it. The technical staff determines that his paranormal abilities do not appear to have a negative effect on the suit's integrity or systems. The environmental systems and limited gas mixture provide a twelve-hour operations window for the suit and occupant.

6/15/2007 - Story - A Personal from the Past?

6/16/2007 - 6/20/2007 - Story - Crystal Collections

Marsa Stilhanov, a.k.a. Indigo

6/4/2007 - 6/20/2007 - Marsa extends her stay at the Moorland's Napa Valley estate as she and Wythe continue trying to determine what types of magecraft was responsible for her recent dream/trip.


6/9/2007 - The second month of construction on the Yrician Consulate-General facility is completed.

6/10/2007 - Karex tours the Yrician Consulate-General facility and discusses the placement of the initial interior modules with the project architect.

6/16/2007 - Story - Dr. Fisher meets the Dolphins

6/18/2007 - Story - Animatronic Yricians

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

6/4/2007 - 6/20/2007 - The Knight continues his study of the sciences. Johan Doyle and the Knight also continue to meet weekly for questions, review of the materials and recommendations on new materials for study with a continuing emphasis on physics.

6/4/2007 - 6/20/2007 - The Knight begins a search through the Wardens database for a subject matter expert on cosmic energy. He feels that taking the time to personally search for a teacher will help him find a more down to earth teacher instead of a scientist-scientist like Dr. Alfonso Spheris.

6/4/2007 - 6/20/2007 - The Knight continues to work on his relationship with Gregix and Wrixton by helping them practice their English. He also continues talking with Rextor in English but the orange-scaled warrior is still preoccupied with eating sushi and trying to get the Knight to accept a challenge to personal combat.

6/4/2007 - 6/20/2007 - William continues to pray on a daily basis about the unanswered questions he has due to recent Wardens' activities and encounters.

6/7/2007 - 6/20/2007 - Story - Dreams of Seattle

6/12/2007 - The Knight speaks with Gregix and Wrixton once again about getting Yrician improved armor. The fixers say that they are still studying Earth technology and cannot produce such armor as of yet. Once Gregix leaves, Wrixton suggests that he could focus his studies on producing armor if the price is right.

6/14/2007 - The Knight meets with Rowena. He tells her that he can confirm that William Rouen was interviewed by Security International and that S.I. may very well be looking into providing paranormal security consulting.

6/19/2007 - The Knight's investigation into the 'dishonorable' sniper finds that the ammunition used is a special round built only for the U.S. Army. He is able to find out through Colonel Harry Ridgehall that a case of the special ammunition went missing from a shipment on its way to an armory in Kansas City.

6/19/2007 - Colonel Harry Ridgehall provides information from Army files on a possible sighting of der Berggeist in Scotland several years after the end of World War II. He also tells the Knight that going through the non-computerized files is taking longer than expected and there is still more data to be reviewed.

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