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Detective Work? - Downtime

Post-Session: 5

A look at what happened after Session 5.

Downtime Log

Area and Group Notes

6/13/2004 - After further investigation, nothing more is found by the FSS on the captured Grand Empire agents. The case review by the Orion tribunal, finds for deportation so the agents are deported back to Argentina. The FSS adds the identities of all of the agents to the United States no re-entry list.

6/13/2004 - Nexus realizing that the return of the Grand Empire to the area would be a challenge for the 'new' team calls a team meeting and asks that everyone attend extra workouts and training sessions. He feels that the Wardens need to work on team tactics versus large numbers of opponents.

6/17/2004 - Fortaleza speaks with Sinjin. 'He' indicates that 'he' has received an offer that would restrict 'his' ability to be on active status with the Wardens. Sinjin says, "Career decisions are tough to make, whether they involve going to active status with the Wardens or choosing to pursue other opportunities. You can ask others for their opinions but in the end you are the one that has to live with the decision, so trust in your own judgment and do what you feel is best for you. Because in the end if you are happy that will be the best for everyone." Fortaleza thanks Sinjin for his advice.

Sinjin Miles, a.k.a. Alacran

6/13/2004 - Sinjin visits the headquarters during several of the training and workout sessions. He does not join in but observes the team and how they work together. He also takes notice of how Nexus leads the team and how they respond to Nexus' commands.

Karalyn Nicholas, a.k.a. Amethyst (II)

6/15/2004 - Karalyn's father has a major heart attack and is hospitalized. Amethyst tells Nexus that she is leaving town for a while to attend to some personal business. Karalyn goes to Los Angeles to be with her father and mother.

6/18/2004 - While in Los Angeles, she runs into her old boyfriend/fiancée, Reagan Baker, a lawyer with the firm where she interned after college. Reagan invites Karalyn to dinner, but she declines not wanting to revisit the past. One of the major issues in their relationship was their differing view on paranormals. Reagan dislikes paranormals and has worked on several cases against them as well as working to get further restrictions placed on them.

Mark Owens, a.k.a. Boost

6/13/2004 - Mark continues to avoid seeing and taking calls from Randy. He spends most of his free time, after classes and Wardens workouts and training sessions, meeting with Master Gao discussing Chinese medicine and herbalism. The master notices that Mark is acting uneasy and seems distracted but does not bring up the matter for discussion.

Solana Amendola, a.k.a. Fortaleza

6/18/2004 - Solana tells Kelly that she is leaning towards taking the job at Crittenden Aeronautics.

Kimi Saito, a.k.a. Kika

6/13/2004 - Kika continues to press herself in workouts and training sessions. She goes on every patrol no matter if she is on the schedule or not. She hopes that her efforts will be noticed by Nexus.

Sara O Connor, a.k.a. Kitsune

6/13/2004 - In between workouts and training sessions, Sara continues to do research into paranormal criminal activities in the area. After a few days, she hits a dead end something is bothering her but she cannot place her finger on it. She takes the day off and spends some time walking around the city. While walking near the convention center, she figures out what has been bugging her and hurries back to the headquarters.

6/22/2004 - Story - Hi-Tech Targets

William Rouen, a.k.a. Knight of Saint Michael

6/13/2004 - William takes advantage of the extra workout and training sessions to familiarize himself with working with aerial support. He also spends time patrolling with Kika and getting to know the city.

Jamie Smith, a.k.a. Nexus

6/13/2004 - When not participating in workout and training sessions, Nexus spends his time going through John Battle and Silver Star's old case files on the Grand Empire.

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